Encumbered Estates

Town of Dungarvan, Barony of Decies without Drum, and Co. of Waterford (Thomas Ponsonby Carew, Esq. - Owner)

Rental of Premises on Roderick's-quay, and of Dwelling-house and Tenements &c, on the north side of Quay-street, in the said town of Dungarvan, in the Barony and County aforesaid-held in Fee-Simple
 DescriptionTenants' NamesTenure
1Timber-yard, Cellars, Loft and Linney on Roderick's-quay, described in tenant's lease as Four Cabins with the Ground backwards to the Town WallRepresentative of David Roderick, now James Farrell, Esq.Fee-farm grant, dated 10 October, 1738, from Robert Carew, Esq. to David Roderick, Gent. at the yearly Rent  of L3, late currency. The Strand from high-water mark to low-water mark will not pass to the Purchaser, as it is intended to except same from the sale in this matter. PLU valuation, L8. Premises are in occupation of Mr. Andrew Carbery, merchant. The Rent has been apportioned.
2House and Yard on north side of Quay-street, bounded on the East by Mr. Carbery's holding, and on the West by the holding formerly in occupation of Michael Dee.Maria Olden, representative of Philip Lynch.Lease dated 11 October, 1838, from Thomas P. Carew, Esq. to Philip Lynch, Gent., for 31 years, from 29 September, 1834, PLU valuation L4.
3Yard fronting to Quay-street, and on the West adjoining said Maria Olden's premises, formerly occupied by Michael DeeUntenantedThis is the PLU valuation.
4Three Dwelling-houses and Yards on the North side of Quay-street, in Tenant's Lease described as the Tenement, Dwelling-house, Out-houses and Premises formerly in possession of Richard Ryland.Thomas Joseph Fitzgerald, Esq.Lease, dated 31 July, 1745, from Thos. Carew to Richard Ryland, Esq. for 3 lives renewable for ever at the yearly Rent of L4 10s. Od., late currency, and L2 5s. Od like currency as a fine on the fall of each life. Last renewal dated 24 March, 1845 from T.P. Carew, Esq. to Thos. Joseph Fitzgerald, Esq. for the lives of Sarah, daughter of the late Thos. Fitzgerald, and of Thos. Fitzgerald and John Humble Fitzgerald, first and second sons of said Thos Fitzgerald. Original Lease not forthcoming, but this renewal, and previous renewal, dated 7 September, 1784 will be given to the purchaser. PLU valuation, L12.
   Total Poor Law Valuation, L26.
 The Ground-Rents are punctually paid.