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Pat Purcell Papers
Carlow 1805

Source: Michael Purcell c.2012

Murder in Garryhill 1805.

[Note added 2012.

Abbreviated extract from the Benjamin D' Israeli Inquest Papers on loan to Michael Purcell.  A copy of this Statement can be supplied on payment to cover cost of postage.]

Information of William Rourke of Knockbrack in the County of Carlow, Yeoman, taken this 13th Day of January 1805 at Garryhill, Carlow at the dwelling house of Patrick Nowlan then and there lying dead before James Byrne, Esquire, Coroner of Carlow touching the death of Patrick Nowlan.

William Rourke Saith that he frequently slept with Michael Rourke and Patrick Nowlan late of Garryhill, Farmer, deceased, who were taking care of and Managing a farm on the lands of Ullard, Carlow, that some of their relations had been in possession of about two months ago.

And Saith that been in bed with the said Patrick Nowlan and Michael Rourke on the night of Friday the 11th day of January 1805 they were awoke by the smoke that was in the house and having got out of bed he put on some his clothes.

He and Michael Rourke went to the rack, where there were two guns charged and took them down.

Patrick Nowlan went to the door and opened it, then William heard a shot and Patrick Nowlan returned and said he was killed on which Patrick Nowlan who was naked desired Michael Rourke to put a coat on him which he did.

Then William Rourke and Michael Rourke went to the door and looked out and saw the head of a man or woman stooped behind a small wall and then William heard a shot fired as if from the place where Patrick Nowlan told him the first shot came from that wounded Patrick Nowlan in the stomach or breast.

The house been at this time very violently on fire at both ends, they stayed in the house as long as they could, but at length they were obliged to go out, the fire having become very great and most of the roof having fallen in.

Then William and Michael Rourke and Patrick Nowlan went to the house of Murtha Bryan of Ullard where they remained until day and then Patrick Nowlan was put to bed, very weak from the wounds he received in his breast, side and arm by the shot that was fired at him, he bled a great deal and was throwing blood out of his mouth, he remained there until the next day when he died about 12 or 1 of the Clock.

The night before the house was set on fire a person by the name of John Murray desired William Rourke to be careful of himself as he might know it was not safe to be sleeping there.

The said John Murray had been employed as a workman by the farmer tenants of Ullard.

William Rourke believes the house was maliciously and intentionally set on fire by the farmer Tenants of the Ullard lands or by some person motivated by them.

 And further Saith that two other men were obliged to quit the house, which was entirely burned.

Sworn before me this 13th day of January 1805 [signed] James Byrne, Coroner.

[signed] William, his, X, mark, Rourke having first been read to him by James Byrne.

Transcribed by: Friend of Carlow <>

Source: Pat Purcell Papers

Names: Nowlan & Johnson

From Pat Purcell Papers.

[Note added 2012.  It is great when this happens, I just found the "murdered"  Patrick Nowlan in the Inquest reports from the Disraeli Papers - now to try find the proper name and location of the "burned" Riland house.

Disraeli Papers. 1805


Alexander Johnson of the town of Carlow, Surgeon, Saith that he attended this day at Garryhill, Carlow at the Dwelling house of Patrick Nowlan, Deceased, as Alexander Johnson has been informed and believes and Saith that this man having carefully examined the Body found four wounds on his right Arm, four on the Right Side of his Belly and one on the breast made by small balls and Saith the said Gun Shot wounds in the Belly were the Cause of his death as he found they had wounded his intestines.

Sworn before me this 13th day of January, 1805.
(signed) Alexander Johnson,
James Byrne, Coroner.

The second part of this subject will be found at: 1806

From: Friend of Carlow <>

Clowry, Nolan, Ryan 1805.

 Pat Purcell Papers.

Transcribed by Selina Lawlor.

James Clowry maketh oath that he usually resides at Pollerton in the Town of Carlow and County of Carlow.

John Clowry maketh oath that he is a Householder and usually resides in Kilmaglush, Parish of Kilmaglush and County of Carlow and that he supports himself by Farming and that he is worth the sum of five pounds above his Debts.

James Nowlan of Ballon, in the Parish of Ballon maketh oath that he supports himself by farming and that he is worth the sum of five pounds above his Debts.

George Clowry maketh oath that he is a householder and usually resides in Pollerton, Town of Carlow, Parish of Carlow and that he supports himself as  a Tanner and Dealer in Leather and that he is worth the sum of five pounds above his debts.

Be it remembered that the above named James Clowry, John Clowry, James Nowlan and George Clowry came before me One of his Majestys Justices of the Peace and acknowledged themselves to be indebted to our Sovereign Lord the King in the Sums of 15 pounds Sterling and to which their names are respectively annexed.

The condition of the Recognizance is such that the aforesaid James Clowry shall and will keep the Peace towards all his Majesty's Subject and particularly towards Mary Ryan of the Barrack Street, Spinster for and during the term twenty five years from the Date hereof, otherwise to stand and remain in full force and virtue in Law.

Taken and Acknowledged before me this 30th day of June 1805

Source: Michael Purcell c.2012/13

Bond for Michael Howlett of Clonegall , 20th August 1805.

John DeRenzy maketh Oath that he is a Householder and actually resides at Clonegal, in the parish of Mycombe in the Barony of St. Mullins, Carlow.

(signed) John DeRenzy.

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