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The Examinations

By kind permission of Michael Purcell
The Examinations
By kind permission of Michael Purcell

County of Carlow to witt//


Taken by C.H.Tuckey,Esq.,
Resident Magistrate in and for said County.

 THE EXAMINATIONS of John James Lecky of BallyKealy in the Parish of Fenagh Barony of Forth and County of Carlow aforesaid, Esquire D.L. - who being duly Sworn on the Holy Evangelists and examined, deposeth and saith, that on the morning of the 30th day of November 1846 - I saw a man outside my house at BallyKealy before one o Clock he was knocking with a long Bough at an upper Window he went from said Window after I first saw him and in a short time returned without his coat, I observed Jane Morris a maid who slept in the room above / let down a quilt which he fastened himself to and was drawn up / he assisting / and entered into the House by the Window I sent immediately for the Police Constable Michael Reynolds came very soon with Sub Constable Patrick Reilly. John Furney was under a Bed in said Room and came from under it when Constable Michael Reynolds pushed his Gun with the Bayonet fixed towards where he lay concealed, he had only his shirt on at the time , I fear that unless said person / viz. John Furney / who entered my House at said time and place be bound over in sufficient Sureties to keep the peace and be of good behaviour my person or property will be injured by said John Furney.

( signed) *John James Lecky*.

Examinant acknowledges himself to be indebted to our Sovereign Lady the Queen in the sum of Ten Pounds sterling, conditioned to Prosecute this Examinations at the next General Assizes to be held at Carlow in said County and from Assizes to Assizes until discharged.

(signed) *John James Lecky*.

I John James Lecky above named, do
Swear that my Occupation and
Place of Residence are above truly described.
Sworn before me this
30th day of November 1846.
(signed ) * C. H. Tuckey*,
Resident Magistrate.
The above is a true and accurate transcript of the document.
This document was transcribed by Michael Purcell

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