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Nenagh Assizes July 1867
Contributor: May Heaphy

Unfortunate Duel.
As it will be expected from us to give an account of an unhappy affair of this nature which has occurred on the bounds of this county and the county of Kilkenny,(We believe at a place called Kilcooly-Grange) near Johnstown, we lay before our readers the following extract of a letter which we received yesterday:-

Killenaule Nov. 19th. 1822
Sir-I beg to report to you, that it has been agreed to fight a duel at Boulick, near New Birmingham, on Sunday the 10th inst. between Mr. John Shaw, attorney of Killenaule, and Mr. William Cooke, of Pointstown, in the same vicinity, but by an order from Capt. Wilson, chief magistrate, the parties were pursued and put to the rout by a detachment of police from Killenaule, under the direction of Mr. Morgan, chief constable, who followed them some 30 miles. On the day following, Mr. Morgan received information that the parties were to meet at the church of Frennor? (probably Fennor, Mary) near the bounds of of the counties of Tipperary and Kilkenny, early next morning, but he and the police having arrived at the appointed place before daylight appeared, the duellists were obliged to change their ground again, and proceeded to Ballynure, where they were for a third time prevented from fighting by the police, who kept a good look out for them.

Here the business rested for a while, one of the parties having gone to Dublin on professional business, but it is understood that on Monday the 18th inst, they were to fight at Abbeyleix, in the Queen's county, through the exertions of Lord De Vesci they  were bound over to keep the peace-when the aforesaid parties proceeded to the bounds of Tipperary and Kilkenny, on the said Monday, 18th, November where they fought, and Mr. Shaw (I regret to inform you) received a ball in his right temple, where it remains. Mr. Shaw is not yet dead, but no hopes are entertained of his recovery, though attended by Surgeons Hemphill, Going, Ryan and Kelly.

The above letter from our correspondent does not inform us who were the seconds on this unfortunate occasion, but we understand that Mr. John Millet, was the second of Mr. Shaw, and Mr.N. Maher that of Mr. Cooke. At noon yesterday (tuesday) Mr. Shaw. who has been brought home to Kilennaule the preceding day in a carriage, was still living, though the ball is said to have perforated his brain.