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Pat Purcell Papers / Browne-Clayton Papers
Carlow 1806

Source: Michael Purcell c.2012


Abraham Hobson, Esquire,

Gentleman of the Currah Lands in the Parish of Hacketstown, Barony of Rathvilly, County of Carlow.

Indebted to our Sovereign Lord King George the Third in the sum of Ten pounds to be levied of or from his goods and Chattles, Lands and Tennements if default shall be made in the Conditions under written. Abraham Hobson will bring forward Davis Vanston of Currah Lands in his proper person at the next General Quarter Sessions of the Peace to be held in Tullow and answer such things as shall be objected against him by our Sovereign Lord the King and James Hannon of Monastile or Little Scotland, Hacketstown.

(signed) Abraham Hobson.
(signed) Francis Thomas.

The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.

Transcribed by Jean Casey, 2010

Pig Market

21st day of March 1806.

Information of Sub-Constable Patrick Wire taken before James Butler, Esquire, Sovereign of the Town of Carlow.
On Thursday the twentyeth day of March Instant as he stood in the Pig Market in the Town of Carlow in order to Cant a pig (which was Seized in the Street of Carlow as a Nuisance)  for a fine According to Act of Parliament by order of James Butler, Esquire. Sovereign of said Town when James Burbridge of Carlow, Victualler, Came up to where Patrick Wire was and being Armed with a Knife Cut the Cord by which held said pig and by force rescued Said pig.

(signed) Patrick Wire.
(signed) James Butler.
                      21st day of March 1806.

2009 note; the Pig Market was held at the Fair Green beside Carlow Military Barracks.

Rambling Pig

24th day of February 1806.

Information of Sub-Constable Pierce Brerton before James Butler, Esquire, Sovereign of the Town of Carlow. States that on Saturday the 22nd of February Instant, being in the Habit of taking up pigs as Nuisances in the Town of Carlow, by Act of Parliament, that on passing down Tullow Street met (?) a pig Rambling through said Street which Informant was driving in order to Impound for a fine boyed (?) on Such Nuisance. When he was followed by William Stratan of Carlow, Cabinet Maker, Who forcibly rescued said pig and when Informant followed said pig to said Stratens gate he was stopped by him, who took up a Square Piece of Timber of which he made a trust of at Informant Swearing a Tremendous Oath that if Informant did not Immediately Withdraw he would Knock his teeth down his throat by which Informant was put in dread and fear and was Obliged to make away.

(signed) Pierce Brerton.
(signed) James Butler.
                        24th day of February 1806.
The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.
Transcribed and Submitted by Michael Purcell


Names: Nowlan, Bunbury & Downes 1806

[Note added by Michael Purcell 2012. This is an iinteresting document on Parchment - - The signature at the end of this petition is W. Downes, in 1806 he was Treasurer of the King's Inns and Chancellor of Trinity College Dublin, in this case he was presiding as Judge William Downes at Carlow Assizes.

 Benjamin Bunbury is well known to the regular readers on the Carlow IGP - but will any reader have information on Michael Paul Nowlan or the "murdered" Patrick Nowlan or the proper name of the house mentioned in this petition ?]

Alleged Burning and Murder

From Pat Purcell Papers.


THE KING against MICHAEL PAUL NOWLAN in the 46th year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the third by the Grace of God King. Defender of thefaith and Soforth.

PETITION under the hand of Benjamin Bunbury, Esquire, on behalf of Michael Paul Nowlan who is known to the aforesaid Benjamin Bunbury, Esquire.

TO ~

 The Right Honourable William Downes.


Michael Paul Nowlan the prisoner in this case maketh Oath that on the 18th July 1806 he was Committed to the Gaol of Carlow by a Warrant under the hand of John Staunton Rochfort, Esquire, charging him with several robberies alleged to have been committed by him in the County of Carlow.

Michael Paul Nowlan Saith that in consequence of the Committal Warrant not stating any specific offence it was impossible for him to prepare for his trial.

He further Saith that on the 22nd day of July 1806 only five days before the present Assizes another Warrant was lodged on him by Francis Dillon, Esquire, charging him with have been concerned in aiding and assisting at the burning of Rilard house [? could be Niland house - - any suggestions ?, Tinryland?] and the murder of Patrick Nowlan on the night of the 11th of January 1805.

Michael Paul Nowlan Saith that from the time of the last Warrant of Committal was lodged he has endeavoured to be ready to abide his trial for alleged burning and murder.

He further Saith from the shortness of time between his Committal and the present Assizes he hath not been able to be fully prepared for his trial.

Michael Paul Nowlan further Saith that -- O'Grady, and -- Maguire whose Christian names he doth not know, but who are Sergeants in his Majestys One Hundred and First Regiment quartered at Newry nearly One hundred miles from the town of Carlow, are necessary and material witnesses for him at his trial and without the benefit of whose testimony he cannot with safety abide his trial.

Michael Paul Nowlan further Saith it was not until yesterday in preparing for his defence that he discovered the necessity he was under to procure the attendance of O'Grady and Maguire at the present Assizes.

Michael Paul Nowlan further Saith he hopes and expects and will use his best endeavours to procure the attendance of the said persons.

AND THEREFORE Michael Paul Nolwan humbly prays his trial to be postponed, he does not make this application for the purpose of giving any unnecessary delay to his trial.

He further Saith that since he hath been in custody and the Impressions against him on the public mind from the seriousness of the offences with which he is charged making it particularly necessary for him to be fully prepared for making his defence and thereby proving his innocence.

(signed) Michael Nowlan.
Submitted this 29th day of January 1806 under the hand of Benjamin Bunbury, Esquire.
(signed) Benjamin Bunbury, Esquire
Sworn before me in open Court this 29th day of July 1806
 (signed) W. Downes. (Petition granted)

Could it be "Riland" as in Tinryland?

Read more on the Nowlan documents

Names: Whiteacre, Timmons, Lynch, Hennessy, Burke, Carpenter & Rudkin.

Pat Purcell Papers.


Luke Whitacre of the Town of Carlow, Sleator, came before me this and made Oath on the Holy Evangelists that on the Sixteenth day of February 1806 he was assaulted by Michael Timmons, Peter Lynch and Edward Hennessy all of the Town of Carlow who were aided and encouraged by [blank] Burke and John Carpenter of the Town of Carlow, Luke Whiteacre further Saith he gave the aforesaid persons no lawful provocation whatever and that he has been much beat by them and is in dread and fear the above named persons will do him further Bodily harm by which he is in dread of going on his lawful occasions.

(signed) Luke Whiteacre.
Sworn before me this 17th day of February 1806 at Carlow~
(signed) Henry Rudkin. A Magistrate for said County.

Source: Michael Purcell c.2012

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