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Pat Purcell Papers
Carlow 1807

Source: Michael Purcell c.2012

Violent Assault

22nd Day of November 1807.

At 5oc in the Afternoon, George Marshall of Roscat, Carlow, Farmer and John Murphy of Leighlinbridge, Carpenter, entered the House of David Byrne's Mother-in-law where he then was, and without any provocation whatsoever, violently assaulted David Byrne and forced him into the Street, where he was rescued from them by the neighbour's and got into the House again, David Byrne further saith that Marshall remained a long time outside the Door, calling him several opprobrious names, threatening and challenging him to come out ~~~

 Sworn before a Magistrate.

The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.
Transcribed and Submitted by Pat. O' Reagan
County of Carlow. 1807

John Goss and William Lyons

John Goss and William Lyons maketh Oath that they usually reside at Portrition in the Towns-land of Portrition in the Parish of Killegan in the Barony of Rathvilly and in the County of Carlow. Sworn before me the 9th day of June 1807. (signed by) Magistrate, ( ? ) Stewart, and also by John Goss and William Lyons. John Goss and William Lyons shall appear in their proper persons in open court, on the first day of the next General Quarter Sessions to be held at Tullow in and for the said County of Carlow and Prosecute Thomas Carney, John Kennedy, and Thomas Deane for false Imprisonment.

The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.

From PPP.

Names: Kennedy, Kehoe, Benjamin Bunbury, Rev. John Whitty & Germaine



Against John Kennedy, Collector of Police money for extortion in collection of it ~

Examinations of John Kehoe of Knocklishen, Carlow. Farmer.

Taken before William Hoare Hume, Esq. one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for Wicklow and Carlow.

On 27th day of February 1807 John Kennedy of Tinock (on a collector of cess ) in company with William Wright of Hacketstown (as a constable) came to the  house of John Kehoe at Knocklishen and demanded the sum of six shillings, five pence halfpenny which he alleged was the cess applotted against him and also against Patrick Goss of the same townland, John Kehoe offered to go to Goss and collect his part and went for Goss, both of them returned to Kennedy and Goss said he would go home for it and pay him when he returned.

And although it was more than five weeks to Assizes John Kennedy and William Wright drove a cow off Kehoe's land.

John Kennedy told Kehoe that unless he met him in some short time and pay him the full sum of six shillings plus two shillings and eight pence halfpenny that William Wright and John Kennedy has charged him for driving his cow which John Kehoe has heard and believes to be an extortion.

John Kehoe further swears that Kennedy has refused to return what he was overcharged although desired by another Magistrate to do so.

(signed) John, his X mark, Kehoe.
Taken and acknowledged before Me, this 20th Day of March 1807.
(signed) William Hoare Hume.

Names: Benjamin Bunbury, Rev. John Whitty & Germaine.

From Pat Purcell Papers.


The Rev. John Whitty maketh oath that he has been for some days affected with a violent irruption on his face and was advised not to expose himself to the open air during the present severe weather, Saith he has travelled from Baltinglass to Carlow this day in great pain and is very much indisposed to attend the Honourable Court to give evidence in favour of Benjamin Bunbury, Esquire, in the case of the feloniously stealing of a Horse and Saddle against one James otherwise Patrick Germaine the property of the above named Benjamin Bunbury, Esquire whilst he was at Prayer in Church on Sunday last.

March 4th 1807.
 (signed) John Whitty.
Sworn before me at Carlow 4th April 1807.
(signed) JP.

Names: Clowry, Fenelon & Kelly

From Pat Purcell Papers.


Peace Recognizance.

Thomas Fenelon bound to the Peace in the Sum of ?100 Sterling and to be of good behaviour to all his Majesty's Liege Subjects, and particularly towards Elizabeth Kelly and family.

Bondsmen:  James Clowry maketh Oath that he is a Householder at Ballybreen in the Townsland of Ballybreen in the Parish of Myshall in the Barony of Forth in the County of Carlow and that he is worth the Sum of 50 Sterling, over and above his just Debts.

(signed) James Clowry.
Maurice Fenelon also acting as bondsman in the Sum of 50 Sterling.
Sworn before me and Taken and acknowledged in open Court 21st July 1807.
(signed) William Browne, [Browne's Hill, Carlow]

Note from Michael Purcell c.2012
Thomas 100.00
Maurice 50.00
James 50.00
Total Bond 200.00 Sterling.
"Ballybreen in the Townland of Ballybreen in the Parish of Myshall in the Barony of Forth in the County of Carlow" .
The spelling of Ballybreen is quite clear on this document.
A check in the Valuation Office or the Registry of Deeds may help locate the area.

Thomas had to post bond of 100 for himself as well as the two 50 total 200 and yes it was a huge undertaking, no idea what happened between Thomas Fenlon and Elizabeth Kelly and her family,  (because " her family" is mentioned it may be an attempted eviction, as no Mr Kelly is mentioned she might be a widow or it could be a promise of marriage between Tom and Liz  gone awry?) the recognizance reflects the fact that the Magistrate William Browne believes it serious enough to impose such a high bond (the normal bond at the time would be 10 or 20 each).

Source: Michael Purcell c.2012

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