Miscellaneous: State of the County, Sessional Papers 1825

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12th April. This night the house of a man named
Castellow of Ballydonnel was attacked and entered
by a party of men, who cruelly beat a man named
Cestigan, who was in the house, and robbed him of
three pounds.

18th April. A party attacked the house of a man
named Deolin and demanded money (as they termed
it) for the poor fellows in Gaol. They afterwards called
at the house of a man named Toole, and desired him
to quit his house and lands, and (as they were going
to Kilkenny) to be gone at their return. They also
attacked the houses of two men named Corkoran and
Maher at Ballyphillip, and demanded money.

23rd April. A party of ruffians attacked the house of a
man named Dwyer of Ballybuggy, and demanded
money, and on his refusing to comply, they took his
horse from the stable, and threatened to shoot it,
they then thrust the muzzle of a blunderbuss
through the window, to show they were armed, and
boasted of being the boys that killed Marun.

25th . This night the house of a man named Phelan of
Rathpatrick was attacked, and money demanded.

27th . This night nine sheep, the property of Captain
Delaney of Ballyspellan, were most wantonly and
maliciously butchered on the lands of Bawnmore.

A man named Thomas Nowland, who has been of the
utmost service in obtaining private information, was
attacked and recognized in Kilkenny City by three
men, who beat him severely, and attempted to take
his life by snapping a pistol repeatedly at him, and
while on the ground, apparently dead. One of the
party proposed burying him in the garden. Nowland
afterwards escaped. The three men are now in Gaol.

The house of a man named Holmes of Grange was
attacked and entered by two ruffians, (their hats
decorated with ribbons) and presented a cocked
pistol to Holme's wife, obliged her to give them a gun
which was in the house, and then departed.

Ten persons have been apprehended, charged with
various offences. A man named Coughlin of
Curramore, (Barony of Iverk), received a threatening
letter, signed Captain Rock, stating he would meet
the fate of the Sheas if he did not take care of

16th April. This night two ploughs, the property of a
man named Meehan, were maliciously broke to
pieces on the lands of Ballybrasna, in the Barony of
Kells. The only reason that can be assigned for this
outrage, is that Meehan had lately taken some

3rd April. This night several plough were maliciously
cut to pieces on the lands of Rathlick, Barony of
Shillelogher, the property of a man named Murphy,
who had lately taken some ground on the above

5th April. This night an unfinished house on the lands
of Adenderry, belonging to a man named Walton,
Barony Shillelogher, was maliciously thrown down by
persons yet unknown, they took the door of it to a
lime kiln and burned it. Walton had lately taken three
acres of ground, on which he was building the said
house, which was a sufficient cause (it is presumed)
for the outrage.

11th April. On this morning a man named Shorthill,
while passing a place called Rakmeenbush (Barony
Crannagh) saw in a sand pit, seven men armed with
guns, when he passed on a short distance they fired a

15th April. This night a foxcover belonging to Captain
Power of Kilfane, was maliciously set on fire and
consumed by persons unknown.

24th April. This night some persons, while in the act
of stealing timber from the house of Rev. Mr. Ridge
were fired on, but with what effect is not yet known.
In searching several suspected houses for the timber,
the inmates were in general (at Midnight) absent
from their houses.

Extracts taken from the Co. Kilkenny Monthly Reports
from 1st August 1823 to the 29th Feb. 1824, for the
information of the Inspector General.

A house was burned on the Estate of Robert George,

A man named Hickey was murdered at Clamanty.

A party of armed men attacked Brennan's house,
near to Freshford, and desired him to give up a farm
which he had lately taken.

Ryan's house of Crosspatrick, was attacked and
entered by a gang of Ruffians, who presented a gun
and pistol to his head, and threatened him with
instant death if he did not quit his house within two

An armed gang broke into the house of a man named
Murphy of Urlingford, and presenting a case of
pistols to his head, forcibly carried away a girl who
was in the house.

Donoher's house of Whiteswall was attacked and
money demanded by a party of ruffians, who, on
being refused the money, killed his pig. The house of
a man named Mulhall was likewise attacked and
robbed of a 1.

A man named Brophy, was stopped near Kilkenny, by
a man dressed in a white shirt, who presented a
pistol to Brophy, and snapped it at him.

Two men named Drenan and Maker were murdered
in Galmoy.

A party of men attacked Jas. Casheu's house in the
Barony of Crannagh, and finding that he was away
from home, they desired his wife to go down on her
knees until they would shoot her. They gave her an
illegal notice for a Mr. Mason, which threatened him
with death if he did not give up some ground.

Three armed men attacked the house of Pierce
Daigan's of Sart, Barony of Crannagh and desired him
on pain of death to give up some ground he had lately

They attacked a house of a man named Hogan,
Barony of Crannagh, and cruelly beat him and his

A man named Carey was waylaid and beaten in such a
manner as to cause his death.

(All spelling as per book).