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Slyguff Cemetery
Co. Carlow

Source:  Reynolds Fieldcrest 1991

Images of St. Bridgets Church (Ruin) Slyguff.

Hand drawing of the ruin of St. Bridget's church at Slyguff by R.F.
Source: Reynolds Fieldcrest 1991
OS map image of the ruin of St. Bridget's Church and graveyard in Slyguff.
Source: OSi Maps.

Reynolds Fieldcrest 1991 ©

Slyguff Cemetery

Bagenalstown Co.Carlow.

Located approx 8 miles south of Bagenalstown on the Borris road, this cemetery, containing as it does, the ruin of an ancient church, lies one field in from the road and is set on a rise overlooking the beautiful river Barrow and the natural unspoilt (almost) scenic countryside. R.F.

Slyguff Cemetery Headstone locations


BAlLEY 8 NIXON 9,10,11,12.
BORROUGHS 15,16,17,18,19,27,31,32. ROBERTS 20
JAMES 35,36,37. WYNNE 7,8,11,12,18,21,22,24,26,28,29.
KIDD 34    

  • 1.
    In Loving memory of William Borroughs. Kilgraney Died,3rd March 1933. Aged 74 Years, Also Hi beloved wife Charlotte Died 22nd Nov 1947 aged 86 years. “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord”.
    Erected by Jane Styles of Slyguff. In memory of her beloved husband Richard Styles who died March 21st 1875 age 75 yrs. Weating for the Coming of Our Lord Jeasus Christ.
    Erected by his Widow and Children. In loving Memory of Richard Burroughs, Slyguff. Died Jan 30th 1908 ages 72 years and his wife Susan Burroughs died Dec 14th 1909 aged 70 years. To be with Christ which is far better. Phil. 1.23.
    In loving memory of James Semple who died Aug 6th 1864, also Mary Semple who died Dec 4th 1884.
    In loving memory of William Byron, Slyguff who departed this life 24th April 1924 aged 79 yrs. Also his beloved wife Mary Anne Byron who departed this life 19th April 1925, aged 80 yrs, also their son John Phillip Byron died 20th May 1934 aged 47 yrs.  Peace Perfect Peace.
    Here lieth the body of John Williams he departed this life Febry the 20th 1775 Aged 80 yrs. Also his Grand Daughter Mary Homan.
    In loving memory of Abraham Wynne, Kellymount who died July 25th 1881 aged 65 yrs. Also his wife Frances Wynne who died Sepr 21st 1913 aged 75 yrs. Their Daughter Anne Wynne died April 12th 1936 aged 62 yrs. Erected by their three daughters.
    Erected by Deborah Bailey of Slyguff in memory of her husband George who died March 17th 1887 aged 73 yrs, also her mother Mary Wynne Als Kinsella who died Augst 1852 aged 70 yrs.
    In loving memory of Harriet Osbourne eldest daughter of Rev. Edward Nixon and Lucy Catherine his wife of Honable Edward Sydney Stopford died 12th December 1893.
    “The loving kindness and Mercy have followed me all the days of my life and I willd well in the house of the Lord forever”.
    In loving memory of Clara Mary widow of Frederick Stirling Eckersall, 29th Regiment Second daughter of Rev. Edward Nixon and Lucy Catherine his wife, died July 5th 1892   “Whom the Lord Loveth He Chastened”.
    To them who by patient continuance in hell doing seek for Glory & Honour & Immortality Eternal Life.   In loving memory of Rev. E. Nixon and daughter of Rev. H. Wynne died Aug 31st 1883, aged 77. “Her children arise up and call him blessed”.
    Fanny Stella the beloved wife of Wynne Chs de Cerjat and daughter of the Revd. Edward Nixon died at Dunamaise Novr 27th 1872. Aged 35. “Watch therefore for ye know not what time your Lord doth come”.
    In loving memory of Isabella wife of Robert Williams who departed this life August 17th 1895 aged 69 years. Also the above Robert Williams died Jany 29th 1907, aged 79 years, and their daughter Rachel Nlan nee Williams died Jan 15th 1948 aged 74 years. “Thy will be done”.
    Sacred to the memory of Denis Robert Pack-Beresford. O.B.E. DL. JP. Bprn 23rd March 1864 died 6th March 1942.
    Alice wife of Denis Robert Pack-Beresford, born 24th July 1862, Died 2nd June 1918.
    Robert Francis Thorpe. Ipsi domini et omnibus in christu quiscentibus locum refb iceru lucus et pacis ut in bulgeas deprecmur per eumdum christum dominum nostrus amen.
    This stone placed here by Robert Burrough of Moneybeg in memory of his son Ephraim Burrough, he died the 9th day of January 1807 aged 110? Years.
    The body of George Burrough who departed this life in his 20th year 18th December 1762.
    Sacred ti the memory of Susan Wynne alias Burroughs widow of the late George Wynne of Paulstown in the County Kilkenny who exchanged this life for a better on the 11th of May 1830 aged 85 yrs, this stone has been erected by her son Abraham who looks forward with pleasure to the day when he shall again meet his kind & affectionate mother to part no more. Also her father Richard Burroughs died June 8th 1759 aged 45 yrs. Also his wife Mary Burroughs alias Griffin died March 10th 1779 aged 64 yrs. “They died in peace and rest in hope of a blesfed Resurrection”.
    Heare lyeth the body … of Charlis Borrows who died April the 7th 1742 aged three years and his sister Ann Borrows aged 7 years.
    Erected by Edward and Abraham Wynne of Kellymount in loving memory of their father and mother Edward Wynne died 9th May 1869 aged 65 years and Rebecca Wynne died 3rd April 1913 aged 83 years also their brother Richard died 24th Feby 1906 aged 54 yrs, and their sister Anne died 5th May 1896, aged 42 yrs. Also the above Edward Wynne died 6th August 1919, aged 61 yrs. Also their sister Jane Agar nee Wynne died 24th Jany 1933 aged 69 yrs.
    Erected by John Roberts of Slyguff in loving memory of his son John who died 19th April 1904 aged 22 years. His daughter Wllen who died 1st May 1907, aged 19 years, also his wife Catherine who died 14th May 1915 aged 56 years, the above John Roberts died 5th May 1930 aged 84 years. “Nearer my God to thee”.
    Erected by Ellen Wynne Slyguff in memory of her belovd husband James Wynne who died 24th June, 1884 aged 66 years. Ellen Wynne died 21st May 1895 aged 84 years.
    In memory of George Sheane who died 20th March 1870 aged 55 years and of his wife Anne Sheane who died 5th April 1910 aged 74 years also of their son Thomas Sheane died 9th Feb 1920 aged 54 years.
    Erected by William Wynee (Slyguff). In loving memory of his father Philip Wynne who died 16th Sep. 1912 aged 74 years, also his mother Mary Anne Wynne who died 15th June 1913 aged 72 years.
    In loving memory of John Richard Hedges Becher, Rector of Lorum 1890 – 1940 who died May 11th 1946 aged 85 years. Well done good and faithful servant.
    In loving memory of Nicola Sophia wife of the Revd John R.H. Becher of Lorum Rectory died June 15th 1903. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Rev.XIV.13.
    To the loved revered memory of Wyndham Henry Wynne of Corries who died at Cologne the 19th of May 1910 aged 69 years, also in memory of Sophie S. Wynne wife of Wyndham Henry Wynne died 18th day of June 1918. Also in memory of his sisters Clarat F. Wynne died 1920 qnd Fanny S. Wynne died 1939.  What doth the Lord require of thee but to do justly, to love mercy, to walk humbly with thy God, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see god”.
    This tomb was erected by Mary Burroughs to the memory of her husband William Burroughs who departed this life the 11th day of July 1791 in the 62nd year of his age. Here also lieth the remains of the above named Mary Burroughs alis Walker who dep’d this life April the 11th 1814 aged 70 years. Also her son William Burroughs died Octr 15th 1864 aged 87 years. Also his wife Mary Burroughs died May 1, 1862 aged 81 year. Also their Grandson Richard Burroughs who departed this life 29th day of July 1827 aged 17 years. Also their Granddaughter Mary Shirley who departed this life July the 15th 1838 aged 29 years. Also their Granddaughter Anne Burroughs who departed this life Nov 30th 1841 aged 37 years.
    Erected in loving memory of William Wynne of Kellymount who dep’t this life Sept 17th 1877 aged 65 years, also his brother Philip Wynne of Paulstown who died April 28th 1873 aged 64 yrs. Also Mary Holmes mother in law of the above relict of William Holmes of Rathbeg. Co. Tipperary who died June 6th 1876 aged 81 yrs, also Eliza Wynne alias Holmes relict of the above mentioned William Wynne who departed Novr 15th 1883 aged 56 yrs. Also Edward Wynne LRC SILK QCP youngest son of the above mentioned who died April 28th 1888 aged 28 yrs.
    Erected by Abraham Wynne in memory of his father Edward Wynne (late of Kilgreany) who die’d this life August 25th 1824 aged 60 years, also the above Abraham Wynne who dep’d this life March 17th 1874 aged 74 yrs also his brother James Wynne who died March 4th 1874 aged 68 yrs. By J. Wynne. Africa.
    Here lieth the remains of Christopher Holland who died November 30th 1824 aged 33 yrs.
    Erected by Mrs Frances Borroughs to the memory of her beloved husband Robert Borroughs Esq who departed this life the 17th of May 1818 Aged 54 years. Here also are intered the bodies of their children Ephram and Charles. Here also lieth the remains of his daughter ---\clia who departed this life on the 14th of October 1829 aged 22 years.
    Erected by William Burrows of Milford in memory of his father Philip Burrows of Paulstown Mills who died July 1st 1781 aged 40 yrs, also his mother Mary Burrows who died July 2nd 1804 aged 65 years. Three of his children died young, also his daughter Jane Burrows died March 28th 1826 aged 15 years, and his son Edward Burrows died July 8th 1834 aged 27 years. Also the above Williams Burrows who dep’d this life January 13th 1842 aged 75 yrs.
    In loving memory of George Joseph Hemmingway (Slyguff) who died August 12th 1896. Aged 73 years and his wife Rebecca died April 26th 1902 aged 63 years also their daughter Elizabeth died April 23rd 1904 aged 45 years. “Watch therefore for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come”.
    In loving memory of George Kidd, Sliguff, died 11th Octr 1898 aged 52 also his wife Frances Kidd who died Decr 6th 1908 aged 70 yrs also their son Joseph Henry Kidd Rector of Sacred Trinity Salford died 27th Dec 1930 aged 53 yrs. “Until the dead in Jesus shall arise”.
    In loving memory of Thomas James Kilgreaney who died 11th April 1901 aged 67 years also his daughter Alice who died in infancy, also Jane wife of the above died 2nd April 1931 aged 84 years.
    In loving memory of William Henry James Kilgreney who died 21st November 1918 aged 45 years. “What I do, thou knowest not now, but thou shalt know here after”.
    This stone was erected by Margaret James in memory of her daughter Elizabeth James who departed this life Sepber 4th 1868 aged 26 years also her husband William James who departed this life Sepr 16th 1868 aged 67 years. Also the above Margaret James who departed this life October 18th 1874 aged 73 years. “Thou art gone to the grave but we will not deplore thee…Whose God was thy ransom, thy guardian and guide.  He gave thee, He took thee and he will restore thee… And death has no sting for the Saviour has died – Those who sleep in Jesus will God bring with him”.
    Hand drawing of headstone number 37 by R.F.
    To the memory of Luke Junior of Kilgarney, born July the 13th 1799, died the March 31st 1838. … Epitaph here as in 37 above … Also underneath are the remains of Luke Agar Senior of Kilgreany who departed this life on the 18th day of January 1847 aged 84 years and his wife Anne who departed this life on the 20th of January 1847 aged 72 years. Parents to the above. … Rejoicing in the finished work of their Redeemer. They fell asleep in Jesus. … Also Anne Agar who departed this life 12thof March 1862 aged 59 years.
    This stone erected by Thomas James in memory of his uncle Henry Agar of Kilgreany who departed this life on the 18th of October 1862 aged 58 years also Elizabeth Agar who departed this life the 3rd of February 1869 aged 72 years.
    Weep not for me, in my final rest
    I am happy – now at peace
    Go my friends, and leave me be
    I sleep that sleep – so much longed for
    Going, softly tread – disturb not my slumber.

    Reynolds Fieldcrest

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