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Sacred to the  memory of, Job Wardel, who was born, August 
10th 1828, who died, December 31st 1900. He was the devoted 
servant of William 11th Earl of Meath, for, 53 years, also 
sacred to his son, his son, Alfred, who was born, January 
9th 1854, and who died, April 24th 1854,  also his son, 
Charles John, who was born, January 25th 1858, and who died, 
September 19th 1876, and his daughter, Alice, who was born, 
June27th 1862. and who died, July 27th 1877.

In Cherished memory of, Darling, Doherty, wife of, devoted 
wife of, Stanley Ralph Parker, whom God called to eternal 
life, 10th June 1945, aged, 35 years, also, Ivy Marion 
Parker, 1912-1999.

In loving memory of, Watson Septimus Law, died, 9th July 
1945, aged, 61 years, his son, Robert, who died, 5th July 
1946, aged, 17 years, also his beloved wife, Harriet, who 
died, 19th April 1977, aged, 82 years, their daughter, 
Christina, died 9th  March 1993, (ashes scattered in 
Glenmacnasss) Trophina, died, 3rd September 1996, and their 
son, Alexander D.C. Law, died, 22nd Nov. 1993. Buried in Co. 

In loving memory of, John De Coursey (Jack) Leeson, dearly 
beloved younger son, of John and Jane, Ballyman House, Bray, 
also his father dearly loved father, John Leeson, who died, 
January 6th 1963, aged, 89 years, also his dearly loved 
mother, Jane, who died, April 6th 1963, aged, 82 years, and 
their son, William Thomas Leeson, who died, 13th Aug. 2000, 
aged, 93 years.

In loving memory of, John Hanstock, who entered into a 
fuller life, 19th Dec. 1939. The Lord is my Shepard, and his 
beloved wife, Daisy Wilson, called home, 27th March 1962.

In loving memory of, Henry Keely, Willow Cottage, Shankill, 
died, 10th April 1939, also his wife, Elizabeth Keeley, 
died, Jan 13th 1957, and their son, William Henry, died, 
28th April 1991

In loving memory of, Susan's Jane Hughes, Robin Villa, Bray, 
our dear mother, who departed this life, 23rd Dec. 1943, 
also our dear father, James Hughes, who departed this life, 
1st Oct. 1951, also their sons, Thomas James, who departed 
this life, 8th Jan. 1978, Joseph William Hughes, departed 
this life, 5th April 1993, and their daughter, Elizabeth 
Hughes, who departed this life, 30th Oct. 1997.

Sergeant William Mc Kenzie, R.A.F., killed at Silloth, 23rd 
July 1945, also, Brinley McKenzie, died at Hambell, U.S.A., 
21st May 1952, and their father, Alexander McKenzie, died 
16th July 1958, also their son, David, died , 22nd July 

In loving memory of, John Webster Carnenegie, died, Dec, it. 
2nd 1976, and his wife, Betty, died,19th March 1988.

In loving memory of, Clare Frances, wife of Richard Arthur 
Fisher intered into life, 21st Oct. 1971. Beloved parents if 
Eleanor Dawson, Kathleen Fisher, entered into life, 3th 
August 1986. God is life.

In loving memory, of Charles Thomas Wallis, died, 2nd 
October 1928. A quietness and confidence shall be your 
strength. Isabella Margaret Wallis, widow of the above, 
died, 7th Feb. 1944, aged, 81 years, Charles Dunstan Wallis, 
died, 12th April 1965, Violet Mable Knox Wallis, wife of, 
Charles Stuart Wallis, died, 24th Jan. 1909.

In fond remembrance of, Mary Elizabeth, dearly beloved wife 
of, Frederick Charles Heathley, Glengorman, Bray, who died, 
25th March 1932, aged, 52 years, also Frederick Charles 
Heatley, in his 91st year, and of their son, Reginald G. 
Heathley, who died, 28th May 1967, aged, 62 years , also his 
wife, Mary Kathleen (May) who died, 16th Oct. 20000.

In loving memory of, Thomas Greene Quigley, of Enniskerry, 
who died, 20th July 1936, aged, 72 years, and his wife, 
Beresford Sarah, who died, 21th June 1940, aged, 57 years, 
and their son, James Thomas, who died, 24th Dec. 1945, aged 
33 years, also their daughters, Irene Beresford, who died, 
13th Oct. 1990, aged, 82 years, Charlotte Noreen who died, 
27th Feb. 1994, aged, 83 years, and Sheila, who died, 17th 
Jan. 1996, aged, 79 years.

In loving memory of, George Metcalf, 1872- 1925. An honest 
man is the noblest work of God, and his wife, Elizabeth, 
(nee Butler), 1877-1959, and their daughter, Evelyn Maud 
Ellison, 1904- 1977. Sometimes of Dublin, Bathe, Somerset 
and Camore House, Co. Wexford. A woman of outstanding 
ability and achievement. God is love.

In loving memory of my dear husband, Robert O'Driscall, who 
departed this life, 29th Feb. 1924, also Robert Denis, 
infant son of, the above, interred in Highgate, London, 
also, Kate, wife of the above, at rest, November 18th 1929. 
The dawn shall brighter be.

Sacred to the memory of, Kathleen Doraothea Elizabeth 
Neville, who enter into rest 25th Feb. 1930. For so he 
givithe his beloved rest, when it awakes I am still there. 

In affectionate remembrance of, Kate Keegan, the beloved 
wife of, Richard Keegan, late of Wicklow, who died, at 
Cookestown, 10th Sept. 1877, aged, 56 years, also the above 
, Richard Keegan, who died, at, Ballycoolan, Stradbally, 5th 
Oct. 1887, aged, 77 years, also, Eliza James, who died, 
September 1855.

In loving memory of, John Beane, Beachfield, Bray, died, 
1895, also, Mary, his wife, died, 2nd Aug. 1895, aged, 62 

Erected by, John Cowell. In memory of his beloved sister, 
Marg. Ester Cowell, who died, trusting in her savour, Jan. 
10th 1874, aged, 23 years.

In loving memory of, Ernest Hamilton Whelan, Canon of 
Christchurch Cathedral, Rector of this Parish of Kilbridge, 
Bray, for 27 years, died, 21st Oct. 1910, aged, 57 years, 
also his wife, Deborah Elizabeth, died, 27th Nov. 1923. The 
fruit of the spirit gentlessness, goodness, Faith.

In loving memory of, Frances Mary, the dearest loved wife 
of, John Henry Ekvery, who died, 14th May 1912, and of John 
Henry Elvery, who died, 8th February 1929, and of their 
daughters, Eileen, who died, 15th September 1936, also, 
Catherine, who died, 10th December 1946.

In memory of, Jane, widow of Sir Hunt Johnston Walsh, Bart 
of Bally? Co., Cavan, dearest daughter of, Savage Hall, of 
Meadow Water, Co. Down, who died, 5th July 1882, aged, 95 

Erected by his family. In loving memory of, Edward H.  
Smythe, who died, 5th March 1931, also his wife, Esther 
Hamilton Smythe, who died, 20th June 1938, also their sons, 
Alfred Earnest, who died, 28th Sept. 1974, also his wife, 
Ellen Smythe, who died, 10th June 1976.

In loving memory of, Thomas A. Oakes, died, 14th Jan. 1928, 
also his wife, Aline L.Oakes, died, 3rd  Jan. 1941, and 
their son, Thomas Richard Oakes, died, 25th July 1979.

Remembered with love, Tommy Collier, died, 16th Oct. 1997. 
Blessed are the peace makers.

In loving memory of, John Richard Fowler, died in perfect 
peace, 13th Feb. 1898, aged, 71 years, and his wife, 
Elizabeth Sarah Fowler, who entered eternal rest, 1st June 
1920, aged, 83 years, and of their son, Richard S.C. Fowler, 
called to a higher service, 31st Aug. 1961.

Erected by, Margaret Kennedy. To the memory of her mother, 
Annie Massitt, who died, 4th Jany. 1910, aged, 80, also her 
child, Susan Elizabeth Kennedy, who died, 15th Dec. 1900, 
aged, 15.

In loving memory of, Alderman William Graham. J.P., The 
Strand House, Clontarf, died, 2nd July 1903, aged, 61 years.

In loving memory of, Gertrude Marion Cullen, darling 
Gertrude, who fell asleep, 2nd July 1903, youngest and 
dearly loved daughter, of the late, Cairn Cross T. Cullen, 
Dip. Gleane House, Co., Leitrim.

In loving memory of, Elizabeth A. Norman, who died, 21st 
April 1899, aged, 57 years, and of, Elizabeth Norman, sister 
in law of the above, who died, 3rd February 1909, aged, 
65years, and of Richard Norman, who died, 13th March 1923, 
aged, 78 years, Elizabeth Jane Parnell.

In loving memory of, Walter Boyd, Raverna, Bray. died, 
February 1st 1932, aged, 73 years, also his second son, 
Thomas Evelyn, Royals Dublin Fusiliers, died, a prisoner of 
war in Germany, Feb. 23rd 1918.Interned Colsorn? Cemetery, 
also, Louise Emilei (Louie), wife of the above, who died, 
September 21st 1959, aged, 91 years, also their eldest son, 
Samuel Walter Gordon, who died, 3rd March 1966, aged, 75, at 
his home Lloydminster Saskatchewan, Canada, also their 
daughter, Mary Beatrice,  31st December 1892,- 11th June 
1985. Beloved wife of, Leonard Evans.

In loving memory of, Jane. The beloved wife of, John 
Tunstead, Ex. H9 Ric., died, 6th April 1906, aged, 70 years, 
and John Tunstead, died, 6th March 1923, aged, 93 years.

In loving memory of, William Ritchley Weir, our dear son, 
gunner 184252 22 H.B. Reserved Battery R.F.A., who departed 
this life, 14th May 1917, aged, 24 years, also of, John 
James Weir, died, 14th Nov. 1923, aged, 31 years, and of 
Charles Weir, who died, 6th Dec. 1940, aged, 42 years, and 
of their dear mother, Julia Ann Weir, called homed, 20th 
April 1945, aged, 82 years, and her dear son, Robert Henry 
Wier, called home, 16th March 15?, Interred in Oran. In 
affectionate Remberance of, Ellie. The beloved wife of, 
Joseph Somes, of Ballybrew? who died, on the 26th April 
1913, aged, 30 years.

In loving memory of, Edward Norman Heathley, “pals”, Batt. 
R.D. Fusiliers. 1914- 1918, died, 30th Dec. 1920, aged, 25 
years, also his father, Robert Heatley, who died, 3rd Feb. 
1937, aged, 74 years, and his mother, Harriet Annie Heatley, 
died, 4th April 1946, and their son, Robert Arthur Heatley 
M.B. Chief medical Officer, B.B.& C. Railways , India, who 
died, at Bombay, 3rd April 1947, and their daughter, 
Elizabeth, Former headmistress French School, Bray, died, 
8th March 1977, Eveleen Annie Heathley, died, 12th Aug. 

In loving memory of, Anna Teresa Smith, wife of Alex Thomas, 
Berryfield, who died, 23rd Oct. 1918, aged, 30 years, also 
the above, Alexander Thomas Smith, who died, 2nd Sept. 1970, 
aged, 84 years, and, Sarah Anne Smith, who died, 14th May 
1974, aged 89 years, also Elizabeth May Fewall (neeSmith),  
born, 26th May 1928-died, 17th Jan. 1994.

John Robert Harpur called to rest, 20th April 1939.

In loving memory of, Willie Harpur, died, 2nd Nov.1918, 
aged, 25 years, also his mother, Annie Harpur, wife of 
Robert Harpur, died, 29th March 1927, aged, 63 years, and 
the above, Robert Harpur, died,30th Dec. 1938.

In loving memory of, John Carr, Ex. Sct. R.I.C., born, 7th 
Sept. 1916, died, 7th Mar. 1944.

In affectionate memory of, Emily Marcella. The beloved wife 
of, John Jacob Heatley, who died, 25th  July 1930, also the 
above, John Joseph, who died, 10th April 1944, aged, 88 
years, also their eldest daughter, Eileen Annie, died, 28th 
June 1954. Interred in England. And Mary Elizabeth (Myrtle), 
the beloved wife of, Ernest Reginald Heathley, died, 22nd 
Jan. 1980, aged, 69 years.

In loving memory of, Alice Maude, the beloved wife of, 
Richard Reside, died, 20th Jan. 1926, also the above named, 
Richard Reside, who died, 2nd February 1937, aged, 65 years. 
And in loving memory of their daughter, Mary, who died, 
March 1939.

O Holy Cross, under the shadow I shall rest. Mary Burns, 
(nee Cale), born, 1894, died, 1970. John A. Burnes died, 
25th September 1978, Brian J.Burns, died, 1st September 

In ever loving memory of Florence Kinmonth, who died, 8th 
Dec.  1946, aged, 51 years, and her brother, Alfred 
Kinmonth, died, 5th Aug. 1985, aged, 88 years.

In loving memory of, Annie Watkins Westropp, died 26th 
October 1944 m and her daughter, Grace Elizabeth Watkins 
Westropp, died, 9th February 1995.

Erected by, The Bray Mans Institute. In loving memory of, 
John B. Trough, who died, 16th April 1960, also his beloved 
wife, Elizabeth, who died, 30th Oct. 1956, also their 
daughter, Gladys, who died, 20th January 1981, also their 
son, Jack, who died, 3rd Oct.  1982.

In loving memory of, George Roberts, who died, 5th Feb. 
1958, aged, 64 years, also his beloved wife, Margaret 
(Ciss), died, 5th May 1945, aged, 78 years.

In ever loving memory of, Elizabeth. Dearly beloved wife of, 
Henry W. Good. Whom God call home, December 8th 1943, also 
the above, Henry W.Good, died, 14th April 1962, aged, 84 

In loving memory of, Rodger Mahon. Thy will be done. Died, 
26th Sept. 1943,aged, 87 years, and his wife, Alice, died, 
12th March 1953, aged, 81 years.

In loving memory of, Robert N.Urch, died, 24th April 1945, 
aged, 63 yrs, and his wife, Kathleen, died, 1st July 1961, 
aged, 63 yrs, of Carclesside, Bray, their only son, Graham, 
died, 23rd Aug. 1976, aged, 65 yrs, of Kilshanny House, 
Bray, and his beloved wife, Sheelagh, died, 13th June 1995, 
aged, 76 years.

In loving memory of, Margaret Potter, born, 1815-died, Feb. 
1900, and her sister, Frances Du Bedat, born, 22nd Oct. 
1918, died, 1st Feb. 1905, and of her daughter, Marguerite 
L. Du Bedat, who entered into eternal rest, 22nd Aug. 1927. 
Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

In loving memory of, Selian Campton, Bushy Park, Enniskerry, 
daughter of, Sir. Philip Crampton, Bart, born, 15th August 
18, died, 5th Jan. 1893.

To the memory of, Phillipa Arabella, 3rd daughter of Henry 
Pritte C. Jepson, she died, at, Bushypark, Enniskerry, 9th 
April 1932. wife of, Rev. William F. Boyle.

In loving memory of, Sir. John Feinnes T. Crampton, Bart, 
K.G.B. of, Bushy Park, Enniskerry, born, 13th Aug. died, 5th 
Dec. 1886.

Henry Lorenzo Jepson, died, 31st Jan, 1914, aged, 69 years.

In loving memory of, Adelaide Jepson, of Bushy Park, 
Enniskerry, widow of, Henry P. Jepson, of , Glenbrook House, 
Enniskerry, born,13th June 1816, died, 15th April 1892. I 
trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever.

In loving memory of, Lillie, dearly loved wife of, John 
McCormick, 10 Syderham Villas, Bray, died, 11th May 1875, 
aged, 53 years, also the above, John McCormick . (old head 
stone and hard to read)

In loving memory of, Robert Buckhan, Thornhill, Bray, died, 
August 20th 1908, aged, 54 years, Andrew Gilchrist Buckham, 
who died in Canada, 10th Dec. 1920 aged, 32, also of , Susan 
Maxwell Buckham, born, 28th Dec, 1864, died, 27th Dec. 1944, 
and of, Isabel M.Buckham, died, 15th April 1953, also Robert 
Thronhill Buckham, died in Canada, 25th Oct. 1953.

Remember with love, George Griffin, died, 25th Oct. 2002

In loving memory of our dear Dad, Thomas Leslie Shepard, 

Paul Briggs, 1964-1989, Michael Briggs, Sculptor, 1928- 

In loving memory of, Robert James King, born, 11th Aug. 
1924, died, 9th may 2000, and his devoted wife, Betty King 
(nee Cooper), born, 1924- , died, 19th April 2001.

In loving memory of, William Arthur Hopkins,(Surgeon 
Captain, Royal Navy, born, September 6th 1901, died, Jan. 
10th 1979.and his wife, Dorothy Agnes Hopkins, born, 7th 
Jan. 1905, died, 4th May 1990.

In loving memory of, William Henry Garde Robinson, 1918- 

Remembered with lover, George Griffin, died, 25th Oct. 2002.

In loving memory of, Robert John Cunningham, Bray, died, 
10th May 1968, in his 61st year, and his daughter, Gail, 
died, 21st Jan. 2000. Always remembered.

In loving memory of our dear mother. Henrietta Grace Croker, 
who entered into rest, 23rd Sept. 1904, in her 86 year, also 
her daughters, Mabella Croker, who died, 11th May 1927, and 
Grace Henrietta Edwards, who died, 27th Feb. 1930, widow of, 
John Edwards, of Knockrobin, Co. Wicklow.

In loving memory of, Richard H. Gordon, who died, 10th 
October 1924, aged, 71, and of his wife, Kathleen V. Gordon, 
who died, 17th Nov. 1940, aged,  86 years.

Erected by, Rebecca Fraser. In loving memory of, her father, 
Hugh Wilson, who died, 13th Oct. 1917, aged 78 years, 
Elizabeth McDonnell, his daughter, who died, 2nd  May 1920, 
aged, 50, also her mother, Marianne Wilson, who died, 31st 
Dec. 1927, aged, 88 years, Alexander Frazer, beloved husband 
of Rebecca Frazer, died, 21stMarch 1943, aged, 76 years, and 
his sister, Emily Frazer, died, 9th Jan. 1944, aged, 80 
years, Rebecca Frazer, died, 25th Feb. 1969.

Erected to the memory of, Anne Telford, who departed this 
life, 156th September 1885, aged, 64 years, also her 
daughter, Isabella, died, 8th May 1868, aged, 9 months, and 
her husband, George Telford, died, 23rd August 1901, aged, 
67 years, also their son, Thomas Henry Telford, died, 6th 
April 1929, aged, 69 years.

In loving memory of dear Gladys, born 5th Nov. 1904, died, 
8th April 1928, Percy and Annie Tomlins, Annie, (Nunnie). 
The dearly loved wife,counceller and chum of, Percy 
H..Tomlins, born, 17th April 1880, died, 9th March 1929.

In loving memory of my dear husband, William Moodie Neill, 
Quinsboro Rd., Bray, died, 16th Feb. 1919, and our darling 
mother, Annie Neill, died, 2nd Aug. 1947, also our grand 
mother, Annie McKenzie, died, 12th Nov. 1924. At rest.

In loving memory of, William R. Le Fanu. Esq. of Summer 
Hill, Enniskerry. Late Commissioner of Public Works in 
Ireland, who died, 8th Sept. 1894, aged 75 years, and his 
wife, Henrietta  Victorine, daughter of Sir Matthew 
Barrington, Bart who died, 29th July 1899, aged, 65.

In loving memory of, Francis Lewen  Le Fanu, 7th son of 
William R. Le Fanu, of Summer Hill, Eniskerry, died, 29th 
Sept. 1892, aged, 21 year, Victor Charles Le Fanu, born, 
14th Oct. 1863, died, 9th Aug, 1899.

In loving memory of, May, dearly loved wife of, Charles R.A. 
Mac Donnell,D.L., daughter of Richard Stackpole of Eden 
Vale, Ennis, died, 22nd Nov. 1921.also to the memory of the 
above, Charles R.A. MacDonnell, who died, 18th October 1923.

In loving memory of, George Fredrick Baker, born, 12th Aug. 
1900, died, 29th Aug, 1909, also, Henrietta Baker, wife of 
George Baler, died, 22nd Oct. 1934, aged, 82, also George 
Baker, Bushy Park, Enniskerry, died, 27th July 1955, aged, 
83 years, and their loving daughter, Phyllis, died, 18th 
December 1998.

In loving memory of, Isabella Patterson Barcley, who died, 
22nd Dec.  1918, aged, 25, Stanley George McLaren,born, 1st 
Mary 1954, died, 24th May 1954, Margaret McLaren, died, 11th 
Jan. 1978, her husband, George McLaren, died, 25th Feb. 

In loving memory of, Meta, youngest daughter of James Bruce, 
Crowbank Bray, who died, 28th Feb. 1901, aged, 17 years, 
also James Bruce, father of the above, who died, 15th Nov. 
1902, aged, 62 years, also, May, 2nd eldest daughter of the 
above, died, 15th July 1907, and his wife, Dorcas, who died, 
11th Nov.  1916, aged, 76, Robert C.Bruce, 4th son of |James 
Bruce, died, 13th May 1944, aged, 65 years.

In loving memory of my husband, Frederick W. Henderson, 
called home, 18th Dec. 1927, aged, 53 years, and of our son, 
Cyril Newton, aged, 4 months, and Eva Alice Henderson, died, 
9th Nov. 1954,aged, 77 years.

Marjorie Colquhoun Smith, born 3rd July 1883, died, 9th Dec. 
1914, dearly loved wife of, Stuart Campbell Smith, and 
beloved daughter of, John and Emily MacNicols, also Emily 
McNichols, who fell asleep in Jesus, 25th June 1918, Robert 
Hueston MacNichols, Major R.A.M.C. died, 25th Jan. 1924, 
eldest child of, John and Emily MacNicols, Elizabeth Tydd 
MacNichold, died, 15th Feb. 1966, Emily Kathleen Mac Nichos, 
died, 9th July 1966.

Here lie the remains of , Alice Jane, daughter of , Thomas 
Taylor Allen, Bengal Civil Servant, who departed 15th Jan. 
1901, aged, 37 years, also, Tomas Taylor Allen, who born, 
8th Aug. 1837, died, 1st April 1927, also, Agnes, his 
daughter, wife of G.W.Allen,died, 2nd Sept. 1945.

In loving memory of, John Fraser, who died, 14th Oct. 1884, 
aged, 51 years. Entered in St. Paul's, Bray, his wife, 
Isabella Fraser, who died, 16th April 1901, aged, 61 years, 
and their family, Duncan, who died, 19th Feb. 1891, aged, 
20, Margaret, who died, 16th Dec. 1897, aged, 23 years, 
Isabella Fraser, who died, 5th Dec. 1903, aged, 28 years, 
John Fraser, who died, 13th Jan. 1915, aged, 13 years, Jane 
Fraser, who died, 1st Oct. 1916, aged 13 years.

In loving memory of, Arthur Monroe Maunsell, Major Royal 
Munster Fusiliers, died, 18th Jan. 1925, aged, 72 , and of 
his son, Douglas Slade Maunshell. Killed in action in 
Frances, 5th Sept. 1916, also May Isabella, wife of, Arthur 
Munroe Maunsell, died, 21st May 1941.

In loving memory of, Frederick McCrea, of Ard Caoin, Bray, 
died, 30th Oct. 1895, and his wife, Mary, died, Sept. 15th 
1918, aged, 82.

Sacred to the memory of, Raymond Arthur French, born, 7th 
Aug. 1911, died, 31st Dec. 1980, Daphne May French, born, 
18th May 1914, died, 6th Sept. 1993. Valerie, Sylvia, 
Vivienne, Raymond, and Guy.

Robert Turner, Forrester at Powerscourt, died, 14th 187? 
aged, 73 years (old headstone and hard to read).

In loving remembrance of our dear mother, Barbara Murdock, 
born, Aberdeen, Jan. 19th 1927, also, Frederick Wain, who 
died, 20th Nov. 1959, and his wife, Elizabeth C.Wain, died, 
2nd July 1972, also her sister, Mattie J.Murdoch, died, 4th 
Feb. 1966.

In loving memory of Edmund Gut O'Oliver,of Whitfield, Bray, 
born, August 28th 18887, died, May 1st 1933, also his wife, 
Alice, who died, July 10th 1946, aged, 84 years.

Thomas Robert Noble, devoted husband and father, died, 9th 
April 1963, Emma Jane Noble, beloved mother, 1894-1989. In 
loving memory of, William Larminie, born, 1st Aug. 1845, 
died, 19th Jan. 1900. The devoted son of, Breda Larminie, 
who died at Bray, 3rd April 1903, aged, 83 years, who rests 
here also with her eldest son, John Charles Larmimie, 
M.I.C.E. born, 30 the June 1846, passed away, 1st Aug. 1933.

In loving memory of, William T. Poole, Tinneahinch, 
Enniskerry, who died, 14th March 1977, and his wife, Marie 
Poole, died, 13th Aug.  1982, also their beloved daughter, 
May, who died, 13th Dec. 1997.

In loving memory of, Edit Alexandra, died, 4th Jan. 1969, 
dearly loved wife of, Eric Mc Keeman, who died, 3rd Aug. 

In loving memory of, Henry E. Ward, died, March 8th 1967, 
Leita Ward, died, October 9th 1961, also our dear sister, 
Jeametta  Wildon, died, February 1963, Mary Louise (May)) 
Saunders\, 25th May ? October 1967.

In loving memory of, Charles Frederick Milne, 1863-1948, 
Edit Jane (nee Williams) Milne 1874-`924, A E.Besford 
Williams 1870-1932, Desmond Besford Milne,  1906- 1962, 
Ronnie Milne, 1909 1976, Eric Preston Milne, 1906- 1991.