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Pat Purcell Papers
Carlow 1827

Source:  Mr Michael Purcell

Names: Nowlan, Curran, Dillon, Neal, Holmes, Cosgrave, Stokes, Feltus, Coogan, Byrne, Kelly, Mara, Bradley, Caesar & Queen Bess etc

From Pat Purcell Papers (P.P.P.) (as written)


 Threatening Notice posted at the Chapel gate at Drumphea, Carlow on Sunday 30th September 1827.

 Take notice Frank Dillon, William O'Neal of Garryhill the Catholicks and your Church cannot agree by no means, -- I must remark all Landlords of this County to look into the state of their tenants at large but I send this as such to Dillon who has done he is worse than Paul Jones that robbed the seas, he robbed Michael Nowlan of Garryhill of his natural support , we will be the better after dealing with Thomas Bradley whether to kill him or let him live and other men, subjects to his majesty's crown.

 You are a devil and you are worse than the rean of Queen Bess who persecuted the church but do not be mistaken but that Martin Curran of Drumphea will die first and then William Byrne and also Glass eye Pat Kelly for it is neither sin or shame to walk in Streams of crimson blood for you living --the Hanibal and Caesar and Alexander and Boneapart waded in streams of crimson in the field of battle and the common private Soldier who fite for their living ~~ Why not men in Ireland slain before them.

Now in the name of God I do charge and command you that bought at Michael Nowlans cant  (auction) to have your choice to be served like Bishop Mara's brother in  Kilkenny who was shot as he rode from his own door. Dillon you do not know  how soon some may walk into your house and kill you in your own bed and  likewise O'Neal so if you attempt stirring Michael Nowlan out of his place  your done - and whether or not you stand in great danger you will be  deprived of Curran if he does not give up his post. Anymore doing rongs from this out be warned of loosing his life.

 Anyman seen taking down this notice will be dealt with.

 [Note added 2011.

The warning notice, tied to the church gate pillar, was removed by Bryan Cosgrave of Garryhill and brought to Mr Dillon. Another  warning pasted to the wall of Drumphea Chapel was removed by Martin Curran  who gave it to Denis Coogan. Both warnings was brought to the attention of local Magistrate, Adam.B. Feltus of Hollybrook, who contacted James Stokes, Sub-Constable.

 Stokes went to Rathnegerha where he met Richard Holmes and found a book with pages torn out that matched the Notices, he interviewed three of his sons, Thomas, Laurence and James, he then arrested another son, Christopher, who he noted "reads and writes well"].

Names: Neale, Collier, Clowry, Crowe, Gorman, & Cornwall.


Pat Purcell Papers.


The Information of Margaret Neale of Myshall, Carlow, Spinster, taken before me one of His Majestys Justices of the Peace for Carlow.

Margaret Neale who being duly sworn on the Holy Evaneglists Saith that on Sunday Evening the 7th of January 1827 she went into the House of Abel Collier of Myshall, Publican, where she had some tea and punch in Company with Robert Collier son of Abel Collier and two of Abel Collier's Daughters that having remained in the house till late - that on her return home, she was afraid her Father would chastise her for being out and thinking that he was about to do so she ran out of the house.

That on Crossing a Field opposite to her house she was overtaken by the aforesaid Robert Collier who on hearing from her that she was afraid of her Father, offered to accompany her to the house of Owen Gorman of Aclare, Carlow, who is married to a Relative of Margaret Neale.

That she put herself under the protection of Robert Collier who accompanied her part of the way, that on the Land of Myshall aforementioned he threw her down and by force and against her will had Carnal Knowledge of her and committed a Rape on her Body.

(signed) Margaret, her X mark, Neale.


Having first being truly read over to Margaret Neale before signing.

Sworn before me this 19th day of January 1827.

(signed) John F. Cornwall.


Margaret Neale do swear that I usually reside at Myshall, Parish of Myshall, Barony of Forth and County of Carlow and am Supported and maintained by my Parents.

(signed) Margaret, her X mark, Neale.


The said Margaret Neale acknowledges herself to be indebted to our Sovereign Lord the King in the Sum of Twenty pounds Sterling.

The Condition of the foregoing recognisance is that the above bound Margaret Neale shall be and appear at the next Assizes to be held at Carlow and prosecute Robert Collier of Myshall for a Rape, and not depart the Court without a Licence, then the above Recognizance to be null and void otherwise to be in full Force and Virtue in Law.

Taken and Acknowledged before me this 20th day of January 1827, having first being truly read over to Margaret Neale.

(signed) John F. Cornwall.


I James Crow swear that I am a Householder, and have a House wherein I usually reside at Rahenkillane [ ? ] in the Parish of Bendenstown [ ? ] in the Barony of Half Barony of Forth and that I am worth the Sum of Ten Pounds Sterling over and above my just Debts. So help me God,

(signed) James Crowe.


I Patrick Clowry do swear that I am a Householder and have a House wherein I usually reside at Ballintrain in the Parish of Templepeter Barony or Half Barony of Forth and that I am worth the Sum of 10 Pounds Sterling over and

above my just Debts. So help me God,

(signed) Patt Clowry.


The Condition of the Foregoing Recognizance is such that Margaret Neale shall appear in her Proper Person in Open Court and prosecute Robert Collier of Myshall for a Rape.

Taken and Acknowledged before me at Myshall Lodge the day and Year aforesaid,

(signed) John F. Cornwall.

1827, Neale, Collier, Clowry, Crowe, Gorman, & Cornwall.


Clowry and Crowe are signing as bondsmen to guarantee that Margaret Neale will appear in Court and prosecute Robert Collier in open court. This method was used to make sure people did not make false charges against another and having made charges that they would appear in court to press the charges. In this case it would appear that Robert Collier was not convicted.

[Note added 2012 - unusual submission from the PPP in that we have the Information statement , Recognizance to Prosecute sheet and Recognizance of 20 guaranteeing that Margaret Neale shall appear in Open Court to press charges against Robert Collier.

A very serious charge against Robert as at this time Rape was punishable by death or transportation. The only thing missing is the verdict.]

Surname: Hopkins, Bunbury, Fishbourne & Humfrey.

Pat Purcell Papers.


I Abraham Hopkins of Ballybit, Carlow, Farmer, do swear that I have planted  or caused to be planted within twelve Calender months, last past, on the lands of Ballybit in the Parish of Rathvilly, Barony of Rathvilly, and County of Carlow, lands held by me from Thomas Bunbury, Esquire, the following trees, Viz.

1,335 Larch Deal.
204 Scotch Fir Deal.
261 Birch.
108 Ash.
22 Spruce Fir.

making in the entire 1,930 trees and that I have Given notice to the Person or Persons under whom I immediately Derive on his, her or their Agent of my intention to register the said trees twenty days at the least previous to this Day, and that I have also Given Notice of the same in writing to the Head Landlord, owner and owners of Said Ground or his or their Agent twenty days Previous to the Date hereof (signed) Abraham Hopkins.

Sworn before me this 8th day of January 1827 at Carlow, one of his Majestys Justices of the Peace, in and for Carlow County and I know the Deponent.

(signed) William Fishbourne.
Read at Carlow January 1827
(signed) Alex Humfrey.

Transcribed by M. Purcell c2012
Document provided by kind permission of Michael Purcell

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