News:  Freemans Journal, 27-Dec-1869. Petition for amendment 
of the existing relations between Landlord and Tenant

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File contributed by:  Mary Heaphy


The Irish Land Question.
To The High Sheriff Of The County Of Wicklow.

We the undersigned request you to call a meeting of this 
County on Wed. 29th Dec. in the town of Wicklow, to consider 
the propriety of petitioning Parliament for the amendment of 
the existing relations between Landlord and Tenant. Part 1


P. O'Doherty, P.P.

Maurice O'Sullivan, C.C.

John Nolan,

John O'Brien,

Michael Byrne,

Thomas Smyth,

Thomas Troy,

Michael Mooney,

Joseph Collins,


John Parker,

Michael M'Cabe,

Henry Hopkins,

Mathew M'Donald,

John Collins,

J.H. Travers.

James Doyle,

Thomas Gregory,

William M'Phail,

J. Redmond,

John Smith,

Henry M'Phail.

Joseph Fitzgerald,

Myles Doyle,

Charles Manly,

Thomas Doolittle,

Denis Kavanagh,

James Rochford,

William Saunders,

William Doig,

William Carr,

Robert Beers,

Sylvester Delahunt,

Richard Sheane,

James Flanagan,

Patrick M'Guirk,

Peter Kelly,

Joseph Chapman,

Joseph Carr,

Michael Devlin,

Andrew Kehoe, Bray.

John Oakes,

J. Kennedy,

John Doyle,


James Redmond, P.P.

James Dunphy, C.C.

James Deighan, C.C.

James Reynolds,

William Byrne,

Daniel M'Dermott.

John Murray.

Michael Byrne.

John Gleeson.

Daniel Somers.

Michael Whelan.

James and Patrick McNamara.

Patrick Harte.

Martin Doyle.

John Beakey.

John Whitmore.

John Byrne.

Thomas Berrigan.

Owen Ryan.

John D'Arcy.

Morgan Condron.

John Mooney.

William Fitzsimons.

Edward Dempsey.

Terence McNamara.

Myles Graham.

Christopher Long.

Patrick Kavanagh.

John Kavanagh.

Patrick Walsh.

Daniel Kavanagh.

George McGrath.

Lewis Beaky

Patrick Beaky.

William Beaky.

Andrew Byrne.

John O'Neill.

George Ruskell.

John Beakey.

Abraham Manigold.

Peter Boland.

Job Hall.

Thomas Hanigan.

James Kearney.

John Byrne.

Daniel Hall.

John Doyle.

William H. Fitzhenry.

Richard Hudson.

George Kent.

Arthur Byrne.

George Hall.

P. Heagan.

Thos Murray Cooladangan.

John Grannell.

Patrick Beaky.

Thomas Sharpe.

Andrew Byrne.

William Stringer.

George Byrne.

George Kearon, Jnr.

Mark Graham.

William Finlay.

Thomas Kavanagh.

John Newsom

Thomas Murry

Francis Hagan.

Martin Byrne.

Hugh McDermott.

Matthew Byrne.

Andrew Sheehan.


Owen Fogarty.

Sylvester Burke.

Thomas Birthsthie.

Daniel Somers.

Hugh Donnelly.

Bernard Kearney.

Patrick Dunne.

Daniel Kirwan.

James Phelan.

James Just.

Jeremiah O'Toole.

Patrick Ryan.

Patrick O'Hara.

Andrew Merrigan.

Michael Byrne, Snr.

Michael Byrne.

Laurence Byrne.

John Byrne.

Michael Byrne.

Thomas Byrne.

Andrew Kavanagh.

Phillip Byrne.

John Neill, PLG

Denis Byrne.

Patrick Byrne.

John Toole.

Christopher Cullen.

Patrick Byrne.

Michael Byrne.

John Walker.

John Wheeler.

William Gilbert, DVC, Rathdrum Board of Guardians.

J. Comerford and sons.

William Halpin.

Henry Cross.

Charles Kavanagh.

John Kavanagh.

Alexander Halein.

John Cowley.

William Woodbourne.

William Condell.

William Hill.

Daniel Farsele.

Martin Byrne.

John Fleming.

John Cullen.

James Kelly.

Peter Fleming.

William Guilfoyle.

Patrick Gorttane.

Peter Keogh.

Patrick Flanagan.

John Pierce.

Patrick Byrne.

Freemans Journal, 27-Dec-1869