Miscellaneous Waterford Records

Town of Dungarvan, Barony of Decies without Drum, and Co. of Waterford (Thomas Ponsonby Carew, Esq. - Owner)

 RENTAL of Dwelling-houses, Premises and Tenements in the said Town of Dungarvan, in the Barony and County aforesaid.
1Several House and Premises situate north-ward of the Buttery, in the Town of Dungarvan, and extending down to the high-water mark on the East. In original Lease, described as the Cellar adjoining Weekes' holdings, together with the several Cabins, Gardens and waste Ground south of Clancy's Lot.Mrs. Eliza Green, Godfrey Green Downes, Esq., Edward Galwey, Esq., and the Countess de Boistheny, as representatives of Peregrine Butler.Lease dated 17 November, 1752, from  Thomas Carew to Peregrine Butler, for three Lives, renewable for ever, at a yearly Rent of £14 10s, 0d., late currency, and a pepper corn renewal Fine. Renewal dated 29 March, 1770, from Thomas Carew to Elizabeth Butler, for 3 Lives, all since deceased. The original Lease, and an abstract from the last renewal will be given to the Purchaser. The Strand, from high-water mark to low-water mark, will not pass or be conveyed to the Purchaser, it being intended to except same from the sale in this matter. In respect of the part thus excepted, one Shilling, part of the original Rent, has been apportioned.  PLU valuation, about £80
   Total PLU Valuation, about £80
 The Premises comprised in this Lot all lie together and number in all Twenty-two Houses, large and small.  The Head-Rent reserved by the above Lease is paid with the utmost punctuality, by Mr. Thomas Power, of the Bugery, Dungarvan, the agent of the Representatives of the Lessee.