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Pat Purcell Papers
Carlow 1828

Source:  Mr Michael Purcell - Feb 2008

Letter from Michael Ward - 1828


The Right Honorable
The Lord Chief Justice
Judge of Assizes

On Law

“Michael Ward called repeatedly and did not attend”

My Lord,

            The following Memorial I offer for your Lordships serious perusal — if any expression will contrary to my expectation — occur — your Lordship will be graciously pleased to view it with an Eye of Indulgence — if I extenuate nothing — nor set down Aught in malice — I may hope for that noble sympathy which has always characterized your Lordship — aggrieved and oppressed by some gentleman who this day form a part of your Executive power it will grieve your Lordship — when you have on Limbs — so Corrupt and Tyrannical —

I have endured the Grossist Assaults — the most outrageous Abuse — Underserved. I appealed to Mr. Fishbourne and he Refused the Law I complained a second time and he Grossly Assaulted and Threatened me — I complained to Mr. Butler and he ______________?

 neither of those gentleman I am Personally Acquainted with — Tho I beg to say am Familiar with every other Gentlemen of Virture and Fortune in this County as my Excellent and Highly Respectable Friend Mr. Lecky, our worthy High Sherriff can testify. A Ruffin of the name of Magrath — A Low fellow — by Trade a Baker — Wounded me Despartily — three different times, in consequence of the Corruptition I complain of — in the Magisterial Office — Exposing me to be openly Murdered — without any relief from the Law — He Magrath broke also into my room and smashed my Door with great Violence — even from Capt. Battersby I got no Relief — Tho wounded in the open Street and my Cloths All torn — even Robert Brown — your Deputy Clerk of the Peace caused Deighton his Shop Boy — to refuse me a Summons — saying in the Presence of a witness that the Gentleman would give me no more Summonses! Appalling Condition — leaving me at the mercy of a Desperte Vagrant ? I ? I made free with some one of his Family An Infamous Lye — as I have since Explained to him the Baker — gave out I acted in some way Towards his Pauper of A Wife — this is Also A Low Falsehood Indeed and as your Lordship will Perceive was only Invented to ? The law and Poison the Minds of Justices or Persons in Power no Doubt proceeding from the same Corrupt Fountain. It was My Lord only A Few Days Ago I was informed of this Black Slander — which injured my suit at Law — by A Lady and Gentleman of Respectability a Mrs. Barret and A Gentleman whom I can name required I thought the Gentlemen would see into the Grossness of the Assault in A Liberal Manner — so I brought no witness — which I can produce, even several Mrs. Hickey — Robbisson — Doctor Nolan who seen the wound I Received.

Mr Lecky will concur in this statement and I beg your Lordship will cause Magrath to be Punished and make Attonement and Bound at least to the Peace and order Mr Fishbourne to issue no more Threats and open the Courts of Justice which — My lord have been Closed to me —

I beg Your Lordships Pardon for so long a Complaint.
I have the Profound Honor to be My Lord your Lordships
Most Humble Most Devoted and very Loyal and Suffering Servant

 Michael Ward

Carlow the 15th of July 1828

Transcribed by J.J. Woods c2008.

Recognizance to Prosecute 1828.

Joseph Malone maketh oath that he usually resides at Rathmore in the Parishof Rathvilly in the County of Carlow.

(signed) Joseph Malone,
Sworn before me at Tullow Petty Sessions this 3rd Day of May 1828.
(signed) James Eustace. John Leonard.

Surname: Hopkins, Bunbury, Graves & Feltus.

 Pat Purcell Papers.


I Abraham Hopkins of Ballybit,Carlow, Farmer, do swear on the Holy Evangelists that I have planted or caused to be planted within twelve Calender months, last past, on the lands of Ballybit in the Parish of Rathvilly, Barony of Rathvilly, and County of Carlow, lands held by me from Thomas Bunbury, Esquire, the undermentioned Trees, Viz.~~

100 Elm Quicks. 10 Laurestines.
100 Oak. 10 Portugal Laurels.
100 Limes. 10 Phillyears..
100 Poplar. 12 Hollys.
100 Larch. 10 American Black Spruce.
50 Ash Plants. 10 Alder.
20 Sweet Chestnut. 10 Dutch Alder.
10 Spurge Laurels. 10 Aspalia Apple.
10 English Elms. 10 Timber Sallow.
10 Horse Chestnut. 10 Plumb.
10 Balm of Gitead. 10 Pear Trees.

 Deponent further saith, that he hath caused a notice in writing to be served on Hugh Graves, Esquire, of the City of Dublin who is Agent or the Receiver of the Rents for the aforesaid Thomas Bunbury, Esquire under whom Deponent holds said Lands, of my intention to register said trees to be advertised in Saunders's News Letter thirty days at the least previous to the date hereoff (signed) Abraham Hopkins.

Sworn before me this 16th day of February 1828 at Carlow.

(signed) Adam B.Feltus.

Document provided and transcribed by kind permission of Michael Purcell - Feb 2008/2012

26th January, 1828,

John DeRenzy of Clonegal and Erwin Sandys of NewtownBarry, Justices of the Peace. Take Notice that John Doyle of Killbrannish, Carlow arrears of Rent claimed are not justly due and the fourteen Pits of Potatoes shall not be Distrained by Poundkeeper (Keeper of Cattle or goods or Chattels so distrained), Joseph Ellard of Wexford and Thomas Roberts, Keepers in Charge of said distress.

This shall be your Sufficient Authority to release same,

(signed) John DeRenzy, Erwin Sandys.

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