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The Carlow Sentinal

Source: Pat Purcell Papers & Michael Purcell

Saturday, January 26, 1895

Carlow and Island Hounds.

January, 1895.

 Saturday, 26th Bangenalstown

 Tuesday, 29th Tullow

 Thursday, 31st Bullingate


 Saturday, 2nd Burton Hall

 Tuesday, 5th Coollattin

 Thursday, 7th Charlesfort

 Eleven o’clock

    Those who wish to have the Hunt Card posted to them for season will please forward 2s. 6d. to Carlow Sentinal.


Saturday, February 8, 1895


The Carlow and Island Hounds.

     The meet last Saturday was at Tullow, where a goodly gathering of the followers and admires of the Ballydarton pack met the veteran Master with the heartiest of greetings. It was in every sense of the word "a fine hunting day." The word was given for Ballymurphy, which proved worthy of first call, as it provided a rattling good fox. Which, after a "preliminary canter" in the shape of a ring run round the covert, got away at the off end, and after crossing the road, and at a short distance, a big wire fence intervened.

Recently a gate to facilitate difficulties like the present had been put up, but it was too narrow, and particularly so when a crowd of excited men on horseback were anxious to get through together. The natural result was that there was a lot of unnecessary danger, but nothing serious occurred. The hounds were now making head at a great pace through Coppenagh and Kill as if the fox had taken a line for Lisnevagh. As he got headed he wheeled across the road and raced forward as if his point were Butlersgrange.

The pace continued at the same grand rate, and after a twist to right some big doubles were encountered which, as there were some empty saddles visible along the line, seemed to disorganise the hunt, as they considerably reduced the number of those able to keep up with the hounds. As the fox was keeping his own the pursuit received its first check just at the back of a farmyard – a good twenty-five minutes from the find. After getting on the line again reynard was hunted back to his original quarters at Ballymurphy, where he got to ground after showing some capital sport. Trotted on to Lisnevagh, which was drawn blank.

At Butlersgrange the Master was more successful. There were a couple of foxes in the covert, and their presence was immediately discovered. The hounds having made choice he took the line to the top of the road where, as he was headed, he wheeled to right and raced down to the river, thence over the high road and into Lisnevagh, where he got to ground in an old rabbit-hole.

     Tuesday’s fixture was at Rathoe Cross, but owing to the scarcity of foxes in the locality – of which the Master has good cause to complain – it proved very little better than a blank day, to the great disappointment of the big field. Castlemore, Grange, and the two coverts at Kellistown were all untenanted, and the one find at Rathcrogue proved a failure. There being no response at Kilmeany, hounds were called home.

     Amongst those present were:- Mr Robert Watson, MFH, and Miss Watson; Mr Forster, Master Wexford Hounds; the Misses Bruen, Mr, Mrs, and Miss Steuart Duckett, Captain Smith, Mr Reade, Miss Browne-Clayton, Major Alexander, Mr Childers, Colonel and Mrs Eustace, the Misses Pack-Beresford, Mr and Mrs Walter Kavanagh, Mr and Mrs R L Pike, Captain and Mrs Hore, Mrs O’Meara, Mrs Brown, Mr and Mrs R E Grogan, M and Mrs Forbes, MR Duckett Steuart, Dr Colgan, Mr B F Bagenal, Captain Thomas, Mr A Bloomfield, Mr and Mrs Anderson, Mr R and Miss Thorp, Mr C Bagenal, Mr Henley, Miss Stuart, Mr Standish Roche and Miss Roche, Dr, Mrs, and Miss Rawson, Mr S Ward, Messrs Murphy, Mr Governey, Mr and Mrs Roark, Mr Dan Ross, Mr and Mrs Archdale, Mr Newland, Mr and Mrs Fenton, Mr and Mrs J O Adair, Dr and Mrs Bolton, Dr and Mrs Nolan, Mr George O’Neill, Mr and Mrs Kane Smith, Mr E Hughes, Dr, Mrs, and Miss Kidd, Dr and Mrs Broomfield, Mr Henry Boake and Miss Boake, Miss Bell, Mr Strickland, etc.


Carlow Markets – Thursday 1895
s. d. to s. d.
Barley, malting do 13 6 to 0 0
Wheat (red) per barrel 00 0 to 00 0
Wheat (white) per barrel 00 0 to 00 0
Oats (black) per barrel 7 0 to 0 0
Oats (white) per barrel 7 6 to 0 0
Oatmeal, per c w t 6 0 to 0 0
Indian Meal, do 5 6 to 0 0
Beef, per l b 0 0 to 0 8
Mutton, do 0 0 to 0 8
Veal, do 0 7 to 0 8
Lamb do 0 6 to 7 0
Eggs, per doz 0 8 to 0 0
Bacon (Irish) per c w t 48 0 to 0 0
Do (American) do 50 0 to 0 0
Hams (Irish) do 52 0 to 0 0
Firkin Butter (Firsts), per c w t 92 0 to 0 0
Do (Seconds), do 86 0 to 0 0
Do (Thirds), do 80 0 to 0 0
Lamb Butter, per lb 1 0 to 0 0
Fowl, per pair 3 0 to 4 0
Ducks, do 2 6 to 0 0
Geese, 0 0 to 0 0
Turkey cocks per pair 3 0 to 0 0
Do Hens 0 0 to 0 0
Wool, per 0 10 to 0 11
Hay, cst 1 6 to 3 0
Straw, do 1 8 to 0 0
Turnips do 0 5 to 0 0
Mangolds do 0 0 to 0 0
Potatoes, per barrel 4 0 to 4 0

Source: Michael Purcell (c.2006)

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