Will:  Tighe, William November 19, 1781

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: November 19, 1781
Recorded: September 23, 2017

In the Name of God Amen I William Tighe of Rossana in the 
County of Wicklow do hereby make my last Will in manner 
following that is to say Imprimis I recommend my Soul to 
Almighty God hoping through his infinite Mercy & the mertis 
& mediation of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ for a happy 
Resurrection to eternal life Item I will that my just Debts 
be all paid Item I will that the Articles of my Marriage 
Settlement be carried into execution I do hereby appoint my 
dear Wife Sarah together with my three Brothers Edward 
Richard and Thomas Guardians of the Persons and Properties 
of my Children whereas I am seized and Possessed of a real 
and Personal Estate & several Leasehold Interests not 
comprized in the above mentioned Settlement made at my 
Marriage I do hereby devise and bequeath all my said real 
Estate that is the Towns Lands of Ballimarsimon & 
Ballimorekanmore lately purchased by me from the Heirs of 
the late Earl of Ross and the Moiety of Rossanagh purchased 
by my father from George Johnson Esqr and all other my real 
Estates whatsoever to my dear Wife Sarah and her Heirs for 
ever I likewise devise to the same all my Leasehold 
Interests to her her Executors Administrators and Assigns 
together with my House at Rossana & the Appurtenances 
thereunto belonging with all my Household furniture stock of 
Cattle plate Books & Jewells all which I leave to my dear 
Wife Sarah subject nevertheless to such Charges as my father 
by his last Will did charge his Bequests to me & have not 
been by me discharged and to the Payment of all my just 
Debts funeral Expences and the following Legacies with which 
I do hereby charge the same that is to say my second Son 
Henry I leave the sum of one thousand pounds to my eldest 
Daughter Elizabeth I leave one thousand pounds to my second 
Daughter Mary Anne Caroline I leave five hundred pounds and 
to my third son John Edward I leave five hundred pounds the 
above Sums to be over and above their respective portions 
secured to them by my Marriage Settlement and to be paid to 
them at the age of twenty one Years but not with any 
Interest before that time Item to my Brother Edward I leave 
one hundred Guineas Item to my Brother Richard I leave one 
hundred Guineas Item to my Brother Thomas I leave one 
hundred Guineas Item to John Lloyd Esqr of Gloster I leave 
one hundred Guineas Item to my dear Son William being amply 
provided for I leave my Repeating Watch Item to my Sister 
Theodosia I leave fifty Guineas Item to my Sister Barbara I 
leave fifty Guineas Item to the Poor of the Parish of 
Wicklow and to the Poor of the Parish of St Michans Dublin I 
leave ten pounds each Item to my dear Wife Sarah I leave all 
my real and personal Estate whatsoever not otherwise 
bequeathed or disposed of together with all Arrears of Rent 
in Tenants' Hands and Money of Bankers' Hands or elsewhere 
after payment of my Debts funeral Expences and Legacies it 
being my intention that my above mentioned real and personal 
Estate shall be equally subject to the payment of all the 
above Charges Item to my Servant William Murry I leave the 
sum of fifty Pounds and to every Servant in my family living 
in my House at the time of my death who shall have been my 
Servant five Years or upwards I leave a Years' Wages Lastly 
I do appoint my dear Wife Sarah together with my Brother 
Richard or either of them to be Executors of this my last 
Will and Testament hereby revoking all former Wills: made by 
me heretofore but if it shall happen that my said Wife shall 
be drowned together with me in our intended passage to 
England or in our return from England or in any other Voyage 
or shall be by any Accident or otherwise die before she 
shall have Administered to this my last Will my Will is then 
that all my above mentioned real and personal Estate shall 
go as above devised to my Brother Richard his Heirs 
Executors Administrators and Assigns in trust for my eldest 
Son William in the same manner and subject to the same 
Charges as I have by this my Will bequeathed the same to my 
dear Wife Sarah In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my 
Hand and affixed my Seal this nineteenth day of November 
1781 eighty one W Tighe
(Attestation Clause)
Richd Williams _ Wm McCready _ Wm Whitton
Proved at London 13 August 1783 to Richard Tighe the Brother 
power reserved to Sarah Tighe Widow
PCC Prob11/1107