Military:  Irish Constabulary with native county of Wicklow 1847

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Key s=single; m=married. E.R.= East Riding etc.	Lab = Laborer  C=Catholic P=Protestant
*Dates in Ireland are Day/Month/Year.

NO.                         DATE     CO.             & MARRIAGE DATE  OF WIFE
8530  BEDLOW, Nich      18   24-May   Wicklow   P      4/2/1869    Londonderry   Farmer     Cavan, Londonderry, Tyrone 1/4/69
8541  COOGAN, John      21   2-Aug    Wicklow   C                                Labr       Cavan
8612  FAUCETT, Robt     22   19-Jul   Wicklow   P                                Shoemaker  Clare
8621  HAWKINS, Rich     22   17-Aug   Wicklow   P                                Servant    Clare, Cork City
8679  DEMPSEY, Jos      22   27-Feb   Wicklow   C                                Labr       Depot, Cork E
8696  KEHOE, Pat        23   17-Mar   Wicklow   C                                Labr       Depot, Reserve, Cork E
8707  MURPHY, Pat       21   28-Apr   Wicklow   C                                Farmer     Depot, Cork E
8730  DOWLING, Thos     20   24-May   Wicklow   C                                Labr       Depot, Cork E
8830  BEDLOW, Wm        21   24-May   Wicklow   P                                Labr       Reserve, Cork City
8834  EDWARDS, Jas      20   23-Oct   Wicklow   P                                Labr       Cork City
9081  SOMMERVILLE, Jas  23   28-Aug   Wicklow   P                                Labr       Depot,  Galway E
9244  MULLIGAN, Lauce   20   10-May   Wicklow   C                                Farmer     Depot, Kerry 21/9/47
9246  FOLEY, Daniel     24   13-May   Wicklow   C                                Labr       Depot, Kerry 21/9/47
9318  BOLLARD, Wm       18   24-May   Wicklow   P                                Labr       Kildare
9329  DOYLE, Pat        19   2-Aug    Wicklow   C                                Labr       Kildare
9346  KELLY, Edwd       19   1-Feb    Wicklow   C                                           Reserve, Kilkenny 1/6/47
9401  BROPHY, Thos      21   24-Nov   Wicklow   C                                           Depot, Kilkenny 1/3/48
9418  MORAN, Jno        19   12-Apr   Wicklow   C                                Tailor     Reserve, Kings/Offaly
9423  CULLEN, Wm        22   24-May   Wicklow   C                                Labr       Kings/Offaly
9466  CASSIDY, Pat      20   24-May   Wicklow   C                                Labr       Leitrim
9467  SMYTH, Richd      18   24-May   Wicklow   P                                Shopman    Leitrim
9532  KEEGAN, Chas      20   4-Mar    Wicklow   C                                Labr       Limerick
9542  FOLEY, James      20   15-Apr   Wicklow   C                                Labr       Limerick, Cavan 1/1/50
9544  BYRNE, Pat        21   29-Apr   Wicklow   C                                Labr       Limerick
9571  KELLY, Thos       25   7-Jun    Wicklow   C      8/5/1854    -             Labr       Limerick
9624  ELLIOTT, Jno      19   25-Sep   Wicklow   P                                Labr       Limerick, Limerick City
9731  LEE, James        19   27-May   Wicklow   P                                Labr       Depot. Louth 7/9/47
9744  BEAKY, Jas        24   1-Feb    Wicklow   C                                           Mayo, Tipperary S
9783  MURPHY, Mark      20   10-Mar   Wicklow   C                                           Mayo
9785  O'BRIEN, Jos      22   10-Mar   Wicklow   C                                           Mayo
9856  CAVANAGH, Pat     19   11-Oct   Wicklow   C                                           Mayo
9881  TYNDALL, Wm       19   1-Feb    Wicklow   P                                           Meath
9897  TAYLOR, Jno       24   16-Feb   Wicklow   C                                           Meath
9903  LESLIE, Chrisr    21   19-Feb   Wicklow   C                                           Meath
9907  SCALLAN, Thos     19   22-Feb   Wicklow   C                                           Meath, Belfast
9950  BRANAN, Roger     26   1-Feb    Wicklow   C                                           Monaghan
10382 HUDSON, Thomas    18   10-May   Wicklow   P                                Labr       Tipp. S., Cork E
10376 HOOD, John        19   19-Apr   Wicklow   C                                Labr       Cork City 1/7/1847, Reserve 1/11/1847, 
                                                                                            Tipp S., 11/9/1848 Dismissed 09/05/1849

Sorted: First names spelled out to aid in searching
BEDLOW, Nicholas      
BEAKY, James        
BYRNE, Patrick        
BRANAN, Roger     
BROPHY, Thomas      
BOLLARD, William       
BEDLOW, William        
CAVANAGH, Patrick     
COOGAN, John      
CASSIDY, Patrick      
CULLEN, William        
DOWLING, Thomas     
DEMPSEY, Joseph      
DOYLE, Patrick        
EDWARDS, James      
ELLIOTT, John      
FOLEY, Daniel     
FAUCETT, Robert     
FOLEY, James      
HAWKINS, Richard 
HOOD, John
HUDSON, Thomas
KELLY, Edward       
KELLY, Thomas       
KEHOE, Patrick        
KEEGAN, Charles      
LEE, James        
LESLIE, Christopher    
MORAN, John        
MURPHY, Mark      
MURPHY, Patrick       
MULLIGAN, Laurence   
O'BRIEN, Joseph      
SCALLAN, Thomas     
SMYTH, Richard      
TAYLOR, John       
TYNDALL, William   

Source: FHL# 856059