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Commission of The Peace Of Ireland
1831 & 1832
Queens County

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List of Magistrates and Commissioners of the

Peace in the Queens County 1831 & 1832 from another Parliamentary paper.

Names of Clergymen

Hon. Arthur Vesey.

Thomas Trench

John Whitty

Hunt Johnson

Thomas Pigott

John Baldwin

Richard Clarke,

Joseph Townsend

Samuel Roberts,


Names of Laymen

James Marquis of Ormonde Francis Despard
John Earl of Portarlington Richard Steele
John Viscount de Vesci James Edmund Scott
Hon, Francis A. Prittie William Henry Birch
Hon, Lionel Dawson Thomas R. Whitty
Hon. Henry Walker John Price
Sir John Allen Johnson, bart William Wall Grey
Sir Henry Parnell, bart James Dunne
Sir Walter D. Barrows James Smith
Sir John Harvey, knt. James Horan
Michael F. Trench Henry Brereton
Matthew Cossan William Percival
Jonathan Chetwood John Tibeando
Chambre B. Ponsonby Lancelot Croasdale
Frederick Thompson William W. Despard
John Lecky Edward Flood Sharpe
John Staunton Rochfort Charles L. Sandes
Thomas Bernard John Sabatier
Harman Fitzmaurice Edmond Staples
John Cassidy Henry Smith
Thomas M. Reed Edward Pope
Thomas Cavanagh Robert Chapman
William Hutchinson Daniel O'Donoughue
William Armstrong John Warburton
Charles White Lewis Moore
John Armstrong Drought Peter Gale
Edward Dunne Robert Fitzgerald
Richard Warburton John Armitt
William Meagher Anthony Weldon
Thomas Parnell William Hamilton
Hovendon Stapleton Samson Carter
Wheeler Barrington Chidley Coote
Jonathan D. Clarke Richard Croker
Myles John O'Reilly Thomas White
Robert Lawrenson Thomas French
Samuel Barras Richard Eaton
Jocelyn Thomas William Fishbourne
John Roe Robert Belton
George Adair Thomas Philips Cosby
Stephen S. Cassan William Cope Cooper
Robert Staples Horace Rochfort, esq

Source: Tom LaPorte - April 2007 Transcribed by M Brennan April 2007

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