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Text Filename Photos                                                                                               *=Updated Date Contributor
--- Grange, Ahamlish Cemetery Jul 2012 Kev Murray
--- Roslea Cemetery- Mostly R.C. Jun 2012 Kev Murray
---Sligo Town CemeteryUpdated!Kev Murray
achonry.txt Achonry Cathedral Graveyard Nov 2012 Kev Murray & Rita Mahon Akers
aghanagh.txtAghanagh Graveyard (partial)Sep 2014David Hall
aghanagh-rc.txtAghanagh (R.C.) Graveyard (partial)Oct 2015*David Hall
Ballinakill Burial Ground
Apr 2012*
David Hall & Kev Murray
(images only)Ballintemple Cemetery, BallinfulJul 2015Kev Murray
keelogues.txtBallintrillick, KeeloguesMay 2015*David Hall & Kev Murray
ballymote.txtBallymote, Church Of The Immaculate Conception (partial)Sep 2014*David Hall & Janice Hunt
emlaghfad.txtBallymote, Emlaghfad CemeteryNov 2015David Hall
ballymote-columbas.txtBallymote, Saint Columba's (partial)Nov 2014*David Hall & Rita Mahon Akers
Ballysumaghan Parish Church Graveyard
Mar 2012
David Hall
Ballysumaghan Graveyard Map
Mar 2012
David Burrows
clogher.txtCalry, Clogher Cemetery (R.C.)Feb 2013David Hall
---Carrentemple/Carrowntemple SlabsNov 2015Kev Murray
carrentemple-new.txtCarrentemple New CemeteryApr 2016Kev Murray
carrentemple.txtCarrentemple Old CemeteryFeb 2016Kev Murray
bellarush.txtCastlebaldwin, Bellarush, St. Patrick's Burial Ground Pt 1Oct 2015Kev Murray
bellarush2.txtCastlebaldwin, Bellarush, St. Patrick's Burial Ground Pt 2Nov  2015Kev Murray
ballindoon.txtCastlebaldwin, Ballindoon Priory GraveyardFeb 2016Kev Murray
cloonmeehan.txtCloonmeehan Graveyard - (Edward Meehan)Aug 2015David Hall
--- Collooney, St. Paul's (CoI) Church graveyard Jun 2012 David Hall
court-abbey.txtCourt Abbey - Section A Jul 2015Kev Murray
court-abbeyb.txtCourt Abbey - Section BAug 2015Kev Murray
---Drumcliffe Cemetery - Part 1Jul 2015Kev Murray
---Drumcliffe Cemetery - Part 2Jul 2015Kev Murray
---Drumcliffe Cemetery - Part 3Aug 2015Kev Murray
---Drumcliffe, St. Columba's Church of Ireland (W.B. Yeats)Feb 2013Jeanne Pratt
--- Easkey, Abbey Graveyard Jun 2012 Kev Murray
--- Easkey (R.C.) Church Jun 2012 Kev Murray
--- Easkey, St Anne's (CoI)  Graveyard Jun 2012 Kev Murray
---Geevagh Cemetery (Possibly Foyoges)Jun 2013David Hall
grange.txtGrange Cemetery - (GILMARTIN)Jun 2008Carol Hughes
gurteen-priests.txtGurteen Church (Priests)Nov 2015Kev Murray
gurteen-new1.txtGurteen New Cemetery, Part 1Aug 2015Kev Murray & Rita Mahon Akers
gurteen-new2.txtGurteen New Cemetery, Part 2Aug 2015Kev Murray & Rita Mahon Akers
---Gurteen Old CemeterySep 2015Kev Murray
---Innismurray IslandNov 2015Kev Murray
---Kilmacshalgan Old GraveyardSep 2015Kev Murray
kilmacshalgan-st-m.txtKilmacshalgan, St. Mary's Cem.Mar 2016Kev Murray
kilmacshalgan.txtKilmacshalgan, Church Hill Pt 1 (Section A-C)Jul 2015Kev Murray
kilmacshalgan-d.txtKilmacshalgan, Church Hill Pt 2 (Section D)Jul 2015Kev Murray
kilmacshalgan-e.txtKilmacshalgan, Church Hill Pt 3 ( Section E)Jul 2015Kev Murray
kilmactigue.txtKilmactigue CemeteryJul 2016Dympna Beckett Joyce
 Kilmactigue, Church of the Holy Rosary - Map  
kilmactranny.txtKilmactranny (CoI) Graveyard (partial)May 2015Dave Hall
kilvarnet-cem.txt Kilvarnet Cemetery Jul 2013* John Brennan & Cheryl Dieter
---Lavagh ChurchMay 2016Kev Murray
monasteraden.txtMonasteraden Cemetery (partial)Nov 2015Dave Hall
mounterwin.txtMounterwin, R.C. CemeterySep 2015Dave Hall
coolaney.txtRathbarron (CoI), CoolaneyNov 2015David Hall
riverstown.txtRiverstown (RC) Church (2 images)Oct 2014Janice Hunt
   Sligo AbbeyAug 2016Cora-Ann Wilson 
sooey.txtSooey, St. Joseph's (R.C.) Cemetery (part)Aug 2015Dave Hall
templeronan.txtTempleronan Graveyard - Part 1Aug 2015*Kev Murray, Dave Hall
templeronan-2.txtTempleronan Graveyard - Part 2Aug 2015Kev Murray, Sharron Connor
st-attractas.txtTobercurry, St. Attracta's (also Known as Rhue Cem. & Killaraght (pt)Feb 2016Dave Hall
tubbercurry-coi.txtTubbercurry, St. George (CoI) (partial)Jul 2015Michael Faul

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