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Source: Pat Purcell Papers & Michael Purcell

Saturday, January 17, 1880

The Carlow and Island Hounds.

Meet At Dunleckney.

     So far the Carlow and Island Hounds have had an exceptionally successful season, and are making ample amends for the forced holidays of the proceeding year. On Saturday the meet at Dunleckney was largely patronised by the followers of the hunt, the oldest of whom could scarcely call to mind better sport than they enjoyed that day. Sharp to time the popular M.F.H. with his merry pack put in an appearance, and soon after trotted off to Killenane. The hounds were hardly in when their music announced a find, and a fox broke off at a rattling pace to the Black Quarries, where he got to ground without a check. Slyguff cover provided another fox of the right sort, which took the field across country at splendid pace to Ballyellin Railway Station, where, presses by his pursuers, he wheeled round by Kilgraney, and succeeded in saving his brush for another day.

The covert at Kilcarrig Rocks furnished the third fox, which proved the best of a sporting lot, as he gave the field a full hour’s first -class hunting, until the shades of evening came to his rescue and forced the field to retire from the chase. The run, as already observed, deserves a prominent place amongst the most brilliant achievements in the Carlow and Island district.

  Another correspondent furnishes the following particulars of this brilliant run: -

     The Carlow hounds met at Dunleckney on Saturday, where a very large field put in an appearance, and when the appointed hour arrived, the word was given for Killenane, where Reynard was from home; however, in a knock at a short distance, a splendid greyhound fox was found, who started off at a rattling pace for Burgage, wheeled here and crossed the Carlow and Bagnelstown road for Shakill at a rapid pace,. At this point hard riding was the rule.

Having crossed the road at Shakill, the fox got to ground. Slyfuff was next tried, and a fox found in Tyndall’s Knock, but after a short time lost him. Kilcarrig next was called on for game, and with good success. Reynard thought to make his exit to the north, but was headed in the contrary direction, and on to the Tile Yard over Curraghacrut, and on as if for Rathellin, crossed the Baganstown road and wheeled to the right, and on for Newtown Hill throught Ratheadon, wheeled over Kildreenaghm and back through Currhgherut and Boremore, into Dunleckny and by Captain Persse’s, where the hounds and huntsmen were jingling him after dark at a rattling speed. The Carlows have had some splendid runs this season; and the weather being favourable, it is hoped many more are to follow; the Master and his hounds being well received with open gates and cordial welcomes from all classes, and old Reynard is often excused his many shifts in recompense for the enjoyment of the old and favourite field sport, and the popular Carlow and Island Club.

     Our Bagenalstown correspondent writes:- The inhabitants of this town on Saturday last met with a great treat, as they had the pleasure of witnessing a fox hunt within the township and by some of their very doors. The hounds with their worthy Master and an unusually large number of the sporting class met at Dunleckney Manor, the seat of P. J. Newton, Esq., D.L., J.P. The darkness of night was closing fast when the cheerful cry of the dogs was heard closely hunting Reynard, who they pursued into the wood and lawn of Captian Persse, Bagenalstown House, and quite close to that gentleman’s hall-door. He was obliged to leave the retreat he so coveted, and taking a circuitous rout for Kilcarrig Rocks. The music of the horn was heard calling off the dogs, and the horsemen and their faithful steeds separated for home, after a couple of very smart runs.

Meet At Burton Hall

     Tuesday’s fixture was at Burton Hall, a favourite trysting place of the Club, which invariable attracts a large assembly, Without trying the home covert, the field trotted off to Graney, a sure find for a fox. And which on this occasion furnished a good one for cross-country purposes. He made almost direct for Rathdaniel and, contrary to general expectation, did not seek a shelter there, but, skirting to the right, made for Kinneagh, the better part of the twenty minutes’ run being over a remarkable stiff country. He got to earth there, and Graney was again tried, but this time was untenanted. Pollerton covert, however, furnished a fox, which afforded an hour’s pleasant hunting between that place and Oak Park.

There were some "croppers" during the day, none however serious. Amongst those present at the meet were – Lord Rathdonnell, Sir Charles W. Cuffe Burton, Bart., and Lady Burton, Mr Henry Bruen, M.P., and Miss Bruen, Sir Clement J. Wolseley, Bart.: Sir Thomas Pierce Butler, Bart.; Mr Horace Rochfort, Mr Robert Watson, M.F.H.; Captain Cosby, Hon. Hugh and Lady Mary Boscawen, Mr. Hardy Eustace, Mr Beauchamp F. Bagenal and Mrs Bagenal, Mr Steuart J. C. Duckett and Mrs Duckett, Mr J. C. Moore, R.M., and Mrs Moore, Mr R Clayton Browne, jun.; the Hon. John McClintock Bunbury and Hon. Mrs Bunbury, Mr William Clayton Browne and Master Browne, Mr Charles and Miss C. Butler, Captain Jocelyn Thomas, Captain Perse, Mr J. Cornwall Brady, Mr and Mrs Standish O’G. Roche, Major and Mrs Tanner, Mr J. F.Lecky and Mr Lecky, jun.; Mr McClintock, Dr. Edward A. Rawson, Mr. Hickson, S.I.; Mr Annesley, C.I.: Mr William Edge, Mr T. Nolan and Miss Nolan, Mr James Warren, Ardristan; Mr Low, Birdtown; Mr Gordon Fishbourne, Mr Anderson, Mr W.L. Burn, &c.

Source: Michael Purcell 2013

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