Will:  Macklin, Gerard June 21, 1848

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: June 21, 1848
Recorded: March 3, 2018

Extracted from her Majesty's Court of Prerogative in Ireland

This is the last Will and Testament of me Gerard Macklin of 
Lakepark in the County of Wicklow Esquire Whereas I am 
seized under a lease for lives renewable for ever and under 
the last Will and Testament of my son the late Thomas Wilson 
Macklin Esquire or otherwise of that part of the town and 
lands of the town and lands of Carrickroe called Lakepark 
situate in the Barony of Bally..... and County of Wicklow 
aforesaid Now I do hereby give devise and bequeath said 
lands and premises with their appurtenances and all my 
estate title and interest therein unto and to the use of my 
son in law Frederick Beatty Esquire and his assigns for life 
with the remainder after his decease to John William Beatty 
and Gerard Macklin Beatty sons of the said Frederick Beatty 
and to their heirs and assigns as tenants in common and not 
as joint tenants to be vested in them respectively at their 
respective ages of twenty one years with benefit of 
survivorship to and between them in the event of either of 
them dying before he attains said age of twenty one years I 
leave and bequeath to my son in law Frederick Beatty Esquire 
and to his heirs and assigns absolutely my estate and 
interest in a certain house situate in Chatham Street and in 
a certain house or tenement situate in Bow Lane in the City 
of Dublin which I hold for an unexpired term of years 
Whereas I am entitled to a charge of three thousand pounds 
affecting the estates of my son The Reverend Rosengrave 
Macklin situate in England in the Counties of Derbyshire and 
Cheshire subject under the Will of my late son Thomas Wilson 
Macklin to the payment of certain sums of money therein 
particularly mentioned Now I do hereby give and bequeath out 
of the residue of said charge to Rosengrave Macklin the sum 
of five hundred pounds and to my Granddaughter Frances 
Arabella Macklin daughter of my said son Rosengrave Macklin 
the sum of five hundred pounds And as to all the rest 
residue and Remainder of said charge and all other real and 
personal property whatsoever and wheresoever which may 
belong to me at my decease I give devise and bequeath the 
same to and amongst my said four Grandchildren Gerard Wilson 
Rosengrave Macklin Frances Arabella Macklin John William 
Beatty and Gerard Macklin Beatty equally to be divided 
between them in equal shares and proportions subject however 
to the payment thereout of all my just debts funeral and 
testamentary expences (and subject to any property vested in 
me as trustee or mortgagee to the equities affecting the 
same respectively)I appoint my said son Rosengrave Macklin 
and my sd son in law Frederick Beatty Executors of this my 
last Will with power to them to compound debts and settle 
claims against or in favor of my estate and I declare that 
my said Executors shall be answerable for their own 
respective acts receipts and defaults only and shall be at 
liberty to retain and allow to each other out of monies 
coming to their hands by virtue of my Will all expences 
incurred in executing the trusts thereof and lastly I revoke 
all former Wills: and other testamentary dispositions made 
by me and declare this to be my last Will and Testament In 
Witness whereof I the said Gerard Macklin have to this my 
Will and also to a Counterpart thereof each written on two 
pages of paper subscribed my name and affixed my seal this 
twenty first day of June one thousand eight hundred and 
forty eight Gerard Macklin
(Attestation Clause)
Fras Fetherston _ Richard Hyland
(Appearance by Samuel Frederick Adair of Upper Mount Street 
Dublin 4 August 1849)
Proved 9 August 1849
Proved at London 15 September 1849
PCC Prob11/2099