Will:  Byrne, Francis July 7, 1787

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: July 7, 1787
Recorded: November 3, 2017

I Francis Byrne of the Parish of Killcoole in County of 
Wicklow Kingdom of Ireland Labourer (?) being in Perfect 
State of Body and Mind thanks be to God for it do hereby 
testify this my last Will and Testament this seventh Day of 
July one Thousand seven hundred and eighty seven In the Name 
of God Amen I bequeath my Soul to God and Body to the Earth 
and Worldly Substance as follows To my Eldest Sister Mary 
Carney five Pounds for Mourning And to her Daughter Betty 
Carney twenty Pounds and to my next Sister Catherine Burnett 
five Pounds and to her Daughter Jane Burnett five Pounds 
also to my Sister in law five Pound also to my Nephew Edward 
Ball twenty Pound and to my Nephew John Ball twenty Pound 
and Edward Burnett  twenty Pound and to John Burnett Son of 
James Burnett ten Pound and to his next Son James Burnett 
ten Pound and his Youngest Daughter Elinor Burnett ten Pound 
and to my Nephew John Byrne Eldest Son of my Brother Edward 
Byrne deceased my Estate of former Property in Stile Bawn of 
the Lands of Delganey and also to my Nephew F Byrne my 
Estate at Ranelagh and also to my Nephew Terry Byrne the Sum 
of two hundred Pounds when arrived at the Age of one and 
twenty the Interest of which Sum before mentioned to be laid 
out for his Education and Cloathing also to eldest Nephews 
John and Francis before mentioned the Sum of two hundred 
Pounds to each of them if remaining after all Debts and 
other Legacies are paid as I shall mention To my Uncle John 
two Pounds five Shillings and six pence Sterling shall be 
paid to him Yearly so long as he lives I do nominate and 
make John Hays and Edward Burnet and John Lyons my Executors 
to whom I leave ten Pounds apiece or to each of them and to 
Jane Heays five Pounds for Mourning the which I trust God 
see my Nephew brought up in the fear of the Lord and they 
will see F Byrne brought up into the Church of England and 
to the Law under our Trusty friend Robert Wornen Esquire if 
it should be the Will he shall live or under his Inspection 
And also to lay me by my father and Brother John in 
Killcoole and I enjoin my Extors to place a Marble Head 
Stone at the Head of my father with Inscription which is 
usual whatever more Money or Money worth more than mentioned 
to be equally divided between my two Nephews John and F 
Byrne and if any of them die the Survivors to the other's 
property without reserve to the last three Brothers namely 
John James Terry Byrne If all these should descend to the 
next of kin of the Byrne family my Cloaths and furniture to 
be sold with reserve my Watch to be kept for my Nephew F 
Byrne F Byrne this seventh day of July 1787 eighty seven In 
Witness whereof I have hereunto put my Hand and Seal this 
seventh day of July 1787 eighty seven F Byrne 
(Attestation Clause)
Bernard Caffrey Attorney _ Andrew Stephenson _ John Ball
Proved 13 July 1788 to John Hayes power reserved to other 
Proved at London 13 March 1790 to John Hayes
PCC Prob11/1189