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Welcome to the County Meath homepage of the Ireland Genealogy Projects (IGP).

This website provides a brief description of County Meath in the Republic of Ireland as well as valuable links to County Meath genealogy resources.

Brief History of County Meath

County Meath, the Royal County was once the territory of the ancient Pagan, Celtic, and early Christian era Kings of Ireland. Meath is home to some of the most important historic monuments in all of Ireland.

Some of the most important historic sites and monuments to be found in County Meath are The Hill of Tara, once the seat of the High Kings of Ireland. The ancient burial chamber at Newgrange. The town of Kells for its connection with the Book of Kells.

Geography of County Meath

Meath is a prosperous agricultural county with some of the best land in Ireland. The two main rivers in the county, the Boyne and the Blackwater, join at Navan, then flow all the way to the Irish Sea. The Boyne is probably the most historic river in Ireland. Main Towns in Meath are Kells, Navan, and Trim.

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