Limerick Miscellaneous Records

File Description Size Date Contributor
Armorial Bearings, 1884 48K Aug 2007 C. Labath
Early New Hampshire Marriages 1736-1741 1K Aug 2007 C. Labath
Bio of John Ferguson 4K Aug 2007 C. Labath
"Lymerick Plantation" of Berkeley, South Carolina 5K Aug 2007 C. Labath
Surnames of Limerick 1100-1600 1K Oct 2007 Don Kelly
Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland, Limerick Abstracts 1536-1810 - Surnames A - B 5K Aug 2007 C. Labath
Electors and Voters polled, Limerick 1836 5K Sep 2012 Mary Heaphy

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