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Shearman’s Directory

New Commercial Directory for the Town Carlow

Printed by T. Sherman, High Street. Kilkenny

For F. Kinder & Son. 1839.

Carlow Directory 1839

CARLOW, anciently called CATHERLOUGH, or the 'City on the Lake', an incorporated Borough, Market, and Post Town, 40 miles south west by south of Dublin, and 18 north , east of Kilkenny. The Town is pleasantly and advantageously situated on the eastern bank of the river Barrow, over which is a bridge of four arches, connecting it with the suburban village of Graigue, in the Queen's County; is of considerable extent, and contains more than 14 good streets, of which the two principal, intersecting each other at right angles, divide the Town into nearly four equal portions. It is rapidly increasing in all directions.

Although a place of great antiquity it has an air of modern neatness; the houses, for the most part, are stuccoed and whitened — the streets mackademised, and kept perfectly clean, and about to be lighted with Gas; on the south side of the Town is a stream called the Burren, which flows into the Barrow; and, on a rising ground above its influx, are the stately remains of the ancient Castle, towering to the height of about 60 feet above the roofs of the houses.

The Town carries on an extensive trade in Corn and Butter, the latter of very superior quality. Considerable quantities of; both are sent to Waterford and Dublin for exportation. The Court-house, a newly erected building, at the junction of the Dublin and Athy roads, near the entrance of the town,. is a handsome octagonal edifice, with a fine Doric portico, in imitation of the Acropolis at Athens, upon a platform, to which in an ascent by a broad flight of steps; the whole is of hewn granite, of chaste design and execution. The building is enclosed by a very handsome iron railing, and forms a striking ornament to the Town.

The Parish comprises 1955 Acres, of which a few are bog, and the remainder good arable and pasture land. The living is a Rectory in the Diocese of Leighlin; the Tithes amount to about £300. The Church is a modern structure, with a beautiful spire, terminating at an elevation of 195 feet, having a massive gilt Gross, presented by the Ladies of Carlow. The Roman Catholic Parish is coextensive with that of the Established Church, and is the benefice of the Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin.

The Roman Catholic Cathedral is an elegant cruciform structure, in the latter English style, with a lofty tower at the western extremity of the nave, surmounted by a lantern of beautiful design, terminating at a height of 151 feet from the base ; it occupies the site of the old Chapel, and is a rich ornament to the Town. At the foot of the altar are interred the remains of the Rt. Rev. James Doyle, late Bishop.

The Roman Catholic College of St. Patrick, for the education of Youth and of the Roman Catholic Clergy, was founded by the late Rev. Dr. Keeffe, ;and opened in the year 1793, under the direction of the late Very Rev. Dean Staunton. The halls, apartments for study, dormitories, &c, have been laid out on an extensive scale, arranged with a view to accommodate one hundred pupils. The younger boys are placed in different schools from those of more advanced years and studies, and the apartments appropriated to the lay students are entirely separate from the other members of the Seminary. The College Park, spacious, planted, and improved at considerable expence, exhibits a delightful scene for recreation and retirement.

A Convent of the Presentation order was established in 1811, consisting of a Superior and sixteen Nuns, who gratuitously instruct about 250 children. It is a handsome edifice in Tullow -street. A branch from the Sisters of Mercy, in Baggot street, Dublin, was formed here in 1837. The Diocesan School of Leighlin and Ossory, is supported by a grant of £120 per annum from the Diocesan fund, and is open also to boarders paying £31 1Os., and to day scholars paying £6 6s. per annum.

A Parochial School is aided by an annual donation from the Rector of £10. There are two National Schools and an Infant School — a Ladies' Association, for bettering the condition of the Female Peasantry — a Protestant Orphan Society, where the children are clothed, dieted, lodged, and educated — a Cloathing Fund Society, and a Fever Hospital. The District Lunatic Asylum for the counties of Carlow, Kildare, Wexford, Kilkenny, and the County of the City of Kilkenny, is situated in this Town, and was built in 1831 at an expence of £22,552, 10s. 4d.;- it is under excellent regulations, and is calculated to accommodate 104 Lunatics.

At the present time (June, 1839) there are 153 inmates and several applications, so that it is thought it will have to be enlarged. The grounds, which are tastefully laid out, contain upwards of 15 acres. The County Gaol is well adapted for the classification and employment of Prisoners, who are engaged in useful labour. Here is also a County Infirmary, a Dispensary, and Magdalene Asylum. To the south-east of the Town are the Cavalry Barracks; there is also two Reading or News Rooms, and the Town can boast of two well conducted Newspapers. The Market days are Mondays and Thursdays, and Fairs are held on the 4th of May, the 22nd of June, the 26th of August, and the 8th of November.

Population in 1831 …... 9,114 — Constituency ... 307. Population of the County, 81,988 — Constituency ... 1302.

Representatives for the County - John Ashton Yates and Nicholas A. Vigors, Esqrs.

Post Office, Burrin-street.
Letters for Dublin are despatched at 25 minutes after 11 o'clock in the forenoon, and at half-past 1 at night. English, Scotch, and Foreign Letters, are forwarded via Dublin by the same mails, and arrive at 25 minutes past 2 in the afternoon, and at 30 minutes past 12 at night, when Letters for Kilkenny, Bagenalstown, and Leighlin Bridge are despatched. Letters for Cork, Clonmel, and the South of Ireland, are despatched by the night mails.
William Armstrong, Post Master.

Nobility, Gentry, and Clergy.
Representative for the Borough—Thomas Gisborne, Esq.
Alexander, John, Esq., Milford.
Alexander, Lorenzo, Esq, Milford.
Ally, Rev. F. A., Dean Cottage.
Bagenell, Philip, Esq., Benekerrig.
Blanchfield, Mrs. Margaret, Elmville.
Brandon, Rev. William, Burrin-street.
Bruce, Rev. Robert, Brown-street.
Brown, R. Clayton, Esq., Viewmount.
Browne, William, Esq., Browneshill.
Bruen, Col. Henrv, Oak Park.
Bunbury, Henry, Esq., Bunbury Lodge.
Bunbury, Thomas, Esq., Moyle.
Burton, Capt., Tolerton.
Burton, Edward, Esq., Rutland.
Burton, George, Esq., Tolerton.
Butler, Edward, Esq., Burrin House.
Butler, James, Esq., Ballybar.
Butler, Henry, Esq., Dublin-street.
Butler, Col. Henry, Oak Park.
Butler, Richard, Esq., Thornville.
Butler, Hon. William, Tolerton.
Butler, Capt. William, Lenham Lodge.
Butler, Mrs. Robert, Somerville.
Campion, Mr. John, Athy Road.
Carlile, Rev. Warrand, Pembroke Road.
Carruthers, the Misses, Knockbeg.
Carter, Major, Ballyfoyle.
Carter, Henry Collis, Esq., Monawee.
Cary, Henry, Esq., Athy Road.
Cary, William, Esq., Burrin-street.
Clarke, Simeon, Esq., Hanover House.
Clarke, John, Esq., Bellmont.
Coffey, Anthony, Esq., Church-street.
Coffey, Thomas, Esq., Church-street.
Colcloughly, Major, Mount Sion.
Comerford, Michael, Esq., Victoria Cottage.
Connor, Shewbridge, M.D., Athy Road-
Conroy, Rev. Edward, C. C.
Cooper, Capt. Herring, Shrule Castle.
Cooper, Thomas Herring, Esq., Barn.
Cooper, William Cope, Esq., Cooper Hill.
Cuthbert, Rev. G. G-, Dublin-street.
Donohoe, Thomas, Esq., Clocnstie.
Edge, Doctor, Newtown.
Edge, John, Esq., Clonbrook.
Elliott, Samuel, Esq., Kilmeany.
Elliott, Thomas, Esq., Johnstown.
Elliott, William, Esq., Raeroge.
Emerson, Rev. John, Mayo.
Eves, Samuel, Esq., Barrowville.
Faulkner, Frederick, Esq., Laurel Lodge.
Faulkner, Henry, Esq., Castletown.
Fishbourne, Joseph, Esq., Moorefield.
Fishbourne, William, Esq., Holymount.
Fitzmaurice, Harmon, Esq., Summer Hill.
Fitzmaurice, John, Esq. 1 Tullow-street.
Fitzmaurice, William R., Esq., Mountain View.
Forth, Charles, Esq., Tinny Park.
Gale, Peter, Esq., Ashfield Hail.
Gorman, Edward, Esq., Benekerry.
Gorman, James, Esq., Busherstown.
Gorman, Timothy, Esq., Ardinohue.
Green, John, Esq., Shaw Hall.
Haly, Right Rev. Dr. Francis, B. C. Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin, Braganza House.
Hare, Rev. Henry, Evington.
Haughton, Thomas, Esq., Kelvin Grove.
Hetherington, the Misses, Burrin-street.
Jackson, Adam, Esq., Maryborough-street.
Jackson, Mrs. Maryborough-street.
Jackson, Miss, Maryborough-street.
Jacob, Rev. Thomas, Cloyda.
Jameson, Rev. Joseph, A. M., Church-street.
Kenny, Robert, Esq., Newgarden.
Langrishe, the Ven. Archdeacon, Graigue.
Lafarell, Thomas, Esq., Springhill.
Leckey, William Robert, Esq., Ballinararrig,
Madden, Mrs., Somerville.
M'Carthy, Rev. Daniel, C. C
Marshall, James J . Esq., Herringdale.
Mason, Joshua, Esq., Staplestown.
Moore, Captain, B. N., Athy road.
Morgan, Mrs. Catherine, Athy road.
M'MuIlen, Richard, Athy road.
Nixon, Frederick, Esq., Benekerry.
Nolan, Miss Mary, Dublin road.
Nowlan, Rev. Daniel Oldderrig.
N,owlan, John, Esq., Kilballyhue.
Nowlan, Luke, Esq., Tineclash.
O'Connor, James.
O'Connor, Rev. Rowland, A. M., Burrin-street.
Paul, Captain, Dublin road.
Perkins, William, Graig-hill.
Plake, John, Esq., Shamrock Lodge.
Rafter, Rev. Michael, Oldderrig.
Rochford, Colonel, Clogrennan Castle.
Rochford, Horace, Esq., Clogrennan Castle.
St. George, Rev. Arthur, Ballinacarrig.
Stoyle, Mr. Thomas, Dublin-street.
Symes, James, Esq., Ballynunery.
Thompson, Mr. John, John-street.
Thomas, Mathew D. Esq., Killeen.
Tuckey, Charles Henry, Esq., Rose Vale.
Trench, Rev. Frederick E., Kellistown.
Tyrrell, Rev. Thomas, Tinryland.
Vance, Rev. George, Tullow-street.
Vigors, Thomas Tench, Esq., Erindale.
Wallace, William, Esq., Dublin-street.
Walsh, Rev. James, C. C.
Warner, Mrs. Mary, Brown-street.
Watters, Henry, Esq., Stapletown.
Whelan, Thomas, Esq., Athy Road.
Wilson, Mr. George, Graigue.
Wright, Capt., Providence.
Carlow County Prison.
Inspector — Rev. Joseph Jameson.
Surgeon — Thomas J. Rawson, Esq., M.D.
Apothecary — Mr. Henry Malcomson.
Chaplain — Rev. Joseph Jameson.
Chaplain, — R.C Rev. D. M'Carthy.
Governor — Mr. Robert M'Dowell.
Corporation of Carlow.
William Fishbourne, Esq., Sovereign.
Wm. Browne, Esq.
R. C. Browne, Esq.
W. F. Burton, Esq.
Wm. Duckett, Esq.
Wm. C. Cooper, Esq.
Wm. Fishbourne, jun., Esq.
Wm. Fishbourne, Esq. Hollymount.
Henry Butler, Esq.,
Edward Butler, Esq.
Samuel Elliott, Esq.
John Alexander, jun., Esq.
Rev. F. E. Trench,
Seneschal — Thomas Crawford Butler, Esq.
Robert Browne, Esq., Town Clerk.
Mr. Wm. Parsons, High Constable.
Town Serjeants — Joshua Budds and Henry Davies.
Carlow District Lunatic Asylum,
For the Counties of Carlow, Kildare, Wexford, Kilkenny, and the County
of the City of Kilkenny, opened for the reception of Patients in May, 1832.
Resident Governor and Manager — P. M'Caffrey, Esq.
Physician — Mathew E. White, M. D.
Apothecary — Mr. Henry Malcomson.
Matron — Mrs. L. Parsons.
Clerk and Store-keeper — Mr. T. Brenan.
County Infirmary.
Physician and Surgeon — Thomas Rawson, M. D.
Treasurer — Henry Falconer, Esq.
Secretary — Mr. Robert Browne.
Chaplains — Rev. Joseph Jameson, Rev. Thos. Tyrrell, R.C.
House-keeper — Elizabeth Murrow.
Nurse-tender — Sarah Fletcher.
Fever Hospital.
Physician — Shewbridge Connor, M. D.
Treasurer — A. Jackson, Esq.
Secretary — John Clark, Esq., Bellmont.
Matron — Sarah Hill.
Magdalene Asylum.
Chaplain — Rev. Edward Conroy.
Matron — Margaret Bennett.
Carlow & Graigue Protestant Orphan Society,-
Treasurer — Rev. J. Jameson.
Secretary — A. Jackson, Esq.
Matron — Elizabeth Rich.
The Protestant Benevolent Society, -
For the relief and permanently bettering the condition of distressed Protestants of the Town.
Treasurer — John Clarke, Esq. Bellmont,
Secretary - A. Jackson, Esq.
Protestant House of Industry,-
Established for training to habits of Industry Female Servants, and as a Temporary Residence when out of a Situation. Instituted and Supported by Col. Bruen.
Treasurer and Secretary — Mrs. Samuel Haughton.
Matron — Mrs. Maria Pendrell.
Clothing Fund Society,
Established for distributing Clothing to the Poor in the winter, and receiving Payments at the rate of One Penny per week. To the aged and infirm Clothing is delivered gratis.
Treasurer — Mrs. Sykes.
Religious Tract, Book, and Bible Society, -
Under the management of a Committee of Clergymen.
Barrow Navigation Company,
Incorporated by Act of Parliament, in 1790.
The River Barrow has been rendered navigable from the town of Athy, where it joins the Grand Canal, to the Scars below St. Mullins, a distance of 43 miles ; from thence there is an open navigation for large Craft, passing by New Ross and Waterford, to the Sea, a further distance of 30 miles.
The navigation passes through the towns of Carlow, Leighlin Bridge, Bagenalstown, Gore's-Bridge, within 9 miles of Kilkenny, and Graignemanagh. A considerable reduction has taken place since 1828 in the tolls.
Comptroller and General Agent —
Henry Cole, Esq. Graigue.
The Board of Directors meet at Messrs. La Touche's Bank, Castle-street, Dublin, every Friday, at 1 o'clock.
Public Seminaries and Schools.
Carlow Diocesan School, -
Rev. Joseph Jameson, Principal.
Carlow Roman Catholic College, For the Instruction of Lay and Clerical Students.
The Very Rev. Dr. Andrew Fitzgerald, President.
Carlow Presentation Convent, -
The Ladies of this Community (which was founded in 1811) devote their attention to the gratuitous instruction of poor children, of whom between 3 and 400 are generally in attendance.
The Sisters of Mercy, - At their Establishment, DUBLIN ROAD,
Instruct a number of young ladies of the town and neighbour-.hood in the various branches of female education.
Carlow Public Day Schools,
Under the management of a Committee.
Treasurer — Rev. J. Jameson.
Secretary — A. Jackson, Esq.
Graigue and Killeshin Male and female Parochial Schools.
Treasurer — A. Jackson, Esq.
Secretary — Rev. Rowland O'Connor.
Academies and Schools.
Cox, Miss Sarah, (Ladies' Boarding and Day) Brown-street
Fitzsimons, Patrick, (Boys' Day). Montgomery-street.
Gannan, James, (Boys' Day) Burrin-street.
Howard, Elizabeth, Haymarket.
Scraggs, Mathew Keating, (Classical) Athy Road.
Professors and Teachers.
Glover, John William, (of Music) Burrin-street.
Magistrates of the County.
Tighe, Wm. F. F., Esq., Sheriff.
Butler, Robert, Esq., Sub-Sheriff.
The Hon. John B. Ponsonby, M. P., Lieut, of the County,
Blackney, Walter, Esq. D. L., Ballyellen, Goresbridge.
Browne, William, Esq. Browne's Hill.
Browne, Robert C., Esq. Browne's Hill.
Bruen, Henry, Esq. Oak Park.
Burtchaell, David, Esq. Brandondale, Graignemanagh.
Burton, William, Esq. Burton Hall, Castledermot.
Bushe, Major Robert.
Butler, James, Esq., Broom Villa, Tullow.
Butler, Sir Thomas, Bart., Ballintemple, D. L., Tullow.
Carey, William, Esq., Beevor Lodge.
Derenzy, Thomas, Esq. Cloheamies, Newtownbarry.
Dillon, Francis, Esq., Garryhill, Myshell.
Doyne, Robert, Esq. D. L., Tullow Cottage, Tullow.
Doyne, Robert, Esq. Boms, Gore's-bridge.
Duckett, John Dawison, Esq. Ducketts Grove, Castledermot.
Duckett, William, Esq., Russelstown Park.
Durdan, Robert, Esq. Cranmore House, Clonegall
Elliott, Samuel, Esq., Kilmeany.
Eustace, James Hardinge, Esq., Hardymount, Tullow.
Eustace, James, Esq., Ardristan, Tullow.
Eustace, Robert, Esq., Newtown, Tullow.
Faulkiner, Henry, Esq., Castletown.
Fitzgerald, Gerald, Esq., (Police Magistrate.)
Greene, Joseph, Esq., (Police Magistrate.)
Hagarty, Luke, Esq., Kilcoltruus, Gore's-bridge.
Harvey, Sir John, Knt. Merrion-square, Dublin.
Leanard, John Archibald, Esq., Rathmore, Castledermot.
Manning, Captain John Spenser.
Moore, Howard, Esq., Carlow.
Newton, Walter, Esq., Bagnalstown- House, Bagnalstown.
Nolan, John, Esq., Killballyhue.
Osborne, Lieut. Colonel Daniel Toler, (Police Magistrate.)
Rocbfort, Horace, Esq., D. L., Clogrennan.
Rochfort, John S., Esq. Clogrennan.
Singleton, Mathew, Esq., (Police Magistrate.)
Vigors, Nicholas Aylward, Esq., M. P., Leighlin, and D. L.
Vigors, T. T., Esq., Erindale.
Waters, Henry, Esq., Staplestown.
Whelan, John, Esq., Rath, Tullow.
Whelan, Pillsworth, Esq., Rathglass, Tullow.
Police Establishment, -
Charles Henry Tuckey, Esq., Resident Magistrate.
John Green, Esq., Sub-Inspector.
John Plake, Esq., Paymaster and Resident Magistrate.
Chief-Constable — Mr. George Pinchin.
Revenue Police Establishment. -
Inspector-in-Chief — Lieut. Col. Wm. Brereton, C B. K. H.
Sub-Inspector — William Sullivan, Esq.
Inspector of the Northern District — Samuel Graves, Esq.
Inspector of the Southern District — Robert Plunket, Esq.
Chief-Clerk — Mr. Wm. Bayley.

Source: Terry Curran


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