Newspaper: WEXFORD Wexford Independent, Poor House Entries, 4 March 1868
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Contributed by Mary Heaphy

Wexford Union.
The usual weekly meeting was held on Saturday.
Present in the following order were.
LEHUNTE, George.
LAMBERT, Patrick.
FURLONG, Walter.
ROCHE, John.
RYAN, Pierce.
MURPHY, James.
NUNN, John.
KELLY, Gregory.
SINNOTT, Edward.
MEADOWS, Joseph.
VICARY, James, M.
KEATING, Patrick.
The Chair was taken by John NUNN, Esquire.

BOGGAN, Patrick, 53, Wexford.
BROWNE, Margaret, 40, Ballymitty.
BYRNE, Michael, 6, Wexford.
BYRNE, Thomas, 29, Union.
CLEER, Edward, 60, Wexford.
CONNORS, Kate, 20, Wexford.
HAYES, Patrick, 50, Union.
HUTCHINSON, Eliza, 60, Wexford.
LAMBERT, Margaret, 10, Wexford.
LAMBERT, Mary, 12, Wexford.
LAMBERT, Walter, 63, Wexford.
LAMBERT, William. 16, Wexford.
MALONE, John,. 1 ½, Union.
MALONE, Margaret, 20, Union.
MAYLER, Anne, 30, Wexford.
MAYLER, Anne, 6 months. Wexford.
MAYLER, John, 3, Wexford.
MAYLER, Patrick, 7, Wexford.
MONCK, Mary, 60, Wexford.
MURPHY, Catherine, 24, Union.
MURPHY, Peter, 50, Wexford.
NEILL, Patrick, 30, Wexford.
REYNALD, Mary, 50, Wexford.
SINNOTT, Mary, 16, Wexford.
SINNOTT, Robert, 46, Ardcavan.
STAFFORD, Ann, 21, Ballymitty.
STANHOPE, Gresham, 56, Union.
STONE, Henry, 45, Wexford.
WHELAN, Mary, 25, Union.

Thomas BYRNE, a Mason, appeared before the board and said he was from
Dublin, that he came here for work, he worked in Dublin for Mr. MEADE
and for Mr. HOGAN.
Mr. MURPHY said it was wrong on the part of the relieving officer to
give a ticket for admission of an idle fellow like that.
The relieving officer said he gave him a ticket believing the man to be
destitute at the time. It was raining very heavy. If he had been a
labourer he would not have given it, but tradesmen, when on the tramp,
it is well known are sometimes very badly off. He promised to leave next
Mr. LAMBERT said you have no right to be making this a lodging house for
all Ireland.
Applicant then asked could he remain until Tuesday, when he expected to
get a passage up in some of the sloops going to Dublin. It was then
decided he could remain until Monday.

The Master then brought before the Board, a man who had deserted his
wife and clildren,leaving  them to be supported in the house. A warrant
had been issued, but the man came himself to the house, and asked to be
admitted. Applicant said he went to Newtownbarry to look for work. He
had worked with Mr. WHITE of White’s hotel for upwards of 14 years. He
would work as hard as any man in the house if let remain. Admitted.

A woman from Ballinglee, asked to be admitted. She had no objection to
prosecute the father of her child, whose name she mentioned. He was a
servant boy. Admitted on Ballymitty.

The Master said in reply to the Chairman, that there were 25 women with
illegitimate children in the house, and four who had lately come into
the house to be confined.

The Medical Officers Report Book contained the following entry:- On last
Tuesday was called by indoor-ticket to see a child named Charles
KAVANAGH at Milltown when I found the child running about. Ticket given
by Mr. N. COONEY.
The following order was made thereon.
The members are requested not to harass the Medical Officers with
unnecessary visits.
Next meeting Thursday 26th March.