Town of Dungarvan, Barony of Decies without Drum, and Co. of Waterford (Thomas Ponsonby Carew, Esq. - Owner)

 RENTAL of Dwelling-houses, Stores, Premises, and Tenements, extending from Main Street to the Quay, situate in the Town of Dungarvan, in the Barony and County aforesaid.
1Plot or piece of ground on the North side of the Main-street of Dungarvan, bounded on the East by Thompson's-lane, on which a Store has been erected.Mr. Lewis FitzmauriceLease dated 16 April, 1841, from Thomas P. Carew to this Tenant, for 61 years, from 25 March,1841. A copy of this Lease will be given to the purchaser. PLU L26.
2Large Merchant's Store and Yard on the Quay of Dungarvan, and Three Houses and Yards and other Tenements, bounded on the North by said Store and Premises, and partly fronting on the South to the Main-street of Dungarvan. In Tenant's Lease described as the Store on the Quay, and other Premises situate on the North side of the West-street of DungarvanRepresentatives of the late Richard Fitzgerald, Esq.Lease dated 9 March, 1780, from Thomas P. Carew, Esq. to Richard Fitzgerald, for the term of 999 years, from 25 March,1779, at the yearly Rent of 42s. Late currency. Original Lease not forthcoming, but a copy will be given to the purchaser. This Lease demised the premises down to low-water mar; but the Strand, from high to low-water mark, will not pass or be conveyed to the Purchaser. The Rent has been apportioned.  The Store and Yard are valued by the Poor-Law Valuation at L50 a-year. The other Premises fronting to the Main-street, &c are tenanted by other parties; Poor-Law Valuation of same about L24.
3Dwelling-house and  premises on the North side of the Main-street of Dungarvan.Mr. Richard Byrne, GrocerLease dated 28 February, 1849, for 7 years, pending the Chancery matter of Allen, Petitioner; Carew, Respondent.  This tenancy will be determined by the sale in this matter.  The Tenant will be entitled to his emblements, if any, and such right of entry as is incident thereto. PLU L7.
   Total Poor-Law Valuation, L107.
 All the premises contained in this Lot lie together, and extend from the Main-street to the Quay of Dungarvan. The Merchant's Store and Yard on the North part of No. 2 of this Lot, are valued by the Poor-Law at L50 a-year, and have been sub-let to Mr. Joseph Donnell, a Liverpool Merchant, at a Rent of L74, or thereabouts;  Mr. Donnell is also now one of the Representatives of the original Lessee.  The other Premises, fronting on the Main-street, are valued to the Poor-Law at about L24, making the total valuation of No. 2 of this Lot at L74.  Total PLU valuation, L107.