Kilkenny Miscellaneous Records

File Description Size Date Contributor
Petition to repeal Laws Affecting Catholics - 17923KAug 2015Mary Heaphy
Roman Catholics - 1792 (Hiberian Journal)4KAug 2015Mary Heaphy
From the Sessional Papers 1825 7K Nov 2012 Mary Heaphy
Kilkenny School - Letter H  (1696-1800) 6K Feb 2007 Timothy Boderck
Contributors to fund for Christian Brothers School - 186613KNov 2014Joseph Kennedy
Contributors to Anti-Father Robert O'Keefe Supporters Fund 18758KNov 2014Joseph Kennedy
Electors for the Polling District of Callan; 1884-8518KFeb 2015Joseph Kennedy
Electors for the Polling District of Callan; 189637KSep 2014Joseph Kennedy

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