Encumbered Estates

Town of Dungarvan, Barony of Decies without Drum, and Co. of Waterford (Thomas Ponsonby Carew, Esq. - Owner)

Rental of Dwelling-houses, Store and Premises extending from the Main Street to the Quay in the town of Dungarvan, in the Barony and County aforesaid.

DescriptionTenants' NamesTenure
1Dwelling-house and Extensive Yards and Stores, running backward from the Main-street to the Quay of Dungarvan. In Tenant's Lease described as the Houses and premises in said Town then lately held by Richard Fitzgerald, &c.Mr. Timothy O'Brien, MerchantLease dated 11 October, 1843, from Thomas P. Carew, Esq. to this Tenant, for 91 years, from the 29th September then last. PLU valuation of these premises is L39 10s. Od.
2A Kitchen Garden on the East, adjoining the above premises, and in Lease described as a Ball-alley in Barrack-lane.Same TenantProposal dated 15 February, 1851, from 29 September, 1850, pending the Chancery matter of Allen, Petitioner: Carew, Respondent. This Tenancy will determine with the Sale, subject to the Tenant's right to his emblements, if any, and to such right of entry as in incidental thereto. PLU valuation, L1.
3Yard in Thompson's-lane, fronting to the Quay.Roger BakerLease dated 22 November, 1843, from Thomas P. Carew to this Tenant, for 99 years, from 29 September, 1843. Lease not forthcoming but a copy will be given to the purchaser. PLU valuation, L3 10s. Od.
   Total Poor-Law Valuation, L44.

These premises are very well situate, and well adapted for the purposes for which they are used: with the exception of the Small Yard, they are all in the occupation of Mr. O'Brien, Merchant, and extend from the Main-street to the Quay, having a frontage on both. The Rents are paid with great regularity, and the Tenants have good interests.