News:  Irish Times May 3, 1859 Halpin V Halpin

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Court of Probate--April 30th.
Before the Right Hon. Judge Keatinge.

Halpin V. Halpin.

In this case there was an examination of witnesses to prove 
the due execution of a will made by the late Mr. Frederick 
Halpin, hotel keeper, of the town of Wicklow, leaving his 
property in equal shares to his two nieces. The will was 
impeached by the next of kin on the grounds that it was not 
executed according to the statute.

Mr. Clarke, Q.C. and Mr. Murphy appeared to sustain the 
will, and Dr. Ball. Q.C. for the next of kin. The attesting 
witnesses being sworn and examined, his Lordship established 
the will and granted probate. Solicitors for the 
Plaintiff--Mr. Littledale. For the Defendant---Messrs Hone 
and Kinahan.

Irish Times May 3, 1859