Newspaper: WEXFORD Wexford Independent, Work House Entries, 18 Feb 1863 
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Contributed by Mary Heaphy


BOYCE, James, 60, Wexford.
BREEN, Anty, 17, Wexford.
BREEN, Joseph, 4 months, Wexford.
BROWN, James, 20, Kilmore.
BROWN, Pat, 17, Wexford.
CONNORS, Johanna, 16, Wexford.
CORCORAN, J, 14, Kilmore.
CULLEN, Bridget, 74, Ballymitty.
DONOHOE, Timothy, 22, Union.
DOYLE, Pat, 42, Newcastle.
DUDLEY, Betty, 50, Taghmon.
FURLONG, Mary, 50, Wexford.
HAMILTON, Mary, 19, and Mary, 4 months, Glynn.
HARPUR, James, 50, Union.
HAYDEN, Ellen, 17, Wexford.
HAYES, Margaret, 30, Wexford.
HENRICK, Catherine, 19, Wexford.
HORAN, Thomas, 15, Harperstown.
JAMES, Ellen, 70, Wexford.
KEANE, B, 19, Wexford.
KEANE, Eliza, 6 months, Wexford.
KILTHY, Mary, 50, Bannow.
LAWLOR, Mary, 60, Wexford.
MURPHY, Mary, 24, Wexford.
POWER, Eliza, 28, Artramont.
RIGLEY, Biddy, 65, Union.
STAFFORD, Betty, 68, Kilmore.
WALSH, Walter, 20, Killurin.
WHITE, Catherine, 29, and Mary, 7 months, Rathaspeck.
WHITE, Hat, 15, Wexford.
WHITTY, Betty, 70, Wexford.

(ROCHE, Mary, 3/6. Whitechurch. Coffin and shrouding, 5/6. Carriage, 2/4. Total-11/4. ).
BOLGER, John, 2/. Kilcowan.
CARTY, Ellen, 5/. Wexford.
CLONEY, Catherine, 2/6. Ardcolm.
CULLEN, James, 2/6. Duncormick.
HENDRICk, Eliza, 2/6. Wexford.
KEHOE, Betty, 2/. Ardcolm.
MARTIN, Nicholas, 2/6. Harperstown.
MERNAGH, Mary, 2/6. Ardcolm.
MERRYMAN, Margaret, 2/. Bridgetown.
NEIL, Anne, 5/. Wexford.
NOWLAN, Mary, 2/6. Duncormick.
ROCHE, Margaret, 2/6. Harristown.
SINNOTT, Mary, 2/6. Aughwilliam.
WALSH, Martin, 2/6. Taghmon.
WHELAN, Peter and Mary, 5/. Artramont.

BOYCE, James, 80, Wexford.
CONNORS, Thomas, 6 months, Kilscoran.
FURLONG, Mary, 50, Wexford.
MAHONY, Mary, 60, Wexford.
REILLY, John, 18, Wexford.

The Clerk asked the Master was there a girl named Mary MADDOCK, from
Bannow, in the House, as he wished her to be brought before the Board,
on a matter of importance to her.
The Master said there was, and send at once for her.
Mary MADDOCK, in reply to the Clerk, said she in lived in Cullenstown,
Division of Bannow, and some time ago had written to  a Mrs CLARKE,
formerly SPARROW, of Lacken, but now in Australia, asking her to send
for her. She had never heard from her since.
The Clerk said that MADDOCK was a very fortunate girl. He had received a
letter for her from Melbourne, signed S. CLARKE, containing a warrant
for a free passage out for Mary MADDOCK, and a money order for 4, on
Gibbs, Bright and Co.  The letter is dated July last, and was in the
India Mail Steamer "Columbo", when she was wrecked on her voyage from
Bombay to Suez. It is marked "Saved from the wreck of the Columbo", and
was now to hand for her use, if she wished to go out.
MADDOCK expressed her joy and gratitude to all on the occurrence, and
would be happy to avail herself of the kindness of dear Mrs CLARKE. The
Clerk bid her retire, and he would see and have the money order cashed
for her, and the Guardians would attend to whatever else was necessary.

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