Tipperary Encumbered Estate Records

    Newspaper articles about Incumbered Estates
    Contributed by Mary Heaphy

    Aug 11 1851
    On Wednesday last the Castle Waller estates, Newport, were visited for the
    first time since his purchase of the property in the Encumbered Estates
    Court, by Henry Hodgson, Esq., of Dublin. Immediately upon their appearance
    on the Castle Waller estate, which they first visited, the tenantry
    assembled and lit a large bonfire, where, having regaled themselves, the
    merry dance was kept up until a late hour and the greatest harmony and
    enthusiasm prevailed, the tenants vying with each other in manifesting
    respect towards a landlord, of whom they may feel justly proud and who
    promises that nothing shall be left undone, upon his part to better their
    condition. Having closely examined the grounds and plantations of the large
    and beautiful, but long neglected demesne, with its ancient castle,
    battlements and tower and surrounded with its wooden glens, the growth of
    centuries, with its clear streams and majestic mountain scenery, both men
    took their leave in the most affable and condescending manner, of the
    tenantry, who made the air resound again with their acclamations. Mr.
    Hodgson then visited his estates at Lackamore (where an excellent copper
    mine is in full work) and Killeen, where also he was received with a true
    Irish welcome. Mr. Hodgson has left an agriculturalist and intends expending
    a large amount of capital in the improvement of the estates, whereby
    constant employment will be afforded to hundreds.

    Mar 16 1852
    Rev Mr Minchin, owner; Richard Chadwick, petitioner.
    Derrycallaghan, otherwise GreenHills, containing 232acres 2 roods 18 perches
    statute measure; head rent and tithe rent charge, £13-7-7d; nett annual
    value, £327-18-2; Messrs Brasington and Gale's valuation, £351-17-6d. The
    first bid was £2000 and at £4425 Mr Montague Blackett was the purchaser.
    Mr John Fawcett, 16 Upper Mount St, was the solicitor.

    June 5 1852
    In the matter of the estate of Rev William MInchin, owner. Exparte, Richard
    Chadwick, petitioner.
    The real and freeheld estates of the owner in this matter,were on March 11
    last, submitted for sale by the Commissioners,at their court, Henrietta
    Street, Dublin; the property had ben offered in six lots, and sales were
    then effected in only lots 1 and 6, the latter of which comprised the
    mansion and lands of Greenhills. The four lots remaining unsold were by
    order of the Commissioners, set up for sale at the Courthouse, Roscrea,
    onThursday last, by Mr J. Connolly, auctioneer, Parsonstown. Long previous
    to the hour (12 o'clock) fixed for commencement of the sale the courthouse
    was densely thronged by persons taking an interest in the disposal of the
    property. A survey and valuation of these estates had been made pursuant to
    an order of the Commissioners, by Messrs Brassington and Gale, when their
    contents and valuation rents were taken, as stated in the rental.
    The first lot offered for competition was lot no 2. This lot is situate near
    the town of Moneygall, and is in the Lateragh electoral division of Nenagh
    poor law union, barony of Upper Ormond, and County of Tipperary. It consists
    entirely of arable and pasture land of good quality, and is in the
    neighbourhood of the subsequent lots. It is denominated the lands of Blean
    and Loughisle. It was stated to contain 742 acres i rood and 26 perches,
    statute measure, or 439 acres, 3 roods and 9 perches plantation measure. It
    was held by tenants either for lives or years, with the exception of two
    holdings together containing 43 acres, which were held from year to year,
    and 190 acres lately come into the hands of the receiver, and valued at £121
    per annum.
    The lot is described as being held under fee farm grant from Rev Edmond
    Joseph O'Reilly and others tro Rev William Minchin (the owner) dated April
    30, 1851, subject to the yearly rent of £74-11-1d, made pursant to the
    Renewable Leasehold Conversion act. The original lease which has been so
    converted,bears date June 15, 1788, made by Denis O'Brien to William Minchin
    for three lives renewable for ever, said original lease and fee farm grant,
    with counterparts of the tenants leases, should be handed to the purchaser.
    The rental hitherto received from the entire lot when the entire was set
    amounted to £443-18-9d, and Messrs Brassington & Co valuation of it is
    £459-7-6d, ordnance tenement valuation £387-3-3d, and poor law valuation
    £496-10s. It is also subject to £15-13-2d tithe rent, and its annual
    incomeper the recent rental would be £353-14-6d.
    The first offer was £1,000 from Mr Charles Williamson, who afterwards
    advanced to £2,973. The other bidders were Messrs E.A. Blackett, Jeremiah
    Clarke, and Darius McEgan, which later gentleman was declared the purchaser
    at £3,000.
    Lot no 3 was the next offered for sale, it is denominated the lands of
    Cloncannon; it was stated to be held under a fee farm grant, which,pursuant
    to to the Leaseholds Conversion act, a lease for three lives renewable
    forever, had been converted, subject to an annual head rent of £159-14-10d,
    and £15-10-4d tithe rent charge. It is stated to contain 1194 statute acres.
    587 statute acres are demised for a term of 1000 years, at a yearly rent of
    £126-9-3d. the residue is either untenanted or held by yearly tenants.
    Annuities are made payable on a portion of these lands for two annuities of
    £83 each, for the lives of two persons, respectively aged 45 and 46. The net
    annual rental deducting head rent and tithe rent charge is £219. Messrs
    Brassington & Co's valuation is £512, the poor law valuation is £587. It is
    situate close to the the town of Moneygall, and is in the Roscrea poor law
    union, Borrisnoe electoral division, barony of Ikerrin and County of
    Tipperary. It consists for the most part of arable and pasture, and includes
    204acres 3 roods and 30 perches,stature measure of unclaimed mountain and
    The bidders were Messrs McEgan, Bennett, Smallman, Williamson, Clarke, and
    Blackett, which latter gentleman was declared purchaser at £750.
    Lot no 4 consisted of lands denominated the retrenched lands, held under a
    fee farm grant. It is stated to contain 500 statute acres, nearly half of
    which is either unset or held by yearly tenants. The residue is held by
    leasehold tenants. The last total annual rental is stated to be £303-7-8d,
    and is subject to £99-6-2d head rent, and £22-8s tithe rentcharge, which
    would leave its net annual value, per this rental, £188-13-3d. Mesrs
    Brassington & Co valued it at £289-3-2d.
    A loan of £100 was obtained by the owner under the Landed Property
    Improvement Act, and expended on the improvement of art of this lot called
    "Loyer", about £13 of which sum has been reapid, and the purchaser will be
    subject to payment of the residue by half yearly instalments of £3-5s each;
    it is also situate close to the town of Moneygall. The bidders were Messrs
    George M.Williamson, Michael bennett, Clarke, Touhey and Blackett, the
    latter of whom became purchaser at £1200.
    The next lot consisted of the town and lands of Moneygall, Kilkeeran and
    Gurrane, held under fee farm grant, containing altogether 305 ac. Ir 6p.
    stature measure, situate in the barony of Clonlisk and Kings County, with
    the fairs and markets of said town of Moneygall and the customs thereof,
    held under a Patent.
    Part of this lot, containing 107ac 1r 8p. statute measure, is within the
    bounds and known as part of Greenhill Demesne, the remaimder of which forms
    part of lot no1. A sum of £87-19-3d was expended on part of this lot last
    referred to, under the Labouchere Drainage Act, payable by half yearly
    instalments of £3-0-2d, four of which instalments have been repaid, and the
    purchaser will be liable for payment of the residue. Comprising part of it,
    is situate the village and post town of Moneygall, which occupies 21ac 1 r
    28 p statute measure of this lot, and is valued by Messrs Brassington & Gale
    at £25-10s per annum; and the townland outside of the town, being the
    residue of the lot, containing 283ac 3r 18p, and is valued by Mesrs
    Brassington & Gale at £336-12-5d per annum. Its gross annual value,as per
    rental, is stated to be £613-10-7d , subject to £11-10-11d headrent and
    tithe rent charge, leaving a presumed net annual value of £501-19-8d. For
    this lot the bidders were Messrs Geo. Minchin, Williamson, Clarke, Blackett,
    Bolton and Greene. Mr Greene was declared the purchaser at £2,800 in trust
    for Mr Holmes.
    We understand that Mr Blackett, the purchaser of two of the above lots, is
    an English gentleman, resident in Northumberland.

    Feb 16 1852
    In the matter of the estate of Rev William Minchin,Owner; ex parte Richard
    Chadwick, Petitioner. The commissioners will on Thursday, March11, at the
    hour of 12 noon, at their Court, 14 Henrietta Street, set up and sell by
    Public Auction the following lands - Lot no1- Ballycamas, barony of
    Eliogarty, held under fee farm grant; Lot no 2 - Blean and Loughisle, Barony
    of Upper Ormond, held under fee farm grant; Lot no 3,Cloncannon, Barony of
    Ikerrin, held under fee farm grant; Lot no 4 - The retrenched Lands , Barony
    of Clonlisk, held under fee farm grant; Lot no 5- the Town and Lands of
    Moneygall, Kilkearan, otherwise Rathkearan, and Gurrane, situate in the
    Barony of Clonlisk, held partly under fee farm grant, partly under lease for
    ever, and partly in fee simple; together with the right to hold fairs and
    markets in said town of Moneygall, and the Customs, Court and duties
    thereof, held under Letters Patent; Lot no 5, the Mansion House and Demesne
    Lands of Derrycallaghan otherwise Greenhills, barony of Ikerrin,held in fee
    simple, except for about 3 acres and 38 perches, statute measure of the bog
    thereof, which is held under lease for lives, renewable forever, at the
    yearly rent of two shilings, and a Peppercorn Renewal Fine.

    Sales of Estates etc.
    Apr  12 1853
    Value of Land
    That the value of land in Ireland has been greatly enhanced of late, there
    is abundant evidence to testify. However, as the Encumbered Estates Court is
    the medium through which so many properties have changed owners- it must be
    looked on as a fair exponent on this subject; and by reference to the annals
    of this public mart, we find that within the last twelve months the sales
    effected realised on average 20 years purchase - the amount produced by the
    last property brought to hammer in the Court (part of the estate of Capt.
    Otway, R.N., the particulars of which will be found underneath), was equal
    to as much as 24 years purchase. This is a cheering fact,and affords a good
    omen of better days for Ireland.
    In the matter of Robert Otway, Esq., owner; William Stephen, Esq.,
    The rental of the estate in this matter comprised 20 lots, comprising 8372
    statute acres, and producing a nett yearly sum of £2996-3-11d; but in
    consequence of an order the court made after the appearance of the
    advertisement for sale in the newspapers, only eight lots were put up for
    competition today, the remaining twelve having been withdrawn for the
    The following towns and lands in the baronies of Upper Ormond and
    Kilnamanagh, county of Tipperary, of which lots 1, 2, 3, 18, 19 and 12, are
    held in fee simple, and lots 4 and 5 under lease, renewable for ever.
    Lot 1 - Lissenhall, containing 242 acres 3 roods 37 perches,statute measure,
    nett rent or value, £98-15-3d. Mr. William Hutchinson Carrol was the buyer,
    for £5000.
    Lot 2 - Moanroan, containing 325 a1r19p, statute measure; nett rent
    £107-14-4d. Mr Carrol was the buyer at £3300.
    Lot 3, Lisbrien and the Division, containing 248a or 32p, statute measure;
    nett rent £95-11-5d. Mr.Carrol was the buyer for £1600.
    Lot 4 - Ballycahill, containing 232a 1r17p, statute measure;nett rent
    £189-12s. Mr.James Poe was the buyer (in trust) for £3450.
    Lots 5 and 18 were adjourned.
    Lot 19, Gurrane, containing 516 acres1r 33p, statute measure; nett rent
    £73-4s. Mr Edward Reeves was the buyer for £1700.
    Lot 20 - Glanaguile and Knockgariff, containing 1638 a 2r 6p statute
    measure. This lot to be sold indemnified by lot 6 from the annuity of £20,
    late Irish currency,stated in the rental,but subject to the annual tithe
    rent charge of £44-4-9d, viz - annual rent of lot 20, £360; deduct tithe
    rent charge, £44-4-9d, nett profit, £315-15-3d.
    Mr. Dunkett was declared purchaser (in trust) for £6000.
    The total sum produced by the sale of the lots was £21,050, equal to 24
    years purchase on the nett rent of £881.

    Nov 13 1853
    Encumbered Estates Court
    In the matter of estate of John James Willington, Esq., owner; Sarah Jane
    Anne Savage, a minor, petitioner.
    The lands of Killoskehane and Lisnegatt, with their sub denominations,
    called Upper and Lower Coohane, Lackendaragh and Kyranne, situate in the
    baronies of Ikerrin and Eliogarty containing in the whole 2541 acres, 3
    roods, 14 perches.
    Lot one comporising the lands of Kyranne, containing 484 acres 2 roods, 17
    perches, and producing £169-17s per annun, subject to £10-17s tithe rent
    charge; Mr.Hamilton was declared purchaser,in trust,at £4,800.
    Lot 2 comprising part of the lands of Upper Coohane, containing 260 acres 2
    roods 2 perches, producing £114-6-1d per annum, subject to tithe rent charge
    £6-17-10d. Mr Hamilton was the buyer at £2,100
    Lot 3, comprising part of the lands of Upper Coohane, containing 155 acres 1
    rood, 2 perches, producing £106-5-3d per annum, subject to £7-10s tithe rent
    charge; Mr Hamilton was the purchaser for the sum of £2,250.
    Lot 4, comprising the lands of Lisnegatt, containing 171 acres 1 rood 34
    perches, producing £147-13-11d per annum,. subject to tithe rent charge of
    £9-7-9 payable by the tenant. Mr Hamilton was declared purchaser at £4,250.
    Lot 5, comprising part of the lands of Killoskehane, containing 160 acres 3
    roods, 7 perches, producing £205-14-1d per annum, subject to tithe rent
    charge of £9-5-0. Mr. Hamilton was declared purchaser at £5,400.
    Lot 6, comprising part of the lands of Killoskehane, and Lackendarragh and
    part of Upper and Lower Coohane, containing 792 acres 0 rood,1o perches,
    producing £544-19-8d per annum, subject to £24-3-8 tithe rent charge. Mr
    Hamilton was declared purchaser at £6,000.
    Lot7 - Comprising Killoshehane Demesne Mansion house and Offices, and part
    of the lands of Kiloskehane, containg 517 acres 0 rood,22 perches, producing
    £642-6-11 per annum, subject to £24 tithe rent charge, and jointure of
    £46110-9d, for the life of Mrs.Sarah Willington, now aged 69 years. The
    first offer was £5,000, and Mr. Hamilton was the buyer in trust at £10,400.

    Nov 20 1853
    Incumbered Estates Court
    Mr. Commissioner Hargreave sat this day for the sale of the following
    In the matter of the estate of Edward Biggs, Esq., owner and petitioner.
    Part of the lands of Castle Biggs, otherwise Drominagh, Shanakill, and
    Gortmore, situate in the parish of Terryglass, Barony of Lower Ormond, and
    County of Tipperary, held under a Lease of Lives renewable for ever,
    containing by Griffith's estimation, 1112 acres 2 roods 14 perches,statute
    measure, at the yearly rent of £72-16-11d and £10-1s renewal fine.
    Lot 1, Castle Biggs and Drominagh, containing 621 acres 1 rood 7 perches.
    Captain Tuthill was the purchaser for the sum of £5500.
    Lot 2, Shanakill, containing 268 acres 3 roods 35 perches- Captain Tuthill
    was declared buyer at £2000.
    Lot 3, Gortmore, containing 223 acres 1 rood 12 perches, -Captain Tuthill
    was declared purchaser at £1325.

    Dec 24-1853
    Incumbered Estates Court
    Mr.Commissioner Longfield sat on Tuesday for the sale of the folowing
    County of Tipperary- in the matter of the estate of Sir John Craven Carden,
    Bart., owner and petitioner.
    Lots 1 (Brocca,543acres 3 roods 31 perches) and 2 (Kevanstown,Scarragh,
    249-0-5) adjoin Lough Derg, by which Lot 1 is bounded on the West, and they
    are situate within about four miles of Borrisokane, seven of Portumna, nine
    of Nenagh, and twelve of Parsonstown, all excellent market towns, and to the
    later of which a branch railway is being formed by the Great Southern and
    Western Railway from their line near Roscrea.
    These lands are particularly suited to sheep feeding. It would be difficult
    to find a more suitable location for a private residence, and from the
    facility of water carriage to both Dublin and Limerick, which the Shannon
    navigation now affords; they offer a very desirable site for the
    establishment of an extensive manufactory.
    Lots 3 (Galbertstown, 368 acres 1 rood 12 perches), 4 (Ballymoneen,
    185-1-17), 5 ( Clondoty, 423-1-23), 6 (Ballyduage, 153-0-38), 7
    (Brookey,80-2-36), and 8 (Ardkeen, 143-2-32) are situate near the town of
    Templemore , a station of the Great Southern and Western Railway. These lots
    are held by a highly respectable and industrious tenantry, and contain some
    excellent feeding land.
    Lot 9, (Prospect, 388 acres 3 roods 32 perches is situate close to lots 1
    and 2. It is held by one tenant, who has a very valuable interest, and the
    rent payable out of this lot may be regarded as a Chief Rent.
    Lots 1 and 2- The Sale of these two lots were adjourned.
    Lot 3- Mr.Stoney was the purchaser for the sum of £4,150.
    Lot 4- Sold by private contract.
    Lot 5-Mr.Trant became the purchaser for the sum of £7,018.
    Lot 6- Mr.Stoney was declared purchaser at £1,750.
    Lots 7, 8, and 9 were sold by private contract.
    Mr.George Bolton, jun., had the carriage of Sale.

    Jan 15 1854
    Incumbered Estates Court
    County of Tipperary - In the matter of the estate of William Whitmore,
    assignee of Rev James M. Nisbett,an insolvent, owner; John Bridges,
    The lands of Liscanane, otherwisde Liskinlahan, etc, Barony of Lower Ormond,
    containing 410 acres I rood, 14 perches,statrute measure, or thereabouts,
    held under an indenture of Lease, bearing date 15th of April, 1795, for
    lives renewable for ever, subject to the yearly rent of £100-0-8d, present
    currency, and tithe rent charge of £17-11-7d, and now yielding a gross rent
    of £235-10s.
    These lands were sold subject to a jointure of £92-6-2d, for the life of
    Mrs. Elizabeth Nisbett, now aged about 82 years, also subject to an annuity
    of £21-16-6d, payable under the Drainage Act for forty years, from Ist May
    1852, and also subject to the nominal sum of £5-4s for same period for money
    borrowed under the Land Improvement Act, from 10th October, 1849, as
    particularised in ther rental.
    Mr. David Clarke was the purchaser for the sum of £2,170.

    Feb 14 1854
    Incumbered Estates Court
    Estate of Robert Jocelyn Otway - This property consists of several townlands
    in the baronies of Uper Ormond and Kilnamanagh, in County Tipperary. Only
    lots 5, 16 and 17 in the rental were sold, the sale of the others being
    Lot 5 - Balyphilip, Downamona, and Lissyleamy, situate in the barony of
    Upper Ormond, containing 557 acres, statute measure, and subject to
    £143-6-3d, head rent and rent charge, and producing a net rent of
    Mr. Atkinson was declared purchaser, in trust, at £2,650.
    Lot 16, Fantane, barony of Kilnammagh, 184 acres, net annual rent,
    £113-2-7d. Mr. W.H. Carrol, Tulla House, purchased in trust for £1,750.
    Lot 17, Dromgill, in said barony, 58 acres, net rent, £29-11s.
    Mr. Reeves was the purchaser for £500.

    May 8 1854
    Sale of property
    On Monday last, according to advertisement, Mr. James Marshall, auctionneer,
    attended at Brundley's Hotel, for the purpose of putting up for sale the
    lands of Upper Belleen, purchased by Mr. Abraham, Seed Merchant, of
    Limerick, in 1852, under the Encumbered Estates Act. Being the fair day of
    this town, the sale was well attended, and a large number of local gentry
    were present.
    At half past two o'clock, Mr.Marsalll commenced the biddings for lot no 1,
    containing 55 acres 3 roods 11 perches, plantation measure, all in grass; it
    adjoins the demesne of Solsboro, and has 120 fine old Oak trees on it,
    besides five acres of thriving plantation, containing over 4000 acres of
    forest trees, of over 20 years growth.
    For this lot the first offer was £1100. The bidding was then carried on
    rather briskly, till Caleb Going, Esq., of Traverston, made the final offer
    of £1550.
    Mr. Marshall said he would now submit lot no. 2, in case any gentleman
    should wish to purchase the lots separately, after which he would put up
    both together, and if the bids for the two conjointly should exceed the
    amount offered separately, the property would be knocked down to the
    gentleman so bidding.
    Mr. Marshall then proceeded to take the biddings for lot no2, containing 62
    acres 3 roods 29 perches, plantation measure. It adjoins the demsne lands of
    Richmond, is well laid down with clover and grass seeds, with the exception
    of six acres of wheat; is in a flourishing condition. There are upwards of
    80 full grown trees on this lot.
    The bidding commenced at £1125, and was contiuned languidly till it reached
    £1200, which was offered by Mr. Rody Spain, Merchant, Nenagh.
    The two lots together were then put up. the bidding was opened by Mr.
    Malachi Ryan, of Tyone, at £2000, and after a slow competition, Mr.
    Willington made the final bid of £2750.
    Mr. Marshall said he had received a letter from Dr.Atkinson, of Drogheda,
    who had never seen the lands, offering £3000 for the property. If any
    gentleman would bid beyond that sum, Mr. Marshall would feel happy in
    knocking down the estate to him; otherwise he should declare Dr. Atkinson
    the purchaser.
    There being no further offer made, Mr. Marshall became the purchaser, in
    trust, for Dr. Atkinson at £3000.

    Nov 20 1854
    Encumbered Estates Court
    In the matter of the estate of Richard W. Monsell, Esq - The lands of
    Curraghduff and Kilkip East, and Kilkip West, in the Barony of Ikerrin, and
    County of Tipperary.
    Lot 1 - The lands of Curraghduff, situate in the parish of Templemore,
    containing 175 acres 1 rood 25 perches, statute measure, according to recent
    survey, held under fee farm rent, producing £82-2-9 pence half penny yearly
    Mr. Michael Corcoran was declared the purchaser at £1800.
    Lot 2 - The lands of Kilkip East and Kilkip west ,situate in the parish of
    Killea, and adjoining the foregoing lands, containing 177 acres 0 roods 28
    perches, statute measure, held under said fee farm rent, producing £82-15s
    yearly rent.
    Mr. Corcoran was declared purchaser at £2050.

    Dec 11 1854
    In the matter of the estate of Darius John M Egan, owner and petitioner.
    The lands of Silliot hill and Eminiskey, situate in the barony of lower
    Ormond, and co of Tipperary held in foe farm.
    Lot 1: Court hill, containing 1661r 29, statute measure yearly rent 271 0s.
    Valued under order to the court at 90.
    Adjourned, in consequence of the insufficiency of the biddings.
    Lot 2: Eminiskey, containing 71 a. 3r. 1p, statute measure. Yearly rent 32.
    valued under order of the court at 3815s
    Mr John Julian was declared the purchaser, at 650.
    Louis Goneill solicitor had the car ridge of the sale.

    Mar 10 1855
    On Friday last Samuel M. Gason, Esq., sub Sheriff of County Tipperary,
    attended on the lands of Newlawn, Cloninihy etc, lately the estate of James
    Dempster, Esq., M. D., accompanied by James Healy, Esq., and a large force
    of constabulary, to execute an injunction from the Court of Chancery, to put
    Francis Meagher, a minor, a son of the late Francis Meagher, Esq., B.L.,
    into possession. We are happy to state that all parties were again
    reinstated, having previously settled for their holding, with Mr. Timothy B.
    Egan, the agent of the Estate, who attended to and who from his kindness and
    steadiness, and from the well known manner in which he manages other
    properties over which he is agent, his appointment over the present Estate
    was greeted with every satisfaction. There was no occasion for the service
    of constabulary, and all parties are now quietly and happily reinstated in
    their homes.


    HIGH COURT OF 14th day of January 1878.
    Final Notice to Claimants and Encumbrancers; In the matter of Maria Cecilia
    Read, Owner and Petitioner.
    Take notice that the Schedule of Incumbrances affecting the part od the Town
    and Lands of Lessnegerry, otherwise Lisnageragh, otherwise Mountheathon,
    containing 353 acres 2 roods and 7 perches, statute measure; part of the
    Town and Lands of Ballyskenagh, otherwise Mountheathon, containing 244 acres
    3 roods ,8 perches, like measure, with the Mansion House and offices
    thereon; part of the Town and l Lands of Clyduff, otherwise Mountheathon,
    containing 59 acres I rood and 5 perches, like measure, all situate in the
    Barony of Clonlisk and Kings County, held respectively in fee; Part of the
    Town and Lands of Lower Clyduff, otherwise Mountheathon, containing 16 acres
    I rood and 31 perches, like measure, situate as aforesaid, and held with
    other lands under Lease dated Ist May, 1787, for lives renewable for ever,
    the Estate of the said Mary Cecilia Read is lodged with the Clerk of the
    Records of this Court, any any person having claim not therein inserted, or
    objecting thereto, either on account of the amount, or the priority of any
    charge reported to him or any other person, or for any other reason, is
    required to lodge an objection thereto, stating the particulars of his
    demand,and duly verified with tthe said Clerk on or before the 7th day of
    February 1878, and to appear on the following Wednesday, the 13th day of
    February,1878, at 11 o'clock, before the Honourable Judge Ormsby, at his
    Court in Dublin, when instructions will be given for the final settlement of
    the Schedule; and further take notice, that any demand reported by such
    Schedule is liable to be objected to within the time aforesaid.
    Dated this 14th day of January 1878.
    James McDonnell, Examiner
    J.D.Meldon & Sons, Solicitors, having carriage of the proceedings, 14 Upper
    Ormond Quay, Dublin.

    May 1 1904
    Sale of Local Estates
    At the initiation of Mr P.Fogarty, Co.C., Drominagh, the tenants on the
    Tuthill estate at Drominagh and Shanakill have purchased their holdings ,
    the terms of sale being 20and a half years on present rents.We understand
    that the tenants are very grateful to Mr Fogarty for the atention and time
    he gave to the matter during the progress of negotiations.
    Terms have also been agreed on between tenants on the Maberley estate at
    Kilmore and the landlord, the agreement being 6s in £ reduction on first
    terms tenants and 4s on second. Mr.James McCutcheon opened up negotiations
    with the landlord.
    At a meeting of the Clive tenants at Couragunneen an offer was received from
    the landlord to sell at 21years purchase ( all tenants non judicial). The
    Rev. P. Crowe, P.P., who presided, recommended acceptance. Some were willing,
    some were not. The meeting broke up without any decision being arrived at.

    Apr 10 1905
    Butler Lloyd Estate
    On Saturday evening a meeting of the tenantry on the above estate was held
    in Drom. It appears that the landlord, in an interview with some of the
    tenants, expressed his willingness to sell to them under the Wyndham Act,
    but did not state the number of years'purchase he expected. After some
    discussion it was unanimously decided to write to the agent, Mr. W.J.
    Menton, of Roscrea, to the effect that they were willing to purchase their
    holdings, and requesting him to let them know the number of years purchase
    the landlord expected. "Henry John " as the landlord is popularly called,
    has always been on the friendliest terms with his Knocka tenantry.

    May 14 1905
    On Monday last the house and lands of Danganreagh were sold at Roscrea. They
    were the property of Tobias H. Burke, Esq. The lands contain about 60 Irish
    acres, with nice house, complete out offices; rent £16, Little Landed
    Estates Court. The purchaser was Mr. George Drought, Ballywilliam, at the
    figure of £1920; with fees making the total of £2016. Mr. W.J. Menton
    ,solr., had carriage of sale, and Mr. J.P. Mason acted as auctioneer, and
    was thanked by the owner, having completed the sale at a satisfactory price.
    The clearance sale will be held on May 30.
    The estate of Miss Evans, at Killough, near Templemore, has been sold at
    twenty three and a half years purchase of present rents, which are
    exceptionally low, the landlord having given substantial reductions over
    recent years.