Our Contributors

County Kerry has data on-line only because of researchers like you. Their research and transcriptions and willingness to share them benefits all Kerry researchers. We thank them all.

Please note that while we ask our contributors to advise us of current email addresses, they often do not. If you write to a contributor and receive a "dead email" notice, the Kerry site does not have a current address either.

Waterlilys -Mary Tossell- former Site Administrator
Ann Hammer- data maintenance
William Ashe
Bill Ball
Richard F. Barnes, Jr.
Patrick Barrett
Beth Barsen
Debbi Benko
Kay Blaha
Kathy Bochenek
Joanne Drury Bolton
Maura Bournique
Pat Breen
Nan Brennan
Angela Briggs
Maggie Brinkman
Ann Brown-Juarez
Nancy Bussey
Tom Clougher
Kate Healy Coburn
Bernard Coffey
Robert E. Commins
Shannon Courtney
Carol Cox
Michael F. Cullinan
Kathe Cunningham
Dr. Pádriag de Brún
Bernie Donaghey
Bern Donegan
Kathy Doyle
Drew Dubler
Marcia B. & James R. Fitzgerald
Michael J. Fitzgerald Ph.D.
Catherine Fitzgerald
Dennis J. Ford
Maureen Gamble
Tim Goodhind
Michael Anthony Hartney
Terry Heffernan
Jane Himmel
Michael Holland
Barbara Janiszyn
Trish Jensen
Barbara Jessop
Martin Kennelly
Paul Keroack
Jan Ketchell
Patrick Kissane
John Knightly
Susan Larkin
Mary Berry Leinenbach
Patsy Lewis
Catherine Loudon
Brendan Lynch
Mary Maher-Shaw
Ray Marshall
Candace McCarthy King
Brian McDonnell
Deirdre McEvoy
Russ & Raymond McRory
Karen Mosier
Dawn K. Meyers
Dan Murphy
Edward Murphy
Kevin Murphy
Al Mylar
John M. Nadolski
Al O'Brien
Craig S. O'Connell
Declan O'Connor
Rod O'Connor
Riobard O'Dwyer
Padraig O Gealagain
John W. O'Gorman
Anna Palmer
Patty Pickett
Jeanne Reilly
Jeanne Richardson
Tony Riordan
Debbie Romilly
William D. Romanski
Joan Rusk
Linda Scanlon-Hayton
Peter Schermerhorn
Mary Ann Schloegl
Bill Senke
Mary Shankle
Donna Shine
Bridget Smith
Dennis P. Smith
Kathleen Parker Snell
Peg Stainer
Elizabeth Stanley
Ed Stewart
Dan Sullivan
Ken Sullivan
Nancy Sullivan
Steven M. Sullivan
Diane Brennan Szafoni
John Teahan
Mary Trogg
Clare Tuohy
Adrian and Maggie Verry
Beth Walsh
Margaret Walsh
Neil Walton
Robert Wilkie
John Willoughby

Contributors, please advise site maintenance when you change email address.