Military:  Irish Constabulary with native county of Wicklow 1845

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Key s=single; m=married. E.R.= East Riding etc.	Lab = Laborer  C=Catholic P=Protestant

No.                         DATE    CO.            & MARRIAGE DATE  OF WIFE
6183  TUTTY, Thos      23   15-Jul  Wicklow  P                                -        Clare, Tipperaty SR
6203  JONES, Rob       22   10-Dec  Wicklow  P                                Farmer   Clare
6239  DEVITT, Jas      22   15-Aug  Wicklow  C                                Lab      Cork E, Cork City, Cork E
6246  WALKER, Jno      19   13-Dec  Wicklow  P                                Farmer   Cork E
6303  TUTHILL, Jno     20   24-Jan  Wicklow  C                                         Tipperary Down May 45, 
                                                                                       Antrim 1/9/67
6383  DOYLE, Mich      22   9-Aug   Wicklow  C                                Lab      Galway E
6418  TOOLE, Michl     25   11-Aug  Wicklow  C                                         Cavan, Galway W, Limerick.
6424  ROCK, Jon D.     20   16-May  Wicklow  p                                         Kerry
6425  McCARTHY, Pat    20   12-Jun  Wicklow  P                                         Kerry
6426  O'NEILLE, Thos   20   26-Jun  Wicklow  P                                Lab      Kerry
6459  CAREY, Jno       20   4-Aug   Wicklow  C                                Lab      Kildare
6461  FERRIS, Peter    19   19-Aug  Wicklow  P                                Lab      Reserve, Kildare
6487  KELLY, Peter     19   4-Jul   Wicklow  C                                         Reserve, Kilkenny 1/10/45
6491  JONES, Ralph     19   17-Jul  Wicklow  P                                         Kilkenny,Clare
6510  THORNTON, Jas    19   12-Mar  Wicklow  P                                         Kings, Kildare
6515  MOONEY, Jno      23   16-May  Wicklow  C                                Lab      Kings
6627  CONNOR, Dan      19   9-Aug   Wicklow  C                                Baker    Leitrim, Reserve, Limerick.
6668  HOPKINS, Rob     21   14-Oct  Wicklow  C                                Smith    Antrim, Louth, Limerick 
                                                                                       Limerick City
6802  HENDERSON, Sam   21   15-Feb  Wicklow  C                                         Meath
6812  DARCY, Mathew    25   16-Apr  Wicklow  P     24/6/1851        Meath              Meath
6834  BENNET, Jno      24   20-Dec  Wicklow  C                                         Meath, Leitrim 1/4/58
6860  COTTER, Jas      21   29-Jan  Wicklow  P     22/10/1859       Down               Queens
6872  WILKINSON, Jno   19   16-Jun  Wicklow  P     12/1/1863        Queens    Lab      Queens, Down 1/6/65, Kings 
6894  BUCKLEY, Alf ?   18   15-Oct  Wicklow  P                                Saddler  Queens
6904  BYRNE, Peter     21   4-Feb   Wicklow  C                                Lab      Reserve, Rocommon 1/6/45, 
                                                                                       Reserve 15/1/52
6920  OSBURN, Wm       21   15-Apr  Wicklow  C     18/10/18610      Leitrim   Lab      Resere, Roscommon 1/8/45, 
                                                   24/12/1867       Sligo              Reserve 15/1/52, Roscommon, 
                                                                                       Sligo 1/4/62, Galway Town 1/5/
6938  DREW, Robt       26   28-Jul  Wicklow  C                                Lab      Cavan, Reserve, Roscommon 1/1/46
6964  BEAN, Math       20   6-Nov   Wicklow  P                                Lab      Down, Reserve, Roscommon 21/12/48, 
                                                                                       Sligo 1/1/51
6966  GRAYDON, Adam    19   29-Jan  Wicklow  P     November 1855    Mayo               Sligo, Galway W 1/6/56
6987  GILLESPIE, Wm    20   23-Aug  Wicklow  P                                         Reserve, Slifo 1847, Tpperary 
                                                                                       N Jan1851
7020  CURRAN, Michael  20   9-Aug   Wicklow  C                                         Tipperary N
7085  DILLON, Robert   20   16-Jan  Wicklow  C                                Lab      Meath, Cork E, Reserve, Tyrone
7187  LEWIS, John      19   6-Feb   Wicklow  C                                Lab      Cork City, Reserve, Roscommon, 
                                                                                       Reserve 15/12/47, Sligo 1/11/52, 
                                                                                       Mayo 1/6/58

Sorted: First names spelled out to aid in searching
BEAN, Mathew       
BENNET, John      
BUCKLEY, Alfred   
BYRNE, Peter     
CAREY, John       
CONNOR, Daniel      
COTTER, James      
CURRAN, Michael  
DARCY, Mathew    
DEVITT, James      
DILLON, Robert   
DOYLE, Michael      
DREW, Robtert       
FERRIS, Peter    
GILLESPIE, William    
GRAYDON, Adam    
HENDERSON, Samuel   
HOPKINS, Robert     
JONES, Ralph     
JONES, Robert       
KELLY, Peter     
LEWIS, John      
McCARTHY, Patrick    
MOONEY, John      
O'NEILLE, Thomas   
OSBURN, William       
ROCK, Jon D.     
THORNTON, James    
TOOLE, Michlael     
TUTHILL, John     
TUTTY, Thomas      
WALKER, John      

Source: FHL #856058