Ship Laura

Forwarded by Joanne Connors Parandjuk with contributors permission.
Information from University College of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. from a
book which may have been titled "The Royal Gazette - 1810-1845". 
Contributed by Joan Perry

NOTICE to the undermentioned persons who arrived last Spring in the ship 'Laura', WILLIAM WARREN, Master, from Waterford, are requested to make payment of their passage by September 20th next.

Patrick Butter Frank Dunn
John Queenlan Daniel Reddy
John Lynch, Snr. John Power
Patrick Meagher Thomas Shea
James Lynch
Dennis Bryan
Thomas Walsh
James Barrett
Thomas Longergan
Dennis Fogarty

NOTICE The undermentioned persons arrived in ship 'Laura', WILLIAM WARREN, Master, from Waterford in 1812 and 1813. If payment of passage is not paid, necessary steps will be taken to recover their sureties in Ireland.

1813 1812

John Ball John Collins
James Brougham Maurice Hearn
Michael Burn John Kiely
Michael Buckley John Lynch, Snr.
Thomas Carroll John Lynch, Jnr.
Patrick Connell Phillip Mulcahy
Patrick Meagher Jhn Queenlen
Timothy Carey Phillip Reddy
Thomas Connelly James Lahart
Thomas Dunn Thomas Stack

Signed: WARREN and BABB, 12 Aug 1813        St. John's, Newfoundland