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Text Filename Photos                                                                                               *=Updated Date Contributor
--- Grange; Ahamlish Cemetery Jul 2012 Kev Murray
--- Roslea Cemetery- Mostly R.C. Jun 2012 Kev Murray
achonry.txt Achonry Church Graveyard Nov 2012 Kev Murray & Rita Mahon Akers
aghanagh.txtAghanagh Graveyard (partial)Sep 2014David Hall
aghanagh-rc.txtAghanagh (R.C.) Graveyard (partial)Oct 2015*David Hall
Ballinakill Burial Ground
Apr 2012*
David Hall & Kev Murray
(images only)Ballintemple Cemetery, BallinfulJul 2015Kev Murray
keelogues.txtBallintrillick, KeeloguesMay 2015*David Hall & Kev Murray
ballymote.txtBallymote; Church Of The Immaculate Conception (partial)Sep 2014*David Hall & Janice Hunt
ballymote-columbas.txtBallymote, Saint Columba's (partial)Nov 2014*David Hall & Rita Mahon Akers
Ballysumaghan Parish Church Graveyard
Mar 2012
David Hall
Ballysumaghan Graveyard Map
Mar 2012
David Burrows
bellarush.txtSt. Patrick's Burial Ground, Bellarush, CastlebaldwinOct 2015Kev Murray
---Calry; Clogher Cemetery (R.C.)Feb 2013David Hall
cloonmeehan.txtCloonmeehan Graveyard - (Edward Meehan)Aug 2015David Hall
--- Collooney; St. Paul's (CoI) Church graveyard Jun 2012 David Hall
court-abbey.txtCourt Abbey - Section A Jul 2015Kev Murray
court-abbeyb.txtCourt Abbey - Section BAug 2015Kev Murray
---Drumcliffe Cemetery - Part 1Jul 2015Kev Murray
---Drumcliffe Cemetery - Part 2Jul 2015Kev Murray
---Drumcliffe Cemetery - Part 3Aug 2015Kev Murray
---Drumcliffe, St. Columba's Church of Ireland (W.B. Yeats)Feb 2013Jeanne Pratt
--- Easkey; Abbey Graveyard Jun 2012 Kev Murray
--- Easkey (R.C.) Church Jun 2012 Kev Murray
--- Easkey; St Anne's (CoI)  Graveyard Jun 2012 Kev Murray
---Geevagh Cemetery (Possibly Foyoges)Jun 2013David Hall
grange.txtGrange Cemetery - (GILMARTIN)Jun 2008Carol Hughes
gurteen-new1.txtGurteen New Cemetery, Part 1Aug 2015Kev Murray & Rita Mahon Akers
gurteen-new2.txtGurteen New Cemetery, Part 2Aug 2015Kev Murray & Rita Mahon Akers
---Gurteen Old CemeterySep 2015Kev Murray
---Kilmacshalgan Old GraveyardSep 2015Kev Murray
kilmacshalgan.txtKilmacshalgan, Church Hill Pt 1 (Section A-C)Jul 2015Kev Murray
kilmacshalgan-d.txtKilmacshalgan, Church Hill Pt 2 (Section D)Jul 2015Kev Murray
kilmacshalgan-e.txtKilmacshalgan, Church Hill Pt 3 ( Section E)Jul 2015Kev Murray
kilmactranny.txtKilmactranny Graveyard (partial)May 2015Dave Hall
kilvarnet-cem.txt Kilvarnet Cemetery Jul 2013* John Brennan & Cheryl Dieter
mounterwin.txtMounterwin; R.C. CemeterySep 2015Dave Hall
riverstown.txtRiverstown (RC) Church (2 images)Oct 2014Janice Hunt
sligo-c.txtSligo Cemetery - New Part, Section CAug 2015Kev Murray
sligo-d.txtSligo Cemetery - New Part, Section DAug 2015Kev Murray
sooey.txtSooey (R.C.) Cemetery (part)Aug 2015Dave Hall
templeronan.txtTempleronan Graveyard - Part 1Aug 2015*Kev Murray, Dave Hall
templeronan-2.txtTempleronan Graveyard - Part 2Aug 2015Kev Murray, Sharron Connor
tubbercurry-coi.txtTubbercurry, St. George (CoI) (partial)Jul 2015Michael Faul

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