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Sessions - Carty

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File contributed by: Pauline Hall 

Surname - CARTY

No complainant listed, complainant is the constabulary or similar.

DIP           Drunk in a public street, road or highway
DD            Drunk and disorderly in public street, road or highway
GOP           Guardians of the Poor of Rathdrum Union
PRC           Poors Rates Collector of Rathdrum Rural District
WCMC          Wicklow copper Mining Company
HL            Hard Labour

             DEFENDANT                                   COMPLAINANT                             CRIME
DATE         SURNAME   NAME             RESIDENCE        NAME               RESIDENCE
15/4/1869    CARTY     John             Ballinabarry                                             1 ass on road at same.
2/9/1869     CARTY     James &          Aughrim                                                  Breach of peace for assaulting each other
                       James Brian      Aughrim
1/12/1869    CARTY     Catherine        Kilmagig         James Williams     Protafosa?           Damaged timbers & fences of at Ballyarthur, the
                                                                                                 property of Colonel Bayley
12/1/1871    CARTY     Andrew           Keerakee                                                 Breached the Sabbath by playing cards at same
18/5/1871    CARTY     Patrick          Bahana                                                   Failed to put sufficient fences between his and Denis
                                                                                                 Hanlons (of Ballinaclash) farm.
7/3/1872     CARTY     James            Keerakee         James Brady                             D didn't pay C 13s 11p tuition wages for his children.
?/7/1874     CARTY     Andrew           Ballinabarney                                            Maliciously injured a cow belonging to Andrew McKenna
                                                                                                 by striking her w/stones & hurting her w/a dog
6/8/1874     CARTY     Andrew           Ballinabarney                                            Maliciously injured a cow belonging to Andrew McKenna
                                                                                                 by striking her w/stones & hurting her w/a dog
2/2/1878     CARTY     Edward           Kilpatrick                                               4 cattle on public road at Ballycoogue?
30/1/1879    CARTY     Patrick          Bahana                                                   DIP at Rathdrum
12/2/1879    CARTY     Patrick          Tigroney         Colonel R. Oliver                       Refused to give up possession of a house & premises
                                                                                                 in Tigroney that he had as a servant
28/8/1879    CARTY     Patrick          Bahana           Phillip Doyle      Council Rates coll.  D owes 1pd 11s 39 rates to C
29/6/1882    CARTY     John             Coolaflake       Charles Byrne      Cronemore            D owed C 21 weeks rent at 1s/week
17/5/1883    CARTY     Patrick          Bahana                                                   On licensed premises during prohibited hours
3/4/1883     CARTY     Patrick          Askinagap?                                               DIP at Aughrim
13/12/1894   CARTY     Catherine        Bahanaking??     Patrick Carty      Bahanaking??         C attempted suicide at same
13/6/1895    CARTY     Patrick          Ballymoney                                               Assaulted Willm Quin at Drumdagan?
1/4/1897     CARTY     James            Kirikee                                                  Applied for dog license
15/8/1899    CARTY     Hugh             Mannylough                                               DIP at Castlemacadam
1/16/1900    CARTY     Patrick          Rathdrum                                                 DIP at Tinahinch
2/20/1900    CARTY     Patrick          Rathdrum                                                 DIP at Tinahinch
10/3/1892    CARTY     Richard          Ballinabarney                                            Assaulted John McClean at Rathdrum
11/8/1892    CARTY     Patrick          Bahanaking??     Abraham D Symes                         Didn't pay C 2pd 12s for lease of lands at ?
3/11/1892    CARTY     Patrick          Askinagap?                                               Drunk in charge of a horse & cart at Balleeshall?
9/16/1902    CARTY     Michael                                                                   Damaged part of a wall by a public road at Tinahinch
3/15/1904    CARTY     James Doyle                       Hugh               Monaglogh            D assaulted C at Kilqueeney in front of the constable
2/21/1905    CARTY     Patrick Carthy   Kilmagig                                                 DIP at Ballygahan
9/14/1905    CARTY     Patrick          Kirrakee         PRC                                     Wouldn't pay 21s 6p Poor Rates on holdings at same
9/14/1905    CARTY     James            Kirrakee         PRC                                     Wouldn't pay 15s 6p Poor Rates on holdings at same
5/21/1912    CARTY     Hugh             Knocknamohill                                            DIP at Kilqueeney