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Shearman’s Directory

New Commercial Directory for the Town Carlow

Printed by T. Sherman, High Street. Kilkenny

For F. Kinder & Son. 1839.

Carlow Directory 1839

Alphabetical List Of Persons in the Carlow Directory.

Name Trade Street
Abbott, Luke,  grocer and spirit dealer,  The Graigue.
Anderson, George William,  corn merchant,  Quay.
Anderson, George,  tallow chandler and soap maker,  28, Tullow- Street.
Anderson, Robert,  tallow chandler and soap maker,  65, Dublin-street.
Bacon, Andrew,  grocer and spirit dealer,  12, Tullow-street.
Bacon, John,  baker,  148, Tullow-street.
Banks, Henry,  haberdasher and linen draper,  15, Tullow-street.
Bedlaw, Francis,  earthenware and glass dealer,  Castle-hill.
Bellew, John,  hatter,  19, Tullow-street.
Bennett, Eliza,  dress-maker,  14, Dublin-street.
Benton, Margaret,  tin smith,  119, Tullow-street.
Boak and Burket,  grocers and seedsmen,  Burrin-street.
Boardman, Richard,  carpenter,  Burrin-street.
Bolger, Ann,  publican,  140, Tullow-street.
Bolger, James,  publican,  Castle-street.
Bolger, Patrick,  bookseller and printer,  54, Dublin-street.
Bolger, William,  boat owner,  Coal Market.
Book, William,  woollen and linen draper,  Burrin-street.
Bordman, Richard,  turner,  Castle-street.
Brady, Thomas,  earthenware and glass dealer,  Tullow-street.
Brennan, John,  saddler and harness maker,  1, Tullow-street.
Brennan, Patrick,  grocer and spirit dealer,  22, Dublin-street.
Budds, George,  haberdasher,  36, Dublin-street.
Bunbury, Robert,  boot and shoe maker,  Castle-street,
Burridge, John,  confectioner,  Tullow-street.
Burrows, George,  corn merchant,  John-street-
Butler, Thomas C.,  attorney,  Rose Vale.
Byrne, Bridget,  publican,  56, Tullow  street.
Byrne, Dennis,  publican,  2, Burrin-street.
Byrne, Ellen,  haberdasher,  135, Tullow-street
Byrne, Garrett,  publican,  Dublin-road.
Byrne, James,  corn buyer,  Quay.
Byrne, James,  grocer,  Centaur-street.
Byrne, Jane,  dress maker,  127, Tullow-street.
Byrne, John,  publican,  Coal-market.
Byrne, Matthew,  woollen draper,  Castle-street.
Byrne, Michael,  clothes broker,  Castle-street.
Byrne, Michael,  publican,  Centaur-street.
Byrne, Nicholas,  apothecary,  44, Dublin-street.
Byrne, William,  black smith,  Green-lane.
Campion, John and David,  flag and stone merchants,  John st.
Campion, John L.,  marble mason,  John-street.
Campion, Joseph,  attorney,  Montgomery-street.
Carter, Ellen,  straw bonnet maker,  Dublin-street.
Casker, Francis,  fruit dealer,  17, Dublin-street.
Clark, Simon,  corn merchant,  Burrin-street-
Coe, William,  publican,  Dublin-road.
Coffee, Martha,  grocer,  59, Dublin-Street.
Coleman, Andrew,  painter and glaziers,  121, Tullow-street.
Collins, John,  baker,  Wellington-square.
Comerford, James,  corn buyer,  John-street.
Comerford, James,  pawn broker,  Brown-street.
Connor, Shewbridge,  M. D,  Athy-road.
Corcoran, Thomas,  spirit dealer,  Wellington-square.
Coyle, Thomas,  grocer,  149, Tullow-street.
Crosby, Ellen,  confectioner,  11, Dublin-street.
Crosthwaite and McMullen,  wine merchants,  Brown-street.
Crotty, Daniel,  iron monger,  52, Dublin-street.
Crotty, Thomas,  baker,  118, Tullow-street.
Cullen, John,  publican,  67, Tullow-street.
Cullen, Michael,  painter and glazier  109, Tullow-street.
Davis, Henry,  stamp distributer,  Dublin-street.
Davis, Richard,  boot and shoe maker,  138, Tullow-street.
Davis, Robert,  baker,  8, Dublin-street.
Deighton, Philip?  Baker,  13, Dublin-street.
Dermody, Michael,  blacksmith,  Castle-street
Dewyer, Andrew,  Baker,  126, Tullow-street.
Dillon, James,  spirit dealer,  Castle-street.
Donogan, Michael,  publican,  90, Tullow-street-
Donohoe, John,  publican,  Maryborough-street.
Donohoe, Michael,  cooper,  Castle-street.
Dowley, Edward,  publican,  Maryborough-street.
Dowling, Edward,  tanner,  Coal-market.
Doyle, Alicia,  woolen draper,  142, Tullow-street.
Doyle, John,  black smith,  Water-lane.
Doyle, Mary,  straw bonnet maker,  Potato-market.
Doyle, Thomas,  blacksmith,  Tullow-street.
Doyle, Thomas,  woollen draper,  143, Tullow-street.
Dunne, John,  Cooper,  John-street.
Dunne, John,  malster,  Coal-market.
Dunne, Julia,  publican,  Coal-market [bridge]
Dunne, William,  grocer, corn, and butter-buyer,  Wellington-square
Dyer, Henry,  watch and clock maker,  4, Dublin-street.
Ellis, George,  spirit dealer,  76, Tullow-street.
Emu's, Nicholas,  tailor,  Tullow-street.
Faircloath, George,  painter and glazier,  12, Tullow-street. -
Farrell, William,  publican,  Burrin-street.
Farrell, William,  publican,  Castle-street.
Fenolen, Edward,  tailor,  Burrin-street.
Ferguson, William,  hatter,  32, Dublin-street.
Ferrall and Coffey,  brewers and malsters,  Centaur-street.
Fitzgerald, Edward,  pawn-broker,  Brown-street.
Fitzsimons, William,  tobacco and snuff manufacturer,  31, Tullow-Street.
Flanagan, James,  carpenter,  Chapel-lane.
Flanagan, Matthew,  blacksmith,  Mill-lane.
Fleming, James,  chair maker,  Water-lane.
Flinn James,  publican,  Castle-hill.
Flood, Peter,  publican,  Wellington-square.
Gaffney, John,  boot and shoe maker,  Tullow Street.
Gaflhey, John,  publican,  6, Tullow-street.
Gaham, Matthew,  haberdasher,  116, Tullow-street.
Galbraith, William,  haberdasher,  49, Dublin-street.
Garrett, John,  surveyor and civil engineer,  Dublin-street.
Garrett, the Misses,  straw bonnet makers,  Dublin-street.
Graham, William,  boot and shoe maker,  20, Tullow-street,
Graham, William,  plumber, Burrin-street.
Green, John,  gun and pistol maker,  Tullow-street.
Griffin, John,  meal seller,  27, Tullow-street,
Griffin, Patrick,  black smith,  Stapleton-road.
Griffin, Robert,  boot and shoe maker,  12, Dublin-street.
Hammal, Matthew,  fruit dealer,  14, Dublin-street.
Hammond, Edward,  grocer,  Tullow-street.
Hannon, Ledia,  straw bonnet maker,  49, Tullow-street.
Harrick, George,  coach maker,  Tullow-street.
Haughton, John,  corn merchant,  Graigue.
Haughton, Joshua,  leather seller,  136, Tullow-street.
Haughton, Samuel,  corn merchant,  Burrin-street.
Healy, John,  confectioner,  Castle-street.
Heydon, William,  tailor,  Chapel-lane.
Holmes, Thomas,  publican,  17, Tullow-street.
Hopkins, Edward,  woollen draper,  30, Tullow-street.
Howard, Stott,  wire maker,  Hay-market.
Hughes, Patrick,  publican,  Coal-market.
Hughes, Thomas,  woollen draper and grocer,  2, Dublin-street.
Humphrys, Robert,  woollen draper,  15, Tullow-street.
In-ham, Charlotte,  haberdasher,  132, Tullow-street.
Ivers, John,  woollen draper,  9, Tullow-street.
Ivers, Lawrence,  slater and plasterer,  Tullow-street.
Ivers, Robert,  grocer,  11, Tullow-street.
Jackson, William,  earthenware dealer,  2, Tullow-street.
Jackson, William,  tanner,  Graigue.
Jenkinson, Matthew,  butter merchant,  Chapel-lane.
Johnson, Stanley,  baker,  10, Dublin-street.
Johnston, Peter,  brewer,  Bridewell-lane.
Karanagh, Patrick,  apothecary,  152, Tullow-street.
Kavanagh, Charles,  publican,  Burrin-street.
Kavanagh, Jeremiah,  malster,  Tullow-street.
Kavanagh, Michael,  corn buyer,  Wellington-bridge.
Kavanagh, Michael,  meal seller,  Graigue.
Kavanagh, Michael,  publican,  Wellington-square.
Keating, Michael,  victualer,  5, Dublin-street.
Keeffe, Eliza,  straw bonnet-maker,  6, Dublin-street.
Kehoe, Bridget,  straw bonnet maker,  12, Dublin-street.
Kelly, James, boat  owner,  Quay.
Kelly, Lawrence,  boat owner,  John-street.
Kelly, Lawrence,  corn buyer,  John's-bridge.
Kelly, Patrick,  publican,  Burrin-street.
Kelly, Robert,  meal-seller, Corn-market,
Kennedy, John,  meal seller,  Dublin-street.
Kennedy, Thomas,  publican,  35, Dublin-street-
Kennor, Edward,  carpenter,  Castle-street.
Keysberry, Humphrys,  carpenter,  Tullow-street.
Keysberry, John,  carpenter,  Graigue.
Keysberry, John,  turner,  Graigue.
King, Michael,  publican,  Wellington-square.
Kinsella, Edward,  corn buyer,  Quay.
Kinsella, Edward,  Slater and plasterer,  Graigue.
Kinsella, Patrick,  baker,  Castle-street.
Kinsella, Patrick,  Slater and plasterer,  Castle-street.
Krennun, Thomas,  carpenter,  Graigue.
Lacey, Thomas,  Victualler,  31, Dublin-street.
Lahee, Charles,  auctioneer,  Wellington-street.
Lahee, Charles,  publican,  Wellington-square.
Lahee, John,  bookseller,  Dublin-street.
Lawler, Eliza,  dressmaker,  130, Tullow-street.
Lawler, Jane,  grocer,  33, Dublin-street.
Lawler, Michael,  cooper,  Pollerton-row.
Lawler, Patrick,  plumber and glazier,  New Market-street,
Lawler, William,  cooper,  Graigue.
Lawry, Patrick,  baker,  146, Tullow-street.
Laynan, Michael,  marble and stone mason,  Tullow-street.
Leech, Michael,  publican,  Castle-street.
Leeson and Young,  grocers,  Dublin-street.
Leonard, John,  boot and shoe maker,  14, Tullow-street.
Magrath, Richard,  baker,  29, Tullow-street.
Maher, John,  publican,  4, Burrin-street.
Maher, William,  butter merchant,  Centaur-street.
Maher, William,  grocer,  Centaur-street.
Malcomsom, Henry,  apothecary,  41, Dublin-street.
Mangham, Martin,  boot and shoemaker,  Coal-market.
Maquaid Thomas,  butter seller,  Tullow-street.
Mathews, John,  haberdasher,  3, Tullow-street.
Maxwell, Martin,  rope maker,  Burrin-street.
May, James,  watch and clock maker,  50, Dublin-street.
McCann, Henry, corn buyer,  Graigue.
McDonald, James, cooper,  Castle-hill.
McDonald, Michael, publican,  Tullow-street.
McDonnell, Edward, Malster,  Montgomery-street.
McGhee, John, Malster,  Castle-hill
McMullan, Richard, wine merchant,  Athy-road,
McQuade, William, boot and shoemaker,  42, Tullow-street.
McWey, Thomas, publican,  Wellington-square,
Meagher, Joseph,  attorney,  Burrin-street.
Molloy, James,  publican,  72, Tallow-street.
Montgomery, Henry,  apothecary,  4, Dublin-street.
Moore, Marshall,  publican,  Coal-market.
Morris, James, ironmonger,  Burrin-street.
Morris, Robert, corn merchant,  Pembroke-road.
Morton, George, plumber and brazier,  Centaur-street.
Muldoney, Daniel, grocer,  24, Tullow-street.
Mullan, John, publican,  153, Tullow-street.
Murphy, Bernard, chair and bedstead maker,  Centaur-street.
Murphy, Darby, publican,  Fullerton-road.
Murphy, Francis, ham and bacon curer,  Bridewell-lane.
Murphy, Martha, ham and baton curer,  Bridewell-lane.
Murphy, Michael, ham and bacon curer,  Bridewell-lane.
Murry, John, hatter,  10, Tullow,-street.
Nolan and Company, starch manufacturers,  Athy-road.
Nolan, Alicia, bookseller,  5, Tullow-street.
Nolan, Alicia, publican,  61, Dublin-street.
Nolan, Betsy, dress maker,  108, Tullow-street.
Nolan, Catherine, straw bonnet maker,  27, Dublin-street.
Nolan, Francis, publican,  Castle-hill.
Nolan, James and Francis, nursery and seedsmen,  Athy-road.
Nolan, James, meal seller,  73, Tullow-street.
Nolan, John, tailor,  27, Dublin-street.
Nolan, Mary, publican,  Castle-hill.
Nolan, Patrick, publican,  Coal-market.
Nolan, Patrick, publican,  4, Dublin-street.
Nolan, Philip, baker,  2, Tullow-street.
O'Brien, Daniel, haberdasher,  37, Tullow-street.
O'Brien, John, cooper,  Graigue.
O'Brien, William, Glover,  3, Dublin-street.
O'Brien, William, ironmonger,  55, Dublin-street.
O'Farrell, George, baker,  113, Tullow-street.
O'Hara, Maryann, dress maker,  16, Dublin-street.
oMaylan, John,  publican,  39, Dublin-street.
O'Morra, Daniel, weigh master,  Butter-market.
O'Neill, Bryan, publican,  Centaur-street.
O'Neill, Bryen, corn buyer,  Graigue.
O'Reilly, Michael, publican,  Centaur-street.
O'Toole, Thomas, coffin maker,  Tullow-street.
Paul, John, brewer,  67, Tullow-street.
Paul, Richard, malster,  Barrack-street.
Paul, Richard, publican,  70, Tullow-street.
Pendred, Patrick, collar maker, Castle-hill.
Pendred, William, cabinet maker,  Athy-road.
Price, William, printer,  Brown-street.
Prout, Daniel, black smith,  Castle-street.
Reily, James, painter and glazier,  John-street.
Roach, Luke, spade and shovel maker,  Stapleton-road.
Rooney, James, tailor,  Stapleton-road.
Rowe, Mathew W., watch and clock maker,  48, Dublin-st.
Rutledge, Francis, tailor,  38, Dublin-street.
Ryan, Edward, tailor,  Dublin-street.
Ryan, John, haberdasher,  1, Dublin-street.
Shallow, John, publican,  Coal-market.
Smyth, Ann, publican,  Maryborough-street.
Smyth, Richard, publican,  36, Dublin-street.
Sullivan, Michael, publican,  107, Tullow-street.
Thomson, Abigal, haberdasher,  Castle-street.
Treacy, Thomas, publican,  124, Tullow-street.
Tuomy, John, M. D.,  Dublin-street.
Tynan, Joseph, grocer and seedsman,  33, Tullow-street.
Tynan, Patrick, pawn-broker.  Castle-street.
Tynan, Thomas J., seedsman,  Burrin-street.
Wall, Edward, boat owner,  Coxe's-lane.
Wall, Patrick, clothes broker,  Tullow-street.
Walsh, Margaret, marble and stone yard,  Barrack-street.
Walsh, Mary, publican,  Maryborough-street.
Walsh, Patrick, boat owner,  Graigue.
Walsh, Pritchard, hatter,  7, Dublin-street.
Waring, Elizabeth, earthenware dealer,  120, Tullow-street.
Watson, James, grocer and colour merchant,  Dublin-street.
Webb, George Samuel, malster,  Green-lane.
Whelan, Ann, dress maker,  John-street.
Whelan, James, fruit dealer,  John-street.
Whelan, John, publican,  9, Tullow-street.
Whelan, Thomas, black smith,  Potatoe-market.
White, Denis, marble and stone mason,  Barrack-street.
White, Mathew E., M. D., Chapel-lane.
Whitmore, William, fruit dealer and fish monger,  Dublin-st.
Williams and Walpole, haberdashers, 63, Dublin-street.
Williams, John, Boot and shoe maker, 133, Tullow Street
Williams, Michael, clothes broker, Castle-street.
Wilson, James, tanner, Graigue.
Wilson, Michael, corn merchant, Graigue._
Wilson, Michael, grocer, Graigue.
Wright, Mary, grocer, 144, Tullow-street.
Wright, Richard, publican, Burrin-street

Source: Terry Curran

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