Newspaper: WEXFORD Wexford Independent, Work House Entries, 22 Jun 1859
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Contributed by Mary Heaphy

Wexford Poor Law Union.
The usual meeting of the Guardians of this Union was held on Saturday last.
The Chair was taken by James HOWLIN, Esq.

Hogan, William, age 22, Harperstown.


BUTLER, Jasper, 50, Ladyís Island, suffering from fever.

CHARTERS, Ellen, 21 and an infant came from Arklow to Wexford in search of her husband, a 
fisherman, but he had gone to England, and she was tired and footsore. Allowed to remain until 
after breakfast on Monday, chargeable to the Union.

DOWD, Kate, 11, had been not long since taken out of the house, by a man from Ferns, who
represented himself as her uncle, and she was supplied with clothes, but he treated her 
indifferently, and she returned in a wretched uncleanly condition, admitted on Wexford.

DUNN, James, 16, Forth, suffering from fever.

ENNIS, John, 17, had been many years in the house, but being offered service, , he got new clothes on 
going out about 5 weeks ago, had pledged them and sold the ticket. He said he could get no work 
and was destitute-moreover, that he had lost a joint from his finger in the House, and broke his leg 
also in it (whilst enjoying the beautiful game of leap frog). Some of the Guardians were for rejecting 
him, but ultimately he was admitted on Wexford.

FURLONG, Margaret. 23 with two children, age 5 and 2, Union.

GREGORY, William, 27, native of Adamstown, In New Ross Union, but had been in Liverpool nearly 5 
years. He lost his health there, and getting a passage to Wexford for a shilling, came over and went 
into the County Infirmary, from whence after three months, he was now discharged as incurable. He 
was rejected as his claim seemed to be on New Ross.

MAHER, Maria, 29, a wandering pedlar, who seemed to know several through Enniscorthy Union and 
only one in that of Wexford, and last from Blackwater, was rejected.

MOORE, Isabella, appeared in custody of a Constable, who was conveying her, under sentence of 16 
months, to gaol, to apply for admission of her illegitimate male child which she could not take with 

PENDER, Catherine, 26, Wexford.

SMITH, Thomas, 10, Wexford, suffering from fever.

TYRRELL, Betty, 70, Wexford.


Nicholas SINNOTT, Bannow applied for outdoor relief for a woman in his Division and produced the 
following certificate.
I certify that Ann HANRAHAN, of Danescastle, is a very feeble old woman, and seems to be in great 
want. She has a large ulcer on her leg, and it would pain her very much to go to Hospital.
Signed-James BOYD, M.O. Bannow Dispensary.
If she didnít come into the house no outdoor relief would be provided.

[*Names in alphabetical order.]