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Listowel Area

Surnames Found On These County Kerry Tombstones

Listowel Cemetery, in Listowel

Mary Quinlan, died Feb. 17, 1961
Katherine O'Connor, died Feb. 9, 1963
Patrick Leen, died September 9, 1967
Jeremiah Leen, died April 18, 1970
William Leen, died July 22, 1979

Erected By her Loving parents
In Memory of Norah O'Connor
Who died April 5, 1925, aged 21 Years.

(In Same Plot As Above)
In Loving Memory of the O'Connor Family (of Cleandries)
Mary, died May 20, 1931
Hanoria, died Nov. 4, 1934
Henry, died Feb. 10, 1939
Thomas, died Feb. 28, 1944
Matt., died April 14, 1969
Tade, died Aug. 18, 1987
Nell (Nee McCarty), died December 11, 1994
(In Same Plot As Above)
In Loving Memory of Michael O'Connor (of) Cleandries, died Dec. 15, 1969
(and) his wife Ellen, died Jan. 17, 1993

In Loving Memory of William McCarthy, died Sept. 14, 1913
(and) Mary McCarthy, died Dec. 6, 1944
(and) Thomas Stack, died Dec. 30, 1950

In Memory of the O'Connor Family, (of) Cromartin, Ballyduff

Erected By Patrick O'Connor
To Himself and Posterity
May 1915

In Memory of the O'Connor Family (of) Lissycurrig

the O'Connor Family, (of) Knockane, Listowel

Denis O'Connor, Convent St., Listowel (D. 8-1935)
wife Elizabeth Mackessy (D. 5-1961)
Daughter Kathleen
their sons John Joe, Donnagh (Denis), Tom, Vincent, and Dick (D. 4-1986)

Very Rev. Martin O'Connor, Parish Priest (D. 5-31-1951, age 59)
Sister Mrs. Catherine Daly, 18 Market St. (D. 3-15-1966)
Daughter-In-Law Kitty Daly (D. 4-10-1995)

Edmond (Ned) O'Conor of Greenville (D. 11-9-1958, age 74)
Daughter Margaret Mary (D. 9-24-1921, age 2 1/2)
wife Ellen (D. 5-15-1989, age 99)
son-In-Law Vincent McDevitt (D. 8-20-1986, age 60)
(Edmond's) parents Edmond (Ned) and Margaret. and his brothers John and Nicholas.

Maureen O'Connor (D. 7-30-1965)
Timothy O'Connor (D. 3-21-1967)
Julia Mary Dowling (D. 9-17-1977)

Mary Relihan (Nee O'Connor), 89 O'Connells Avenue (D. 10-9-1995, age 80)
and parents Patrick O'Connor (D. 6-16-1960) and Mary (D. 5-7-1969)

Patrick O'Connor

Michael O'Connor of Seacliff, Ballybunion and Coolhera (D. 2-26-1961)
and Josephine

John O'Connor (Maurice) of Craughatoosane (D. 3-20-1967, age 78)
his wife Hannah O'sullivan (D,. 8-28-1990, age 91)
Thomas O'Connor of Craughtoosane, and Listowel (D. 2-6-1957, age 76)
his wife Ellen Carmody (D. 1-2-1958, age 72)
son Patrick (D. 7-1-1997, age 72)

Dr. Michael O'Connor, the Square, Listowel (D. 8-14-1957)
and Michael O'Connor (D. 12-10-1842, age 66)

Rev. M. O'Connor (Went With "B. 1857, D. 1914?)

Cornelius O'Connor (1849-1905)

Catherine O'Connor, 102 O'Connell Ave. (D. 2-6-1961)
Daughter Mary Walsh
Daughter-In-Law Maureen (D. 9-19-1949)
Michael O'Connor
his wife Mary
his brother John

John J. O'Connor of Ballylongford (D. 5-16-1946, age 46)
and Other Members of the O'Connor Family of Tanavalla

Very Rev. Denis Canon O'Connor, P.P.V.F., Listowel (D. 5-20-1928, age 68)

Michael O'Connor (1-8-1965)
Katie O'Connor (D. 5-25-1950)
son Dr. Roger O'Connor (D. 3-1-1960)

Patrick O'Connor (D. 5-20-1966)
his wife Jane (Kissane), D. 11-22-1990, age 92

Tom O'Connor
wife Mary (D. 9-20-1925
and son Edward (D. 1-20-1937?)

Dennis O'Connor (D. 3-3-1925)
son Batt (D. 7-1947)
Daughter Relia (D. 1971?)

Patrick O'Connor (Late of Duagh), 10-13-1891-11-2-1959, Buried In London
his wife Elizabeth Carmody O'Connor (Fogart), 37
and Mother Bridget Cooney Carmody (D. 11-11-1938)

Pauline Stack (D. 11-8-1985)
Herbert Hilliard (D. 4-9-1989)
Mary Josephine Stack (Dolly), D. 11-5-1987
All of 20 Church, Listowel.
and the Enright Family, 20 Church, Listowel

James Stack of Killocrim (D. 12-18-1957)
wife Hannah (D. 2-1-1957)
son John (D. 1-29-1986)
his wife Julia Purtill (D. 1-25-1994)

Edmond Stack (B. Dauch 1870, D. 7-29-1960)
V. Rev. James R. Stack, P.P., St. Peter's, Bradford (D. 10-10-1986)
Margaret Moloney of Ballybunion and Duagh (D. 12-8-1978)
William A. Stack (D. 2-7-1993)
Elizabeth Stack (D. 10-22-1955)
Joan Stack (D. 7-9-1959)

Michael Stack of Woodford, Listowel (D. 8-26-1991, age 87)
wife Mai Rosney (D. 1-5-1990, age 83)
Patrick Stack of Woodford, Listowel and Mallow Street, Limerick (D. 12-29-1957)
(and) brothers John Joe (D. 1977) and Tom (D. 1979)

Joseph B. Stack (D. 12-21-1946)
and Kathleen Devane Stack (D. 11-13-1939)

Patrick Stack (D. 8-16-1921)
Bridget Stack (D. 12-22-1938)

Edward J. Stack of Listowel (D. 10-8-1910, age 59 Yrs)

Maurice P. Walsh, Market St., Listowel (D. 8-17-1959
and his wife Hannah (D. 1-3-1973)

Elizabeth Walsh of Kilgarvin Ballylongford (D. 1-8-99)

Tom Walsh (D. 5-28-1939, age 54)
and wife Kathleen (D. 12-20-1971)

Mary Walsh of Palough (D. 1-25-1951, age 79)
her husband John (D. 3-1930, age 67)

Edmond Walsh of Tullamore (D. 12-27-1947)
his wife Margaret Keane Walsh (D. 4-30-1947)

Michael Walsh (D. 10-5-1932)
his wife Margaret (D. 4-28-1953)
and their children Dan, Josie, Jack

Jeremiah Walsh of Tallamore (D. 4-13-1970, age 78)
his wife Anne (D. 8-14-1971, age 68)

Patrick Lynch of Knockenagh (D. 6-22-1963)
and wife Nora (Nee Walsh), D. 4-9-1978

John Lynch (D. 9-13-1943)


Kilshanane Cemetery, Irramore

Erected By Patrick O'Connor:
Mary O'Connor (D. 1-5-1934, age 81)
Patrick O'Connor (D. 6-1942)
John (D. 6-1943)
Michael (D. 8-30-1900)
Gerald (D. 6-18-1979)
William (D. 5-19-1982)
Mai (D. 12-28-1983)

Edward O'Connor of Derrinduff Duagh (D. 12-24-1925), Buried In Abbeydorney.
his wife Nora (D. 9-7-1956)
Daughter Bridget (D. 2-20-1973)
(and) Julia O'Connor (D. 2-14-1973)
their son Cornelius (D. 2-13-1982)
(and) Joan Quinlan (Nee O'Connor), D. 11-5-1990)

Bridie O'Connor of Moyessa (D. 8-27-1958, age 49)

Mary O'Connor Doyle (D. 5-29-1978)
son Daniel
Husband Patrick Doyle (D. 10-1979)
his parents Daniel (D. 9-3-1939) and wife Catherine (D. 11-14-1950)
and Siblings Philomena and Margaret (Doyle)

Terence O'Connor, Late Petty Session Clerk (D. 10-1982?, age 80)

Ellen O'Connor Kennelly (D. 10-20-1959)
Husband Matthew Kennelly -- (Also See: Catherine Walsh Kennelly)
son Cornelius (D. 11-27-1984)

Patrick O'Connor of Dromclaugh (D. 101901945, age 84)
his wife Mary (D. 4-6-1956)
sons Jack (D. 12-1-1985) and Patrick (D. 12-15-1987)

John O'Connor of Dromclough (D. 5-2-1949)
his wife Catherine (D. 1-19-1960)
sons John J. (D. 5-12-1945) and Humphrey (D. 6-24-1964) and Daniel J. (D. 5-28-1970)

Rev. D. O'Connor (1825)
Edward (1927)
Humphrey (1935)
Humphrey of Knockoclane (D. 3-15-1982, age 81)

John Joe Somers of Irramore (D. 5-3-1963)
his wife Josephine (D. 10-1-1990)
sons sonny (D 12 Years) and Mossy (Maurice), D. age 9
and (Jj's) parents Edward and Mary

Christopher Somers of Knockreach (D. 4-26-1948, age 74)
his wife Margaret (D. 4-20-1964, age 42)
and son John (D. 11-26-1992, age 84)

Jack Somers of Dromclough, Listowel (D. 7-3-1945, age 69)
his wife Delia Scannell (D. 9-3-1968, age 81)
and Daughters Margaret (D. 7-8-1948)
and sons Jack Joe (D. 5-3-1943), Interred In North Africa, and Eddie (D. 11-2-1969) and Kevin (D. 4-5-1986)

Mary Agnes Stack of Irramore, Lixnaw (D. 2-2-1957, age 68)
and brothers Michael (D. 3-31-1961) and Jerome (D. 8-8-1965)
(Jerome's) wife Eileen (D. 5-23-1968)
Bridie Stack (D. 10-25-1976)

Daniel and Ellen Stack and Family of Knockamoohane

John Stack (D. 1897, age 53), Et Al

Catherine Kelliher Stack of Knockreigh, Lixnaw (D. 2-11-1954, age 87)
her husband Ned of Lissihane (D. 4-15-1930, age 68)
their Daughter Elizabeth (D. 12-30-1963, age 69)
their sons Paddy (D. 1-9-1969, age 67) and James (D. 11-16-1993)\

Garrett Stack of Irramor (D. 1940)
and Michael (D. 2-1947)

Edmond Sheehy of Clahane
and parents John Sheehy (D. 1930) and Margaret Stack (D. 1936)

Maurice Walsh (D. 1-31-1913)
Margaret Walsh (D. 3-20-1941)
Joseph Walsh (D. 3-31-1965)
his son Maurice (Mossy), D. 4-12-1986
Hannah Walsh (D. 12-1994)

Catherine Walsh Kennelly of Cortoclonane (D. 5-20-1952)
Husband John (D. 2-23-1973)
sons John Joe (D. 5-11-1988) and Dennis (D. 2-28-1990)

Timmie Kirby and Mary Kirby
(and) Dan Lyons and Mary Anne Lyons
(and) Liz Lynch of Mountcoal


Killury Cemetery, Causeway

John O'Connor, age 53 (D. 1941?)

Erected 1839: U.A. Conncubair
Irramore - 1819
Clasmealcon - 1860

In Memory of the O'Connor Families of Meenogahane. Erected By John O'Connor

James O'Connor

William O'Connor (D. 4-3-1961)
and Birdie O'Connor (D. 3-22-1982)
and Mrs. O'Connor, Banemore
In Memory of Husband John (D. 1-22-1876, age 55)

In Memory of Henry O'Connor (D. 9-30-1944) of Dromkeen West
and his wife Bridget (D. 9-9-1979)
and their Daughter Sheila (D. 1-21-1943, age 6 Years)
and Catherine O'Connor (Feans), D. 3-7-1967
and her husband Henry (D. 4-21-1971)

Pray For: Jordan O'Connor (D. 1951)
son William
brother Henry and Sister Nora

John O'Connor of Leigh, Ballyduff (D. 3- 23-1972, age 77
his wife Katie Woulfe (D. 2-16-1983)

Erected By Thomas O'Connor, Esq. For Himself and Posterity, 1854

In Memory of Bridget O'Connor (Nee McGarry) of Drumnacurra (D. 9-5-1954)
(and) Husband John (Chris) O'Connor (D. 1-10-1985)


Kilflynn Cemetery, Kilflynn


In Loving Memory of Cillia Tuomey (of) Kilflynn Village
died Oct. 25, 1980
(and) her Mother Mary O'Connor
died Dec. 19, 1933
(and) her brother Bernard O'Connor
died March 2, 1926

In Loving Memory of Margaret Somers (of) Keel, Kilflynn
died May 5, 1984, age 68 Years
(and) her husband John Joe,
died August 3, 1989, aged 75 Years
(On Separate Stone Resting On These: Maurice Somers.
(Also On Separate Stone Resting On These: Tim Somers (of) Keel, Kilflynn, July 1998.)

In Memory of Mary Lynch (of) Lixnaw, died Jan. 17, 1959
(and) her husband James, died Dec. 28, 1970
(and) their Daughter Josephine, died Dec. 13, 1987
(and On Pedestal of the Above)...
Erected By Timothy Lynch (of) Stack's Mountain
To the Memory of his children
Michael, Who died Nov. 10, 1918 (2 Years)
Nora, Who died May 7, 1920 (13 Years)

In Loving Memory of Michael Lynch (of) Stacks Mountain
Who died Sept. 6, 1938, aged 83 Years
Also of Bessie Lynch, died June 29, 1876
and Anne Lynch, died Jan. 1, 1888
Also his parents, brothers and Sisters.
(Added) Ellen Lynch, died July 30, 1962
(and) James Lynch, died Jan. 31, 1954
(and) Nora McElligott, died Feb. 19, 1954
(and) William Lynch, died Dec. 1, 1971

In Memory of Marcella Finn (Nee Somers) and Family
Richard farmer, May 2, 1982
Mary A. farmer, July 23, 1983
Marcella farmer, Dec. 21, 1983

In Loving Memory of My Dear Husband
Edmond (Ned) Somers (of) Carrigcannon, Lyreacrompane
died Oct. 30, 1979, aged 61 Years.
"On his Soul, Sweet Jesus, Have Mercy."

In Loving Memory of My Dear Dad
Garda [Policeman] James Lynch (of) Reamore, died Nov. 4, 1968
(and) his Father Michael, died April 4, 1960
(and) his Mother Margaret, died C. 1910
"May They Rest In Peace."

In Loving Memory of James and Mary Lynch (of) Stack Mountain, Kilflynn)

In Loving Memory of John Lynch (of) Laccamore, Abbeydorney
died May 26, 1932
(and) his wife Hannah (Nee Collins), died May 26, 1950
and their sons, Baby Michael James, died Jan. 26, 1938
John, died May 26, 1973
(and, On the Tombstone's Base: "and Our Grandparents. Rest In Peace.")

In Loving Memory of Michael Stack (of) Fahavane, died Jan. 6, 1987
(and) his Sisters Margaret, died Dec. 25, 198__
(and Hannah, died Jan. 9 [Year Obscured In Photo]

In Loving Memory of Edward Shanahan (of Fahavane, Kilflynn), died June, 19__ (age 67)
and his brother Michael, died June, 19__ (age 65)

In Memory of Philip Quinlan
[Death Date Obscured In Photo]


St. Brendan's Cemetery, Ardfert

Hanna O'Connor, Mother (of) Knockenaugh, died July 19, 1943
Thomas O'Connor, Father, died June 8, 1944
Daniel O'Connor, Father, died Jan. 26, 1934, age 73

Thomas O'Connor , died Jan. 13, 1935, age 80

Catherine Kavanaugh , wife, died March 15, 1948
Michael Kavanaugh, Husband, died 4-Nov-1957
(Nephew) William O'Connor, died Sept. 17, 1966
(niece) Jacqueline O'Connor, died Jan. 8, 1972

Thady Sweeney (of) Ballinprior, Ardfert, died July 1, 1958, age 82
Michael Sweeney, brother, No Date
Bartholomew Sweeney, brother
Mary Ann O'Connor (Nee Sweeney), Sister

Denis O'Connor, Husband, (of) Tubrid, 1866-1956
(and) Hannah O'Connor (Nee Kirby), wife, 1877-1960

Patrick O'Connor, died Nov. 26, 1873, age 19
(and) Edmund O'Connor (of) Ardfert, died March 3, 1894, age 60

Erected By William O'Connor In Loving Memory of his sons
Bartholomew O'Connor, son, March 1915
Michael O'Connor, son, died March1919, age 8

Erected By Husband John Stack
Ellen Stack, wife, died March 16, 1938, age 69
(and) Richie, died June 28, 1984, age 77

Seanie Stack, died Oct. 22,. 1949, age 11
(and) Maura Stack, died Jan. 2, 1958, age 23

M. Stack (of) Ardfert, died Nov. 7, 1957
Helena Stack, died March 1962

Maurice Nolan, died Aug. 26, 1931, age 84

Erected By son, John Nolan
Bridget Nolan, Mother, (of) Kilgulbin, died May 5, 1912, age 60
Charles Nolan, son, died May 3, 1912, age 24
Patrick Nolan, son, died Dec. 6, 1957, age 71
John Joseph, Nolan died April 1924, age 1 Year 3 Months
John James Nolan, died Dec. 12, 1959, age 29
John Nolan, son, died Sept. 11, 1967, age 85
Nora Nolan, Daugher-In-Law, died Aug. 1, 1960, age 66

Thanks to Kathe Cunninghamfor this data and photo.