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The Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaelogical Society (founded 1891) contains many genealogies and notes on particular families. The genealogies are of wealthy families or those of historical interest. However Richard Henchion's series of Cemetary Inscriptions in JCHAS also contains notes on 'ordinary' families in the various localities.

Copies of JCHAS can be found in major universities worldwide. Among the genealogies and notes on families in JCHAS are:
Barry of Barrymore, Besnard, Edmund Burke, Carew, Cotter of Rockforest,
Cramer/Coghill, O Crowley of Coill t-Sealbaigh, Denny, Drew, Galweys of
Munster, Healy of Donoughmore, O Hurly, Kingston,Lavallin, Limrick, Long
of Muskerry and Kinalea, O Mullane of Whitechurch, Murphy of Muskerry, O
             Mahony of Kinelmeaky and Ivagha, O Regan of Carbery, O Hea of SW Cork, Penrose,
Phaire, Rochford, Rogers of Lota and Ashgrove, Ronayne/Ronan, decendants
of Edmund Spenser, Stout of Youghal, Uniackes of Youghal, Trant,

Information furnished by Jean Prendergast

In the North America, the Library of Congress (probably among others) has bound   volumes of the CHAS.  In addition, you may want to check your state or regional libraries; e.g., Boston Public Library, University of California at Berkeley, Library of the University of Chicago, Cornell University Library, Dallas Public Library, Family History Library (Salt Lake City), Harvard College
Library, McGill University Library (Montreal, Canada), National Library of Canada (Ottawa), Newberry Library (Chicago), New England Historic Genealogical Society (Boston), New York Public Library, Peabody Library of the John Hopkins University (Baltimore), University of Pittsburgh, Princeton University Library, Samford University Library (Birmingham, AL), Yale University, Sterling Memorial Library. If you can identify a particular article in a volume, your local library can order a copy for $3 - $5 from the LOC. You can search the LOC catalogs and indexes at

Information furnished by Thomas Ronayne


JCHAS XCV 254 (Jan-Dec 1990)

Ó Murchadha, Diarmuid: The siege of Cork in 1690, 1-19

Rynne, Colin: Some observations on the production of flour and meal in the Early Historic period, 20-29.

O Callaghan, Joseph F.: The O Callaghans and the rebellion of 1641, 30-40.

Sheehan, John: A pair of Viking age animal-headed arm-rings from County Cork, 41-54.

Harrison, Richard S.: The Quakers of Charleville 1661-1742, 55-63.

Hurley, Maurice: Excavations at Grand Parade, Cork, II, 64-87.

O'Sullivan, Patrick S.: Land surveys and mapping of eighteenth-century Kanturk, 88-106.

Buttimer, Cornelius G.: A Cork Gaelic text on a Napoleonic campaign, 107-119.

Geary, Laurence M.: Fraternally yours: Roderic and Frances Burdett O'Connor, 120-123.

Henchion, R.: The gravestone inscriptions of Co. Cork - XVI, 124-144.

Davis, Helen Moloney: An Egyptian mummy and coffin at University College Cork, 145-152.

Ó hÚrdail, Roibeárd: Phonological underdifferentiation in two dialects of Cork English, 153-157.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Monarch in a hurry, 158-159.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: The other side of the hill, 159.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Cork harbour defences 1942, 159-160.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Aguisín (1987): Dean Clayton, 160.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Dr Caulfield, Librarian, 160.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: The debtors of Thomas Nevill 1642, 161.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Cork City Assizes 1789, 161-162.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Old Blarney House, 162-164.

McGrath, Walter: The Fenians in Australia (Review-article), 165-167.

Simpson, D.D.A.: Note: A stone battle-axe from County Cork, 168.

JCHAS 96 (1991) Special Centenary Number 1891-1991

McCarthy, J.P.: Journeying to a journal: the Society's predecessors, 1-18.

Holohan, Patrick: The Cork Historical and Archaeological Society: foundation and consolidation, 1891-1943, 19-42.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Some members and memories of other days, 43-58.

Ó Murchadha, Diarmuid: The Society's Journal, 59-82.

McGrath, Walter: The later years of the Society, 83-90.

Murphy, John A.: History and the Journal, 91-102.

Woodman, P.C.: Archaeology and the Journal: concern for a disappearing past, 103-116.

Ó Riain, Pádraig: Barra naofa: tuairisc an irisleabhair air, 117-124.

Buckley, D.B.: The Society's outings, 125-154.

Mulcahy, Michael: Cork Historical Guides Committee, 155-158.

Cadogan, Tim: Supporting roles: a century of Cork's other historical journals, 159-164.

JCHAS 97 (1992)

Foster, R.F.: History, locality and identity: a lecture to mark the centenary of the Society, 1-10.

O'Brien, William: Boulder-burials: a later Bronze Age megalith tradition in South-West Ireland, 11-35.

Buttimer, Cornelius: A Gaelic reaction to Robert Emmet's rebellion, 36-53.

Rynne, Colin: Early medieval horizontal-wheeled mill penstocks from Co. Cork, 54-68.

Harrison, Richard, S.: The Cork Anti-Slavery Society, its antecedents and Quaker background, 1755-1859, 69-79.

Ó Maolfabhail, Art: Art: Béalnabláth nó Béal Átha na Bláthche? 80-84.

Klingelhöfer, Eric: The Renaissance fortifications at Dunboy Castle, 1602: a report on the 1989 excavations, 85-96.

Ó Gráda, Diarmuid: Cath chéim an fhia: its place in the Rockite campaign, 97-103.

Davis, Helen Moloney: Set of canopic jars in University College Cork (with a report on the contents by John Evans), 104-110.

Bielenberg, Andy: The growth and decline of a textile town: Bandon 1770-1840, 111-119.

Twohig, Elizabeth Shee: A cross-inscribed slab from Laheratanvally, Skibbereen, Co. Cork, 120-123.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: The Marquess Mac Swiney of Mashanaglass, 124.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Lady Goold and the Bishop, 125.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: The symbol of the notary Roche, 125-6.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: The staple, 126.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: The secret chapel of Helen Goold, 127.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Mr. Danyell Gookin and Carrigaline, 127-128.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Gentry in Debt, 128-130.

JCHAS 98 (1993)

Ó Ríordáin, Traolach: Conradh na Gaeilge i gCorcaigh i dtosach a ré, 1-26.

O'Brien, Madeline: Excavations at Barrack Street - French's Quay, Cork, 27-49.

Ó Conchúir, Breandáin: Thomas Swanton, réamhchonraitheoir in Iar-Chairbre, 50-60.

McCotter, Paul: The Carews of Cork, 61-74.

Lennon, Anne-Marie: Excavation of a ringfort, Raheens I, near Carrigaline, Co. Cork, 75-89.

Lane, Pádraig G.: The Land and Labour Association 1894-1914, 90-106.

Cherry, Stella: Sheela-na-gigs from County Cork, 107-112.

O'Mahony, Colman: Fishing in nineteenth-century Kinsale, 113-132.

O'Leary, Paddy and Twohig, Elizabeth Shee: A possible iron age pillarstone on Cape Clear, Co. Cork, 133-140.

Martin, Ged: A visitor to Cork in 1775, 141-143.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: William Kingsmill and the Rising of 1641, 144-5.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Isaac Carroll, botanist, 145.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: `The Twenty-to-one Gun', 145-146.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Where is Hercules? 146.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Another missing memorial: 19th century grave memorials, 146-147.

Ó Murchadha, Diarmuid: Dúghlas de hÍde - Douglas Hyde (review article), 148-156.

JCHAS 99 (1994)

Annesley, Cressida: The land war in West Cork: the boycott of William Bence Jones, 1-22.

Sheehan, John: A Merovingian background for the Ardmoneel stone? 23-31.

Ó Murchadha, Diarmuid: Clann Taidhg Ruaidh na Scairte, 32-46.

Lennon, Ann-Marie: Summary report on excavation of ringfort, Raheens no. 2, near Carrigaline, Co. Cork, 47-65.

McCotter, Paul: The Carews of Cork (Part 2), 66-82.

Mulcahy, John: Patrick Lavallin and the Popish Plot, 83-95.

Ó hAnnracháin, Eoghan: Casualties in the ranks of the Clare regiment at Fontenoy, 96-110.

Meagher, John H.: Elias Voster: the father of Irish accountancy, 111-119.

Ó Laoghaire, Donncha: Three poems in Irish from mid-Cork, 120-129.

Harvey, Dan: General Michael Collins's notebook, August 1922, 130-132.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: An antiquary's note book 15, Royal Arms in Cork churches, 133-138.

 JCHAS 100 (1995)

Cronin, Maura: Denny Lane, 1-15.

Conlan, Patrick: Berkeley Hall - St Anthony's Hall - Honan Hostel (UCC), 16-28.

McCarthy, J.P.: In search of Cork's collecting traditions: from Kilcrea's library to the Boole Library of today, 29-46.

Hurley, Maurice F.: Excavations in Cork City: Kyrl's Quay/North Main Street and at Grand Parade. (Part I), 47-90.

Fennessy, Ignatius: Patrick Roche of Kinsale and St. Patrick's College, Rome, 91-104.

Monk, Michael: A tale of two ringforts: Lisleagh I and II, 105-116.

Coyle, Eugene A.: An incident at Cove 1776, 117-128.

Fenning, Hugh: Cork imprints of Catholic historical interest 1723-1804: a provisional check-list, 129-148.

Lane, Pádraig G.: The organization of rural labourers 1870-1890, 149-160.

Ó Cearbhaill, Pádraig: SQUINCE agus ainmneacha gaolmhara, 161-166.

Hyland, C.P.: The Cork Total Abstainer, 167-171.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: By the banks of the Sabhrann, 172-174.

McCarthy, C.J.F.: Charles McCarthy 1665 AD, 175.

Cherry, Stella: Fifty years of the Cork Public Museum, 176-177.

JCHAS 101 (1996)

Holohan, Patrick: The destruction of Farsid potato mill 1837, and an associated ballad, 1-8.

Hegarty, Daniel and Hickey, Brian: The famine graveyard on Carr's Hill near Cork, 9-14.

O'Brien, John B.: Cork society in the 1850s, 15-25.

Hurley, Maurice F.: Excavation in Cork city: Kyrl's Quay/North Main Street (Part 2), 26-63.

McCotter, Paul: The sub-infeudation and descent of the Fitzstephen/Carew moiety of Desmond (Part I), 64-80.

Fisher, Michael H.: Cork's Dean Mahomet, 81-93.

Cleary, Rose M.: Medieval graveyard and boundary wall at Cove Street, Cork, 94-111.

Ó Laoghaire, Donncha: Blúiríní seanaimsireachta ó oirthear Chontae Chorcaí, 112-114.

Fenning, Hugh: Cork imprints of Catholic historical interest 1805-1830: a provisional check-list (Part 2), 115-142.

Cronin, Maura: Denny Lane (Part 2), 143-157.

Conlan, Patrick: A list of the altar plate at Saint Francis, Cork, 158-161.

MacCarthy, C.J.F.: An antiquary's note book 17, Bantry Bay 1796: some local aspects, 162-169.

 JCHAS 102 (1997)

Ó hAnnracháin, Eoghan: The Irish Brigade at Lafelt 1747: Pyrrhic victory and aftermath, 1-22.

Cleary, R.M.: Excavations at Chapel Lane, Youghal, 23-40.

Buttimer, Cornelius G.: Pláig fhollasach, pláig choimtheach: `Obvious plague, strange plague', 41-68.

McCarthy, Patricia: Sources for the study of the Great Famine, held at the Cork Archives Institute, 69-78.

Power, Catryn: The human remains from 19-20 Cove Street, Cork City, 79-88.

McCotter, Paul: The sub-infeudation and descent of the Fitzstephen/Carew moiety of Desmond (Part II), 89-106.

Long, Patrick: Cork-related letters patent of 1658, 107-110.

Ó Catháin, Diarmaid: Revd Charles Bunworth of Buttevant: patron of Harpers and poets, 111-120.

Kinmonth, Claudia: West Cork vernacular furniture makers: comparative analysis of field studies in a coastal community (Part I), 121-132.

MacCarthy, C.J.F.: An antiquary's note book 18, By the banks of the Shabhrann (2), 133-136.

Ó Laoghaire, Donncha: Blúiríní seanaimsireachta ó oirthear Chontae Chorcaí (2), 137-139.


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