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Use a digital camera and set it to take best quality photos.
We need this in order to make it easier for those reading/typing up the inscriptions.

Make sure to take a photo of the entire headstone, and if plaques with useful
information are also on the grave, take a photo to include them

Then take a close-up of the inscription on the headstone and also a photo of each plaque on the grave
(i.e. only those with useful information, e.g. a death with dates etc.)

If you are taking a photo of a modern black (or similar) headstone that picks up reflections, please stand a
little to the side when taking the photo.   Make sure that you are not reflected in the image.

If there are planters, plants, or objects covering part of the inscription, please try to take a
photo of the information that is hidden by these.   Otherwise it is impossible for us to include the full inscription.

If there is dried grass covering a stone from mowing, you can brush it off with a soft brush.   You can also use
a water bottle with sprayer to give the stone more contrast.  Don't use chalk or any other substance on the headstones.

If you are recording a new cemetery for IGP Archives, please take a few general photos, e.g. the entrance, a notice board,
and perhaps a general view of the cemetery and if it is a cemetery at a church, do take a photo of the church.

Morning is often the best time of day to get good contrast!

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