Newspaper: WEXFORD Wexford Independent, Work House Entries, 4 Jan 1865
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Contributed by Mary Heaphy

The usual weekly meeting was held on Saturday.
The Chair was taken by John WALSH, J.P., V.C.

The registry of deaths contained the following names-
BEARNEY, Anne, Wexford.
LEACY, John, Wexford.
ROSSITER, Barbara, Wexford.

ADMISSIONS. (No ages given).
ARMSTRONG, Anne, Wexford.
BROWN, James, Union.
BROWN, Mary, Union.
BROWN, Mary, Union.
CLEARY, Thomas, Wexford.
CODD, Mary, Wexford.
COSGRAVE, Margaret, Bridgetown.
DAVIS, Ellen, Union.
DORAN, Nicholas, Kilmore.
FLOOD, Thomas, Newcastle.
GURLEY, Alice, Wexford.
HAYES, James, Wexford.
HOWLIN, Mary, Margaret, Nicholas, James, Ellen, Kyle.
HUNTE, Mary, Wexford.
KEATING, Catherine, Union.
KEEFFE, Joseph, Wexford.
KEHOE, Margaret, Union.
LAWLER, Anty, Wexford.
M’GRATH, Thomas, Union.
M’GRATH, Thomas, Wexford.
MAYLER, Catherine, Rosslare.
MAYLER, Mary, Rosslare.
POWER, Sally, Wexford.
REDDY, Maurice, Harperstown.
ROACHE Anne, Union.
ROACHE, Catherine, Ardcolm.
ROACHE, Daniel, Union.
ROACHE, Moses, Ardcolm.
ROACHE, William, Union.
ROCHE, John, Union.
ROSSITER, Walter, Wexford.
RYAN, Pierce and Martin, Kilbride.
SHEHAN, Mary, Wexford.
SINNOTT, John, Wexford.
TUBBS, Catherine, Union.
WALSH, James, Kilmore.
WALSH, Luke, Wexford.

The number of recipients was 34-amount given £4.5.6.
CAHILL, Mary, 2/6, Wexford.
CARTY, Ellen, 5/. Wexford.
CAUL, James, 2/6. Taghmon.
CLONEY, Catherine, 2/6. Ardcolm.
COUSINS, Patrick, 4/. Kilmore.
DOYLE, Anne and Ellen, 2/6. Bannow.
DOYLE, Miles, 2/6. Newcastle.
FLOOD, Mary, 3/. Ardcavan.
FOLEY, Ellen, 5/. For Brandy, Tacumshane.
HENDRICK, Eliza, 2/6. Wexford.
HOWLIN, Catherine, 2/6. Bannow.
KAIN, Mary, 2/. Bridgetown.
KEARNS, Bridget, 2/6. Ballymitty.
KEHOE, Betty, 2/. Ardcolm.
KEHOE, Patrick, 2/. Whitechurch.
LAMBERT, John, 3/. Kilscoran.
LEWIS, Catherine, 2/6. Wexford.
LONG, Eliza, 2/6. Bridgetown.
LYNCH, Margaret, 2/6. Rathaspeck.
MAYOE, Sally, 1/6. Whitechurch.
MERNAGH, Mary, 2/6. Ardcolm.
MERRYMAN, Margaret, 2/6. Bridgetown.
MULLEN, Anty, 2/6. Bannow.
MURPHY, Margaret, 2/. Bannow.
PARLE, Anty, 2/6. Taghmon.
RALPH, Margaret, 2/6. Taghmon.
REDMOND, Mary, 2/6. Ardcavan.
ROCHE, Margaret, 3/. Harristown.
SAVAGE, Mary, 3/. Bridgetown.
WALSH, Thomas, 2/6. Kilbride.
WHELAN, Peter and Mary, 5/. Artramont.

Mr. KING thought it would be desirable to call on the Medical Officers
to use every attention to these cases. They were increasing weekly, and
soon the Union might become as deeply involved as others were.

(For anyone who is interested a £1 sterling in 1865 is now worth £85
So 5/. which is five shillings in 1865 is worth £21 sterling now.)