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ABBOTT, Dr. Richard Theophilus MD. 1833-1881	 Surgeon and 
Sanitary Commissioner, Inspector of Jails and Dispensaries 
and Superintendent of Vaccination. Hyderabad,  Nagpur, etc, 

ALCOCK, Rev. James Henry.  d.1965.  From 1925-1948 
Powerscourt Parish was not considered wealthy enough to 
afford a Rector.  The Rev. Alcock was Curate-in-Charge from 
1925 - 1933, and Rev. Mervyn Archdall Bryn followed him 
until 1948.

ALLEN, Gladys . d.1986 . Teacher at Powerscourt National 
School; then lecturer in Irish at Church of Ireland College 
of Education. Principal of Colaiste Moibhi 1952-1984. ALLEN, 
Ellen  d.1972, aged 92. Mother of Gladys, who lived with her 
at the schools.

ALLEN, Thomas Taylor Allen. Bengal Civil Service, d. 1927 in 
Bray. Graduate of  Queens Coll. Cork; appointed to Bengal 
Revenue and Judicial depts 1859; held various posts in legal 
affairs; magistrate, member of the legislative council etc, 
until retirement in  1894. In 1897, he published a 
translation of the Autobiography of Madam Guyon (1648-1717), 
the first to render this into English. Jeanne-Marie Bouvier 
de la Motte Guyon was a French mystic in the reign of Louis 
XIV . She was a leading exponent of Quietism, a theory that 
redemption and contentment comes from constant prayer.. 
Considered heretical by the Roman Catholic Church, she was 
imprisoned from 1695to 1703 after publishing a book on 
Prayer. Thomas Allen began his translation as "an occupation 
to fill up leisure hours in the Indian hot weather", but 
became increasingly interested in this 17th Century woman, 
persecuted for her beliefs. Until relatively recent times, 
Allen's translation was the only complete one in English, 
though Madam Guyon's ideas were well known in theological 
and spiritual studies..

ALLEN, Wentworth (Wenty) d 1943,aged 49. Irish Cricketer, 
right handed batsman and a medium pace bowler. Played eight 
times for Ireland between 1920 and 1925.

ARMSTRONG, Reg, (1928-1979) Racing Motorcyclist, runner-up 
five times in World Championships.  He won 7 World 
Championship Grand Prix races 1952-56 and the Isle of Man 
Senior 500cc TT in 1952.  Reg Armstrong Motors assembled and 
distributed motorbikes at Ringsend, for Opel from 1962 to 
1975. An expert shot, he represented Ireland in the 1978 
World Clay Pigeon Championships in Korea.  He lived in 
Ashford and died in a road accident.

ATKINSON. Rev. Frederick Staples., d.1945.  Rector of 
Derryheen( Diocese of Cavan) 1888-1924

BARLOW, William Ruxton, 1855-1922. Col Royal Artillery. 
Superintendent of the Royal Laboratory. Expert on 
Ammunitions. Retired on half pay in 1897

BARLOW , Maurice, 1870-1923, Veterinary Surgeon, brother of 
the above. Their father was Rev James William Barlow, 
history professor and Vice Provost of TCD from 1889-1899. 
The Rev James was founder of the SPR Society in Dublin, a 
select group of individuals, mostly academic, clerical, 
protestant and middle class, for the promotion of Scientific 
Psychical Research. When he died in 1913, his sons and 
daughter moved to St Valerie, Bray. The daughter, Jane 
Barlow, 1857-1917,  was a poet and author of some repute. 
She was the first recipient of an honorary doctorate from 
TCD in 1904. She is buried with her parents in Mount Jerome.

JAMES WALTER BECKETT (1875-1938) Master builder and TD. 
During a long career in the building industry, he served as 
President of the Builders' Federation and of the Dublin 
Master Builders' Association. He and his firm were 
associated with the renovation and extension of many 
churches, including Rathmines Methodist, Christ Church Dun 
Laoghaire, and Novara Road Parochial Hall, Bray. He was 
elected to the Dail as a Fine Gael TD for Dublin City South 
in 1927, until his death. Cousin of Samuel Beckett and 
father of Walter Koehler Beckett, musician and composer of 

BLENNERHASSETT, Giles. MC   d 1978. Served during WW1 in the 
Irish Rifles, then in the RFC. Was a flying ace, credited 
with 8 victories. Observer with 18 Squadron, flying an FE 
2b, a contraption which resembled a cat's cradle; the 
observer sat in front of the pilot and in the early days was 
armed with a camera and a pistol. Neither harness nor 
parachutes were issued.

BOYD, Walter , Ravenna, Bray, d.1932. The headstone also 
commemorates his son, Thomas Evelyn Boyd 10th Batt. Royal 
Dublin Fusiliers who died a POW in Germany in 1918 aged 20. 
His name appears on the Aravon School War Memorial.

BOYLE, Rev. William Foster, 1860-1951.  He served the parish 
for 68 years.  He was Curate to Powerscourt church in the 
1880s, but gave this up when he married. His wife was 
Phillipa Jephson, niece of Sir John Crampton. The Jephson 
household moved into Bushy Park on the death of Sir John. 
Phillipa, continuing in the artistic tradition of her 
family, was a writer of romantic novels.   The Rev Boyle 
lived the life of a gentleman in Bushy Park, and made 
violins as a hobby.  He deputised frequently for the Rectors 
and served on the Select Vestry.  In spite of his high blood 
pressure, he lived until the age of 91.

BOYLE, Selina ( Ina,) 1889-1967.  She was a prolific 
composer and musician, and daughter of Rev. Foster Boyle of 
Bushy Park.  She studied in Dublin and briefly with Vaughan 
Williams.  She wrote a symphony titled "Glencree" and a Hymn 
tune "Enniskerry".  Though her work is now almost forgotten, 
she was highly regarded in musical circles.  In the Carnegie 
Collection of British Music, set up in 1917 to encourage 
young musicians, she is the only female composer 
represented. A revival of her work is due, and begun.

BRESLIN, Edward. d.1897  Developed the catering and hotel 
business in Bray after the arrival of William Dargan's 
railway. By 1859, his royal Marine Hotel had 90 bedrooms and 
12 sittingrooms. He was one of the commissioners for Bray, 
wealthy , energetic, and involved in every improvement in 
the town.

BREW, Olive Caroline, d. 1968 aged 95, widow of Dr. Cecil 
Brew, Physician  and Medical Officer of Health for Bray.(c 
1910); their daughter Marjory Caroline Le Fanu d. 2004 aged 
93, and her husband John Lewen Le Fanu (see below) who died 
aged 98

BROWNE, Cyril, OBE,MA d.1960 at Roslyn, Bray. He was the son 
of Major the Lord Richard Browne, 7th Fusiliers, of Sligo 
(1834-1912). Cyril's wife, Alice Christina, was the daughter 
of Frederick Thomas Lewen of Castle Grove, Co Galway.( and 
niece of the famous "Flying General", Brig Gen Arthur Corrie 

BROWNE, Peter Raleigh Howe, 2nd Lt, son of the above, was 
killed in France in 1940 at the retreat to Dunkirk, aged 22. 
A plaque commemorates him in Christ Church, Bray

BROWNE, Phyllis Marion Alice, sister of the above, has 
separate entries. See IND and PENNEFATHER.

 BUCKLEY, Francis and Georgina, of Powerscourt Arms Hotel in 
Enniskerry. Their son, William Buckley, Lt. 7th Battalion 
R.I.R. died in 1918, aged 29, while a POW in France.

BULWER, infant child of Henry and Mary Bulwer. d.1887, ‘a 
few hours old'. Henry Alan Bulwer was the son of Walter 
Redfoord Bulwer, of Seaview Enniskerry. Walter was Lord 
Powerscourt's Land Agent. Henry's wife was Mary Sophia 
Wingfield, great granddaughter of Richard 4th Viscount 
Powerscourt. The Bulwer family, including Walter, emigrated 
to British Columbia.  Walter's sister, Dorothea, married 
Humphrey Lloyd, noted mathematician and Provost of Trinity 
College. Lloyd's family home at one time was Kilcroney 

BUNN, William, d.1883  Churchwarden at Powerscourt at the 
time the new church was built.  His name appears on the 
document buried in the foundation stone. Farmer at Killegar.

CAMPBELL, Rev. Ernest F.  Rector of Christ Church Bray 1943 
- 1960, and Freeman of the City of Dublin.

CARLETON, Annie (Nano).   Nano was the caretaker of the 
parochial hall for 20 years, 1956-1977, and a well known 
figure in the village.  She lived on the premises in two 
tiny rooms.  Nano had been a "Nurse child", an orphan 
brought up by a local family in Glencree.

CARNEGIE, John Dalrymple.  1824-1903.  Dublin Stockbroker 
and philanthropist; benefactor and member for 30 years of 
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Bray, where one of the 
windows commemorates him.  He gave a tenth of his 
considerable income to charitable causes , and was a 
generous subscriber to many Bray enterprises..  His estate 
was valued at £38,405.1s.4d. Lived in Prince Edward Terrace. 
His daughter, Deborah, married Powerscourt's curate, Rev 
Ernest Whelan.

CHARTERS, Robert James d.1975. Dean of Clonmacnoise and 
Archdeacon of Meath. His wife; his brother and wife; his 
sister; his son and his wife are all buried here.

CHASE, Richard, Inspector DMP (Mounted Division).died 
1939.The Dublin Mounted Police was an elite corps of men, 
all over  six feet tall with some grand uniforms. He was 
part of the guard of honour during the visits of three 
monarchs. Queen Victoria in 1900, Edward 7th in 1903 and 
George 5th in 1911, just before he retired to live in 
Glencormack. He had decorations for all three occasions. 
Richard Chase had retired before the Rising in 1916, but was 
involved in policing the Tramway Riots of 1913. He was 
injured trying to defend the Tram Depot at Ringsend and his 
horse was knocked down under him by the hundreds of people 
taking part.

CHERRY, Richard Theodore, Lt 9th Batt Rifle Brigade; wounded 
1916, but survived. Died 1948. Son of Lord Chief Justice 
Cherry, Attorney General of Ireland, 1905-9

COCHRANE, Sir Desmond, 1918-1979    Major in the Lancashire 
Fusiliers in 1940; Hon. Irish Consul in Beirut for Syria and 
the Lebanon . Controller of Beirut Racecourse. Active in the 
Irish Army's first deploymant in Lebanon with the UN in 
1953. Married Lebanese activist Yvonne Sursock.

COCHRANE, Henry, Woodbrook, d. 1945.	Grandson of Sir 
Henry Cochrane, "the C-in-C man" who invented the "pea in 
the bottle", first Director of Cantrell & Cochrane, 
manufacturers of carbonated drinks. This Henry was a Major 
in WW2, serving with the Inniskillin Fusiliers. Decorated 
MC, he died in an accident in Austria.

COCHRANE, Lady Elsa, d.1966, mother of Henry and Sir 
Desmond, one of three divorced wives of Sir Ernest Cochrane, 
son of Sir Henry, Woodbrook (see above) Her daughter, 
Elizabeth Margaret, married Professor Robert Elsworth Steen, 
noted Paediatrician,( see below)

COOKE, Maura, died 7th Dec. 2004.  Teacher of Art at 
Alexander College, she gave a lifetime of service to the 
Irish Girl Guides.

COTTON, Charles P. d. 1904	   President of the Engineering 
Association of Ireland after Bindon Blood Stoney; wrote 
papers on public health, sanitation, etc. Wrote "Manual of 
Railway Engineering for Field and Office" . Amazon.com's 
comment in their old books section suggests that this title 
might be on everyone's favourite Christmas list! His father, 
the REV. HENRY COTTON, Dean of Lismore until 1849, was a 
distinguished academic , dying in 1879 in his 90th year. 
Henry Cotton was responsible for a Diocesan Clergy list, 
Fasti Ecclesiae Hibernicae.

CRAIG, Thomas d.1896  of Novara, Bray. His son, Hedley 
William Craig 2nd Lt. 30 squadron, RFC., killed in action 
aged 27, in Samarrah, Mesopotamia, in 1917. Shot down while 
flying as an observer. The pilot also died, and the burial  
of both was conducted by the German pilot who downed them. 
Recorded on the War memorials of Dublin Boy Scouts, Aravon 
School and Bray Town. Graduating fromTCD in 1913, Hedley was 
a notable athlete, a runner with the Harriers; about to take 
up a Divinity Course at the outbreak of war; Superintendent 
of the Fishamble Street Mission and Secretary for Ireland of 
the Boy Scouts Association.

CRAIG. Eliza Brent Rosetta, wife of Thomas, ‘ died at 
Wimereux in 1917 during the Great War'.  Wimereux in France 
was at that time the headquarters of the QMAAS, and had a 
large group of hospitals served by VADs. Perhaps she was 

CRAIG, Lizbeth Burkitt, d 1957, daughter of Thomas and 
Eliza, was a missionary for some 30 years in Fukien , China, 
with the Dublin University Mission (DUM). She was a trained 
teacher, a graduate of Trinity, gold medallist in Modern 
Literature, and founder of Women Students Missionary 
Association. The history of CMS Fukien 1909 , records that 
she was the first lady graduate of Dublin University to join 
the staff and her work was largely supported by the Women 

CRAIG, Arthur Brent, d 1955, Headmaster of Aravon School 
,Bray 1928-55. Brother  of Hedley Craig (above). In WW1 was 
a Captain in the Worcestershire Regiment, 1914-1919; wounded 
but survived.

CRAMPTON, Selina, 1813-1893  she was the favourite daughter 
of Sir Philip Crampton, the well known Surgeon. In the late 
1800s she lived at Glenbrook, Enniskerry with her widowed 
sister Adelaide ( see Jephson) . Clever and talented, she 
was known as an artist, gardener, wit and generous friend. 
Went to live in Bushy Park on the death of her brother, Sir 
John. (see below)

CRAMPTON, Sir John, 1805- 1886.  of Bushy Park.  He was the 
elder son of Sir Philip Crampton, the famous surgeon.  
Eccentric career diplomat in Russia and US, and caused a 
diplomatic row there by recruiting for the Crimea .He 
married Victoria Balfe, who divorced him.  She was a 
celebrated singer and daughter of the Irish composer Michael 
Balfe. An accomplished painter, observing life on his 
diplomatic travels with an artists eye.

CREAM, Alice Lake, wife of Clement Chevellier Cream 
(1854-1937),Manager and Secretary of the National Assurance 
Company of Ireland. Their son, Clement Byron Chevallier 
Cream, Private Canadian Seaforth Highlanders was killed in 
action in 1915. Name on the Aravon War memorial and on the 
Memorial window of Worcester College, England. Another son, 
Major RobertTemple Chevallier Cream went to France with 57th 
Siege Battery RGA. Won 5 medals. A career soldier, he 
survived the war.

CRISP, John Francis, 1923-2017. WW2 veteran. He was a 
student in TCD in his second year when he enlisted in 1941 
in Belfast. He was 18. He served with the North Irish Horse 
which was an armoured car regiment at the time. He was in 
the African and Italian campaigns and was part of a 
Churchill tank crew, as a wireless operator-gunner. In 
civilian life, he worked in the shoe trade, and was an avid 
gardener and motor bike enthusiast.

CURTIS, Amy. CBE	 She was made Superintendent WRNS in 
1946. In the Naval Review of 1978, Admiral Sir William James 
is quoted: " There is nothing these Wrens cannot do….I am 
most fortunate in my Superintndent, a Miss Amy Curtis. She 
is a most remarkable woman and combines firmness, tact and 
charm to a degree rare in women of authority. The Wrens all 
admire and respect her ..(and).. though there are 6,000 
Wrens, I have never had a disciplinary case to deal with. I 
put this down to her fine example and leadership. If there 
is ever a change at the Admiralty Wrennery, I hope she will 
become the Admiral Wren". Miss Curtis died in 1970 at 
Kilpedder, aged 76.

D'ARCY, Ida Maud. d.1920	g/daughter of Sir Robert 
Prescott Stewart, famous organist, composer and professor of 
Music at TCD. He founded and conducted Bray Philharmonic 
Society choir from 1866-73, often practising at his house, 
"Holyrood" on the Seafront. Some of his family remained 
living in Bray. Ida is buried here with her sister, 
Charlotte STEWART, d. 1905. Ida's husband, Matthew D'Arcy 
was killed in action in Mafeking 1901. The D'Arcy family 
lived at Kilcroney House.

DARLEY FAMILY.	Violet Hill Bray. Benefactors and long term 
parishioners of Kilbride Church. Wellington and Anne Darley 
died in 1920 and 1925. Wellington was a Director of the Bank 
of Ireland;  J.P.;on the Board of Governors of the Meath 
hospital; a supporter of animal welfare and interested in 
Psychical research. He donated the Connacher organ to 
Kilbride church in 1889. They lost two sons and a daughter 
in the First World War, who are commemorated in the stained 
glass windows of the church and the Altar screen: Arthur 
Tudor Darley, Commander of HMS Good Hope, 1914; Lt Col.John 
Evelyn Darley of the 4th Hussars,  1918; Stella Cecil Darley 
,VAD, 1917. The brass plaque dated Easter 1919, has the 
inscription: "In glad thanksgiving for their lives; in proud 
remembrance of their deaths" Stella is buried here.

DARLINGTONS.   The family lived at Monastery House, 
Enniskerry, and had been there since the 1760s. Charles, 
Horace John Darlington, d.1958, gentleman farmer of 
Monastery, Enniskerry. In 1918, one of the few people in the 
parish with a car. His daughter, May Moore, (see Cecil 
Moore) was a Guide Leader, and enrolling member for the 
Mothers' Union for 25 years. Her sister, Monica Darlington, 
1911-2000, a teacher, ran the GFS.( Girls' Friendly Society) 
The Rev Charles Arnold DARLINGTON, RNVR, died on active 
service as chaplain, HMS Drake, 1943;

DAUNT, Ernest George, d 1960.  Dean of Cork.

DeGROOT, Mary E. (Bessie), died 3rd Jan. 1981.   Bessie was 
the wife of Francis De Groot who swept to world fame when he 
hijacked the opening of The Sydney Harbour Bridge, slashing 
the ribbon with his ceremonial sword. Bessie was known for 
her lively disposition and for her delight in purple hair 
ribbons, whisky and untipped cigarettes. Before her 
Australian life, Bessie (nee Byrne) had worked in Switzers.

DEANE-OLIVER, Charles, CE,d.1945, of Rockmills House Co 
Cork. Chief Engineer, Dept. of Agriculture, and the 
Congested Districts and Fisheries Board. Responsible for a 
great many of the harbours in the south and west of Ireland, 
and for opening up the harbour in Arklow in 1915.. He worked 
directly with Dr Siemens on the Bushmills Electric Tramway- 
the first in the UK and longest in the world. In 1919, the 
year he retired, Rockmills House was attacked by armed 
masked men who shot Charles in both thighs. In the spring of 
1921, the IRA burnt the house down and the family were 
forced to go to England as refugees, living with relations.

  His wife, Maria Charlotte Litton (Mina) ,d.1933, was the 
daughter of the Hon Edward Falconer Litton (1827-1890) QC, 
Barrister and Liberal Party politician, MP for Tyrone for a 
short time. Litton left Parliament to take up an appointment 
as the first Judicial Land Commissioner under the Land Act 
,1881. Litton's family home was Ardavilly ,Cloyne (see also 
LITTON) , but he also lived at Valclusa, Enniskerry.

Charles' brother, Rev Richard John Deane-Oliver, CBE. As 
chaplain served in WW1, and was mentioned in despatches; 
Assistant Chaplain General 1915-1920 in the service of 
Eastern Command.

DEANE-OLIVER, Richard Edward , RE, born 1890, and baptised 
in Powerscourt Church. Only son of Charles Deane-Oliver CE,( 
above) and grandson of Edward Falconer Litton,QC.  Killed in 
Action on the Somme, 7th Sept. 1916, in his 26th year. 
Educated at "Mr Bookey's School, Bray" (Aravon), Shrewsbury 
and TCD, where he graduated in Arts and Engineering. Gave up 
a responsible job on the Manchester Ship Canal to take a 
commission in the Royal Engineers and was killed 
instantaneously by a shot while engaged in constructing a 
new line of trenches. His CO wrote of him " the famous corps 
to which he belonged for so short a time, will always regard 
him as one of her heroes."

DEANE-OLIVER, Margaret Silver Esther, sister of the above, d 
1988, was a highly qualified doctor. A graduate of TCD, she 
qualified MB.BCh in 1926, BOA (Obstetrics) in 1941, and DA 
(Diploma in Anaesthesia). Principal anaesthetist of the 
Meath Hospital, and consulting anaesthetist of the National 
Childrens' Hospital.

DES VEOUX, Alice H. d.1874    daughter of Major Thomas Des 
Veoux, Portarlington. Her brother was a career soldier, 
Major Charles Hamilton Des Veoux, serving in Australia and 
Afganistan. He took part in a famous seige of Semana fort on 
the North West Frontier in 1897.The Sikh regiment and their 
officers defended the fort for several days against rebel 
tribesmen, while Mrs DesVeoux gave birth under fire to a 
baby girl. The child lived and was named Violet  Semana. The 
nursemaid attending Mrs DesV.had to combine her duties with 
caring for the many wounded. For this she was awarded the 
Royal Red Cross medal, which she received from Queen 
Victoria's own hands. Unfortunately the records of the early 
recipients of the Royal Red Cross before the Great War are 
incomplete, and so far nothing can be found except her name. 
Theresa McGrath was almost certainly Irish. Rather a remote 
connection to Enniskerry, but a good story.

DOBBS, "Little Peggy", d. 1917.  Perhaps the most loved 
memorial in the graveyard,  visited by generations of 
children.  She was an only child and died in Bray at the age 
of 7.  Her mother lived to be an old lady of 102.  She was 
Dolly Montgomery, the daughter of a Moderator of the 
Presbyterian Church.

D'OLIER, Alice, d. 1939.  Wife of Edmund Guy D'Olier of 
Knocklinn, Ballyman, who was a wine merchant.   Alice was 
the first Secretary of the Mothers' Union at Powerscourt 
Church in 1907. Lived later at Fairy Hill, Bray.( see also, 

D'OLIER, Bertrand.  Son of Alice and Edmund.  Pilot Officer 
who was killed in a flying accident in 1923.  An early 
casualty in the history of flight.

DONNELLY, Sir John McNeale, C.B., K.C.B.  d. 1907.   He 
joined Madras Medical Department in 1856, and he became 
Deputy Surgeon General HM forces in Burma 1885.  He 
superintended vaccination programmes against smallpox among 
the civilian population, insisting that his officers learn 
the native languages.

DOUGLAS, James, d.1924	 Steward of Charleville in the 
1870s. He was in charge of the gardens, the demesne and the 
home farm. He lived in a little house built into the stones 
of Charleville walled garden with his sister, Alice 
(d.1934). Both are buried here.

DRAPER, Carter, 1845-1902.  County Surveyor Wicklow from 
1882.  He was involved in the railway schemes of the county 
and the controversy over the Dublin to Blessington Steam 
Tramway and the interminable plans for the Bray to 
Enniskerry railway. Designed the Captain Robert Halpin 
memorial in Wicklow town.

DUFF-MOORE, Rev. Alexander. After a long career as rector of 
Killiskey, he was  Rector of Kilbride for the last five 
years of his life. Archdeacon of Glendalough 1937-1942. His 
sister Jessie, was married to Lt Col Rickard, commanding 
officer of the 2nd Batt Royal Munster Fusiliers in WW1. He 
and some 600 of his men were killed in a disastrous battle 
in 1915. She commissioned the famous painting entitled "The 
Last General Absolution of the Munsters" by Fortunino 
Matania, then an official war artist. The painting depicts 
the chaplain, Fr Gleeson, blessing the troops by a roadside 
shrine on the evening before the battle. Jessie Rickard was 
herself a well known novelist.

EDWARDS, Guy. 1925-2006		Served in WW2 as a mid-rear 
gunner. He was shot down, captured and was a survivor of a 
POW camp and subsequent "death march".

EGLINTON,Joseph  1832-1875	Tutor to Lord Powerscourt and an 
RM (Resident Magistrate) in Co. Down. A rather stern 
quotation is carved on the stone: "Set thy house in order, 
for thou shalt die and not live". And beneath, as if 
relenting, "God is Love"

ELMITT, Austina, b. 1847   wife of Lt Col George Edward 
Elmitt., Novara, Bray. Their sons, Austin Joyce Elmitt, MC, 
Capt Welsh Regiment, killed Nov. 1917, aged 20, and George 
Carleton Brooksby Elmitt, Lt. 7th Batt RIF was killed near 
Ypres Aug 1917. Both recorded on the Aravon memorial and 
Bray Town. Austin's medal was presented to his mother at 
Portobello Barracks and pinned on the breast of his 
schoolboy brother.

ERCK, John Caillard Wentworth. 1862-1938, "Sherrington" 
Shankill. Lt Col. Indian Army.  Also fought in China, and 
was Draft Conducting Officer with the Royal Irish Rifles in 
WW1. He had two sisters, also buried here: MARY EMILY ERCK 
1860-1950 and CAROLINE ERCK who died in 1958 at the age of  
97. These ladies lived at Sherrington also and were beloved 
in Shankill, well known for their benevolence and 
hospitality. Sherrington had been owned by their uncle, Mr. 
Wentworth Erck,1827-1890. He was a barrister, magistrate and 
Poor Law Guardian, but his great passion was astronomy. He 
built an observatory in the garden of the house, and 
constructed his own telescopes, with which he made close 
observations of the heavens, especially of Mars and Jupiter. 
These observations impressed, and were acknowledged by, the 
professionals. Both house and observatory have been 
demolished since. The Rev John Caillard Erck, brother of 
Wentworth, was a vicar in England, but had been Perpetual 
Curate of Kilbride Church , Bray from 1860-1861 Three 
generations of John Caillard Ercks  preceded these 
gentlemen, the first dying in 1811.He was a sugar refiner, 
and established the family fortunes in sweet bakeries. The 
Ercks descended from Huguenot families who came to Ireland 
in the 17th century.

FELLINGHAM, George, d.1903	Lived at Powersourt Gate Lodge. 
Unmarked grave.

FENTON, Thomas, d.1960	gardener at Powerscourt House, 1950s

FITZGERALD, William Raymond, 1890-1964.  After serving with 
The Royal Engineers in WW1, he joined Egyptian Railways. He 
became the General Manager in 1941.  He was knighted in 1947 
for war service in Calcutta, where he held the honorary rank 
of Major General. His grandfather was the Rt, Rev. Bishop of 
Killaloe, William Fitzgerald, who consecrated Powerscourt 
Church on 15th September, 1863. ( who also consecrated 
Christ Church Bray in July the same year)

FOX, Leilagh,,d.2003; Dorothy ,d.2001 and Marie,d.1997 
(Sisters). Worked Verney Farm, Kilternan, in traditional 
style for decades.  They were well known for the production 
of top quality milk, pasteurised, packed and distributed 
directly from the farm.

GALLAGHER,  Anthony. d. 1928.	 RIC constable in Borris, 
Co.Carlow, and later in Enniskerry, following Thomas Mustard 
(see below). On retirement he also followed Mr Mustard at 
his post of gatekeeper at the Dargle. His daughter Kathleen 
married Thomas Mustard's son, also Thomas, a mason in co. 
Louth . The grave contains 5 members of the family. The 
last, Annie Gallagher, died in 1973 and was the old lady 
remembered at the cottage at Dargle Glen (now demolished), 
who collected pennies from walkers.

GALBRAITH, Ven. Archdeacon Henry, d. 1905, Rector of 
Powerscourt for 30 years.; Archdeacon of Glendalough. He and 
his family lived in the New Rectory, built in 1874, on the 
Cookstown Road. Also his second wife, Charlotte. The 
Connacher organ in the church was a gift in her memory 1889. 
Rev Galbraith had been the Rector of Rathdrum , and was sent 
for to teach the young Charles Stuart Parnell at Avondale.  
He was not very successful, as the child would climb out of 
the window to escape the lesson.

GALBRAITH, Norman and Eileen.  Two of the children of 
Archdeacon Galbraith, Rector of Powerscourt.  Norman, b. 
1878, worked for the Colonial Office in Ceylon from 1902.  
He died on active service in WW1, and his name is on the War 
Memorial inside the Church.  The headstone tells the story 
of Eileen who, with her sister, Alice, went to Sudan to 
serve as missionaries.  She was buried in Nairobi in 1946. 
Alice died in Sudan in the 1920s. She was much older than 
her step brother and sister and helped to bring them up in 
the Enniskerry Rectory. Eileen married Dr. Kenneth Fraser, 
and together they founded and developed a very successful 
ministry in Lui, Sudan.

GATENBY, John James Bronte 1892-1960	Appointed Professor 
of Zoology, TCD in 1921. Born and educated in New Zealand, 
he was related to the Bronte family, through Patrick 
Bronte's brother. GATENBY, Peter Barry Bronte 1923-2015, his 
son, was Professor of Medicine at TCD; Ireland's first full 
time professor of Clinical Medicine, and Medical Director of 
the UN.

GAYNOR, Sarah, d. 1922	 For many years nurse to the family 
of Rev.Boyle of Bushy Park

GIBSON, George Henry. d. 1981	last manager of the 
Blessington Tramway.

GILBERT,Jane. d.1906	On the headstone: " For nearly 22 
years the much loved and devoted friend and nurse in the 
family of the Rt. Rev. Wm Packenham Walsh DD, Bishop of 
Ossery, Ferns, and Leighlin". Jane's people were from Co. 
Wicklow, and the Bishop married, as his second wife, Annie, 
one of the daughters of Rev, Hackett of Crinken. He was a 
good deal older and already had 7 children, and had 4 more 
with Annie.

GOULDING, Sir Basil and Lady Valerie.  Sir Basil (1909-1982) 
was a Wing Commander in the RAF in WW2, an industrialist, in 
the family fertiliser business, W&HM Goulding and Co, and 
art collector.   Lady Valerie (1918-2003) was a campaigner 
for the disabled, and Senator.  In 1951, she set up The 
Central Remedial Clinic following the polio epidemic, and 
was a tireless fundraiser for this and other projects for 
the disabled. She was regarded as a possible candidate for 
the Presidency of Ireland.

GRAHAM, Barbara Mary 1906 –1964. Widow of Col. P L Graham MC 
(1919) R A anti-Tank Regiment in WW 2. Daughter of Col E 
Cotton Jury ( see below)

GRAHAM, Constance Elaine, 1929- 2014 . For more than 40 
years worked with Interserve, an interdenominational 
missionary society in Asia and the Middle East. Twenty two 
years of her service was in India and Pakistan. Elaine grew 
up in the Rectory at Castlecomer, where her father was 
Rector.(see below) She trained at Redcliffe Missionary 
College and travelled, in 1955, to Lahore, to be, in turn, 
librarian at Kinnaird College, secretary at a field hospital 
in India, and again as secretary to the principal of 
Kinnaird High School. She was appointed a church worker for 
the Church of Pakistan, serving in St. Andrews church, until 
she returned in 1977 to London to work at the Society's 
Office. She became Director of Interserve in the Republic 
until retirement in 1994. She was then commissioned as a 
Diocesan lay reader, serving Powerscourt and Kilbride 
Parishes. She became President of YWCA , writing a history 
of the Association in Ireland.

GRAHAM, Rev Malcolm Moore, 1898-1965, Incumbent of 
Castlecomer 1932-1961; Chancellor of Ossary 1954-61. Retired 
to Glencormac, where his daughter Elaine lived after him. . 
His wife, Constance Kathleen Hilare Vaughan. d.1991. Also  
Frances  Graham of Waterloo Road, d. 1979, his sister. His 
brother, Rev Henry Colles Graham, a missionary with the DU 
Fukien Mission to China, was killed in 1918, shot at sea by 
Chinese pirates.

GREGG, Archbishop John Allen Fitzgerald, CH. 1873-1961.  
Archbishop of Dublin 1920-1938. Though a conservative and 
Unionist, he encouraged his flock to come to terms with the 
political realities of 1922. Tall and dignified, he was once 
mistaken for De Valera, and arrested.  Archbishop of Armagh 
and Primate of all Ireland 1939-1959. Respected Church 
Historian. Also commemorated, his sons, Claude and John 
Francis GREGG who died in WW2 aged 25 and 37. John Francis 
was drowned at sea while a prisoner of the Japanese.

GRIFFIN, Leslie  		Rugby player. Played for Ireland in 
1949, a Triple Crown winning year. He also played for the 
Barbarians, Leinster and for Wanderers FC from 1942-1952.

HAMILTON, John. of Merrion Square.   d 1875	Surgeon to the 
Queen in Ireland, and Vice President of the College of 

HANAN, Anthony Mervyn Sandys  d.1972  Had the task of 
bringing the John F. Kennedy Arboretum to fruition. Henry 
Jervis Sandys was his grandfather (see below). His father, 
Dr Charles P. Hanan, was the doctor in charge of Newcastle 
Hospital, originally built in 1896 for the treatment of T.B.

HAWKESWORTH, Desmond  d 1970	 Governor of Kersala 
Province of Sudan His twin, Geoffrey, d.1969 concluded his 
Sudan career as Governor of Kordofan,1950-54, and later 
Chairman of the Public Service Commission in Nigeria.

HEATLEY, Elizabeth  d.1977. headmistress of the French 
School, Bray 1934 – 1955, buried here in the family grave. 
HEATLEY, Edward, Royal Dublin Fusiliers "Pals" died 1920 
aged 25. Recorded on Bray War Memorial. Severely shell 
shocked at Suvla Bay, Gallipoli, he was discharged to a 
medical facility in Bray in 1918, where he died in 1920. The 
RDF awarded him the Silver War Badge, an acknowledgement for 
those who for one reason or another were not able to 
continue in service, and thus not eligible for the campaign 
medals. It was inscribed, "for King and Empire- Services 

HENRY, Paul, 1876-1958.  Famous painter, especially of 
scenes of life in the West of Ireland, where he lived on 
Achill Island for 9 years.  This is the most famous and 
visited grave in the churchyard. Henry lived in Kilmacanogue 
for many years

HENRY, Robert Mitchell, 1873-1950	Brother of Paul Henry. 
Classical scholar. Appointed chair of Latin at Queens 
University, Belfast in 1908. Lecturer at St. Andrew's 
University and at Trinity College Dublin as chair of 
Classical Literature. Irish Nationalist and in  sympathy 
with the aims of the Gaelic league. Supporter of Home Rule.

HEWITT, John, d. 1901.  Engaged as Sexton and his wife as 
Sextoness in 1884.  On his contract, he is described as 
Ex-Sergeant. RIC. He was 47 at the time and brought his 
growing family with him. The headstones show that three 
children died young, a family story of tragic loss in one 
century, but long life in the next. Fifty years later, Alice 
McNulty earned £50 a year as Sextoness, but the fees charged 
for writing the names in the burial book remained at 2/6d

IRWIN, Infant.  d. 1934, The Infant child of Rev. H. Clarke 
Irwin.  He was the Minister of St. Andrew's Presbyterian 
Church, Bray. 1881 - 1892, the second to hold that office. 
The Irwin family emigrated to Australia.

IND, Harold Hugh Brodie BSc 1914-1977. Member of the Ind 
Coope brewing family.  2nd Lt Scots Guards 1934-35. 
Graduated Edinburgh 1938. Married Phyllis Marion Alice 
Browne of Rosslyn. Bray in 1941. She was a noted artist. 
After her husband's death she remarried in 1982, Mr 
Kingsmill Pennefather. (For obituary of Phyllis, see 
Pennefather) Her brother was killed in WW2, 1940 (see 

JEPHSON, Henry Lorenzo  d.1914  , Glenbrook. Son of HPG 
Jephson,( see below) brother of Phillipa and uncle of Ina 
Boyle, the composer. Worked with London County Council. 
Wrote books, including "The Sanitary Evolution of London" 
(1907) His daughter, Adelaide, married in 1912, Captain 
Grenville Fortescue, killed in action, 1915

JEPHSON, Henry Prittie George 1813-1866	.	So far this is 
the oldest dated headstone in the graveyard. He had been an 
officer in her Majesty's 87th Royal Irish Fusiliers, and 
lived latterly at Glenbrook where his widow and her sister( 
Miss Selina Crampton) continued to live after his death. His 
brother, confusingly named Lorenzo Henry Jephson, died about 
the same time, in Carrick on Suir, when he was struck by a 
stone thrown at him by a disgruntled pensioner. LHJ was one 
of the workhouse Guardians there.

JEPHSON, Adelaide, d.1892, wife of Henry PG and mother of HL 
appears in the Dictionary of Irish Architects as an "amateur 
wood or stone carver". A decorative fireplace for the 
Crampton Lodge at Loch Bray, dated 1902, is stated to be 
carved by her. She was a sister of Sir John Crampton (see 
above). However, there are three Adelaide Jephsons – mother, 
daughter ( Mrs Sandford; see below) and granddaughter (Mrs 

JOHNSTON, Venerable Arthur Joseph.   d. 1941 
Curate-in-charge and then Rector of Kilbride, 1929-1937.  
Archdeacon of Glendalough 1914-1937

JURY, Colonel Edward Cotton CMG; M C  d. 1966 aged 84. 18 th 
Hussars; Served in the South African War 1901-1902; awarded 
the Queens medal with 5 clasps. Captain in 1914 and awarded 
MC in 1916 rose to the rank of Lt. Col. and received 
American DSM and French Ordre de la Couronne. Descended from 
William Jury, founder of the Commercial Family Hotel in 
Dublin, and ran " Jurys" in later life. JURY, Peter Charles 
Cotton, d 1995, son of the above, took over management of 
the hotel from his father. ( se also Graham, above)

KEEGAN, Charlie. 1926- 2003, Well known and respected farmer 
in the area.  Represented Ireland in the World Ploughing 
Championship in 1962, and won it in 1964.  Co-founder of the 
Kilmacanogue Horse Show.  He was also a Show Judge.  He 
served on Powerscourt Church Vestry for 30 years.

KENNEDY, Frederick Alexander, 1879-1966, Solicitor. And 
"Admiralty Marshall" for Dublin Port, responsible for 
impounding vessels which default on port fees, or carry 
contraband goods etc. He played Rugby for Ireland in 1904. 
Frederick married Ruby Mullaly, and their son, George 
O'Brien Kennedy, also known as Brian, was the man 
responsible for introducing hire boats to the Shannon. He 
served in WW2 as a naval architect, and post war designed 
many sailing boats, including the IDRA 14 sailing dinghy. 
Brian wrote an autobiography entitled, "Not All at Sea", 
which tells of his life in Bray among much else. Family of 
Sir Frederick Kennedy, one time eccentric owner of 
"Frascati", the emormous house in Blackrock, Co Dublin, who 
died in 1815.

KERSLAKE ( or KERSLEY) Robert. 	Unmarked grave of sexton of 
Powerscourt Church. Followed Mr Hewitt as sexton (see above)

KILPATRICK, William (Bill) RAF d 2009	Flew Dakotas for 
Transport Command, Burma WW2; Aer Lingus pilot. Talented 

KINLAY, Howard, 1942-1987. Guitarist; Student Representative 
at Trinity, where he was a "radical and innovative leader"; 
President of the Students' Union of Ireland;	 founder and 
director of USIT Travel; editor with RTE and then with the 
Irish Times as News Features Editor . KIRKWOOD, Phoebe.  
died 1945; daughter of Major Charles Kirkwood of Woodbrook, 
Co. Roscommon.  The House, estate and people of the district 
in the 1930s,feature in a memoir, "Woodbrook" by David 
Thomson, Phoebe's tutor.  Phoebe was only 23 when she died 
and her short life is described in loving detail in the 
book, published in 1974. When Woodbrook was sold, the family 
came to live in Glencot, a property in Glencormac.

LAMBERT, N.H. ("Ham") d. 2006.  Famous Veterinary Surgeon 
and sportsman. He specialised in the treatment of small 
animals, and continued this long past retirement.   Official 
Vet to Dublin Zoo for 25 years.  Played cricket for Ireland 
between 1931 and 1947, and Rugby Union in 1934.  A referee 
trainer for more than 50 years.

LANGRELL, Maria (nee Wilson). d.1966   A Jubilee Nurse in 
Enniskerry before she married Isaac Langrell in 1944.  Maria 
lived in Rose Cottage, which was the home of several Jubilee 
nurses over the years.  The headstone reveals that Maria's 
children died as infants.  Only one survived. On her 
Cemetery , she set up the Knockrath Nursing Home in 

LARMINIE, William. 1848-1900	poet and folklorist; 
employed in the BIO (British India Office), from 1873-1887 
and then retired to Bray. Wrote two volumes of poetry and 
collections of stories from local people.

LeFANU, Francis Lewen.  d. 1831 at the age of 21

LeFANU, Captain Hugh Barrington, R.N. d. 1929.  He was 
Harbour Master at Dunkirk 1915-1918; subsequently Officer in 
charge of Coast Guards in S.E. Ireland. ( his son, Admiral 
Sir Michael LeFanu, CB,KCB,GCB 1913-1970,served in WW2 and 
became First Sea Lord 1968-70)

LeFANU, John Lewen, 1906-2005. Grandson of WR Le Fanu (see 
below), son of Brindsley Rankine Le Fanu. He fought in WW2 
in the RAFVR, was chairman on Grahams Lager Ltd and Sales 
Director of Ind Coop & Allsopp, England.

LeFANU, Thomas P. d. 1945.  Son of W.R.LeFanu, Commissioner 
of Public Works.  President of the Royal Society of 
Antiquarians in Ireland.

LeFANU, Victor Charles, J.P.  1862-1939, Agent for Lord 
Meath's Estates and a classical scholar.   He played rugby 
for Ireland 11 times, and was captain in 1892.

LeFANU, William Richard, 1861-1925. Barrister; son of 
W.R.LeFanu.  Queen Anne's Bounty, mentioned on the 
headstone, was a fund for impoverished clergy, set up 1703

LeFANU, William R.  1816-1894.  Famous railway engineer 
responsible for the Bagenalstown and Kilkenny line, 
including the Borris viaduct; author of "Seventy years of 
Irish Life"; had 8 sons and 2 daughters; his brother, Joseph 
Sheridan LeFanu was the writer of Gothic novels; lived at 
Summerhill, now the Hotel. His wife , Henrietta Victorine, 
was daughter of Sir Matthew Barrington,( of Barrington's 
Hospital, Limerick.)

LITTON, George Edward, 1897-1955 Lt Colonel, born in India, 
son of Marshall William Litton, lawyer and coffee planter 
and grandson of Edward Falconer Litton (see Deane-Oliver). 
Marshall was gravely wounded in WW1 and in the Irish 
‘Troubles' he had provided invaluable assistance to the 
British authorities. Marshall's cousin, was, confusingly, 
also called Edward Falconer Litton.

LITTON, Peter George Marshall. Brigadier.OBE. 1920-2006. Son 
of the above. Peter was commissioned into the Sherwood 
Foresters in 1939. Took part in the invasion of Italy at 
Salerno, and was captured in 1944. POW in Germany until 
liberation in 1945. Vaious miltary posts after the war 
including Malaya, Northern Ireland and Cyprus in the 60s. 
ADC to the Queen. Retired 1975; Colonel of the 
Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment until 1983

McCORMICK,Canon Francis James, d. 1947, Rector of Ardcarne 
and Canon of Killmallan. Though he was living in Shankill 
when he died, he was a neighbour and Rector of the Kirkwoods 
in Woodbrook, conducted the funeral service for Phoebe 
Kirkwood(see above) in Powerscourt church, and is buried 
beside her.

McCULLAGH, Andrew Torrens;1815-1902.	related to the 
highly eccentric Irish premier of South Australia, Robert 
Richard Torrens. His daughter, Clare Marsh,(1875-1923) was a 
noted painter in Dublin

McDONAGH, Rev. Charles, d. 1873.  Clergyman at the time the 
new church was built.  Curate of Stagonil 1848-1867. 
Prebendary of Stagonil 1867-1873.  His grave is one of the 
first in the New Churchyard. His predecessor, Rev Joshua 
Bernard is buried in the old churchyard at Powerscourt 
House. ( Rev Joshua's grandson was John Moore Casement CB, 
Admiral RN and ADC to King George V.  John Casement's father 
, Julius, was Sheriff of Co. Wicklow and distantly related 
to executed Roger)

McDONAGH, C.W. d.1936	Drapers in Bray. The shop was at 
25,26, and 27 Main Street. At Christmas,1910, he advertised 
bargains – "6 mens' collars for 2/9; Irish linen sheets at 
17/6 a pair; mens' suits at 15/9". In 1928 the bargains 
included "brown all wool fleece blankets 6/11 each; mens' 
tennis flannels 8/11;ladies' fur trimmed coats (tailor 
made).. clearing regardless of cost 29/6; gents' soft 
collars.. selling at 3 and a half pence" . Not much 
inflation in 18 years.

McDONAGH, Dr Charles Lewens. d. 1976. Set up the first 
Radiology Department of the RotundaHospital in 1927.

McKEE, Rev. Ernest.  Presbyterian Minister in Bray from 
1924-1934.  He was wounded in the 3rd battle of Ypres while 
serving as a Chaplain with the 9th Royal Irish Rifles. His 
son, Ian, was killed in Burma in 1942.

McKENZIE, William Thomas. RAF Volunteer Reserve. d 1943  
Killed by walking into  the rotating propeller of a 
Wellington in the dark at Silloth, Cumbria, after a night 

McMULLEN, General Sir Norman , CIE,KCB,DSO,CMG 1877-1944	 
Born in Delhi to a service family; spent most of his career 
in India. Major to the Ludhiana Sikhs in 1915; mentioned in 
despatches 9 times in the Great War; decorated with the 
Order of the Crown of Belgium, Croix de Guerre of France and 
of Belgium; CIE for services in the Afgan War 1920. In 1935 
appointed General Commander-in- Chief, Eastern Command, 
India. He enjoyed trout fishing.

McMULLEN, John Franklin 1820-1897, Inspector of the Union 
Bank of Australia. Beatrice, nee Carnegie, his wife, 
1823-1887, sister of John D Carnegie (see above)

MacMANUS, Henry RHA 1810-1878	Artist and native of Co. 
Monaghan, he was appointed headmaster of Glasgow School of 
Design in 1845 and returned to Dublin four years later to 
take up a similar post with the Dublin Society. He was a 
successful teacher and artist, well loved by his students as 
the headstone reveals.

McNULTY, Alice.  d. 1978.  A well known figure in the 
parish.  She acted as Sexton from 1939 to 1956.  Lively and 
energetic, she performed an endless range of duties for £50 
a year.  Alice lived in Rose Cottage which had once been an 
Alms House for elderly women.

MACK, Sir Henry, CBE, KCMG, d. 1974	 Career diplomat; 
British Ambassador in Egypt, Iran and Buenos Aires 1950s

MADDEN,Harriett, nee Baxter. d.1869. Widow of Charles Dudley 
Madden (1784-1827) of Rosslea Co Monaghan. JP;DL; and High 
Sheriff. He had fought as a Lieutenant with the 4th Dragoons 
during the Peninsula War 1800-1811 and kept a daily Diary of 
his life in the saddle. This is now printed in full on the 
internet- a fascinating document. Charles Dudley was the 
younger son of Lt Col Samuel Madden, Hilton House, 
co.Monaghan, now a "Hidden Ireland" Country House Hotel, 
still owned by the Madden family.

MALLINSON, P.Russell  ( 1891- 1979)  Pilot in WW1, 
journalist, editor and writer of adventure stories. Gained 
Aviator's certificate in 1916 and joined the RFC as  2nd Lt. 
 and Lt. in 1917. Sustained a head injury in an aircraft 
accident in 1916. Served until 1919. In 1941 commissioned as 
Pilot Officer and promoted to Flight Lieutenant in 1945. 
Relinquished his commission in 1954.. He was a prolific 
writer under many pen names; in the 1920s and 30s wrote 
flying tales for several publications. Retired to Ireland 
and lived in Ballyreagh.

MASON, Ernest Vance,MC. 1887-1960. Capt. RFA. Gassed at 
Ypres 1917; earned MC in Salonica in 1918 "for gallant 
conduct in circumstances of extreme danger (while a FLO. 
Forward Liaison Officer) under continuous heavy barrage" and 
wounded 3 times

MAUNSELL, Arthur Monroe , Major Royal Munster Fusiliers, 
d.1925. His son , commemorated on the headstone, Lieut. 
Douglas Slade Maunsell Royal Munster Fusiliers, was killed 
in 1916. He was invalided home in 1915 and on recovery 
served in Dublin during the Rising, April 1916, and was 
killed within hours of returning to his battalion in France 
in September. The Maunsells have a military pedigree in 
Ireland stretching back to the 11th Century .

MECREDY, Rev. Henry  Capel. Sandys, Rector of Powerscourt 
1907-1924.  He donated the brass font and flagon in 1909 in 
memory of his Godfather, Rev. Charles McDonagh, also Rector 
of Powerscourt until 1874 - most probably to mark the 50th 
anniversary of the church building. His daughters, Louisa 
Hope James Mecredy, buried here in 1967, was a CMS 
missionary in India, and Doris H.Sandys Mecredy, d. 1969. 
They occupied the "new" rectory in Cookstown.

MECREDY, Henry  Sandys 1803-1891.MA,TCD. Father of the 
above. Solicitor, residing at Kingstown at the time of his 
death. Donated the south transept window in honour of his 
father, Wills Hill Mecredy who died at Cookstown in 1852. 
Henry was the grandson of Rev Michael Sandys, rector of 
Stagonil ( Powerscourt ) parish 1775-1814, and a nephew 
therefore of Robert Sandys, agent to two Lord Powerscourts 
until 1845.. Also buried here are Maria Louisa Mecredy ,d. 
1900 ( his wife)  and two daughters, Jane E Sandys Mecredy 
(Bessie) 1864 -1914, and Mary L. Stewart Mecredy, d. 
1951,aged 85. Maria Louisa was the daughter of John Hope 
James, MD, of Enniskerry. His wife was Hester Hope James, 
who died in 1891 a month after her son in law, see above. At 
81, she was 7 years youmger than he. She had been a widow 
for 50 years, as Dr James died in 1842 and is buried in the 
old Graveyard at Powerscourt.

MELLEFONT, Thomas, Lance Corporal. 2nd Royal Irish Rifles, 
killed 1914 at Ypres aged 19.. Recorded on the Powerscourt 
War Memorial. Name on Le Touret Memorial Son of Robert and 
Susan Mellefont. Born in Millisle, Co Down, 1895. His father 
from Wexford, was in the Royal Navy , and worked with the 
Coast Guard service. His mother was born in Dublin. 
Relatives lived in Enniskerry. (Father worked as Sexton at 
Powerscourt Church ?) Thomas was posted in August;, killed 
in action in October ( recorded also on Dunlaoghaire 
Mariner's War Memorial.)

MEREDITH, Captain Boyle, d.1873 ,   13th (PrinceAlbert's) 
Light Infantry; became Staff Officer of Pensioners.

MEREDITH, Rev Ralph R.A. d 1878 (son of the above) Curate of 
Christchurch, Bray 1846-1873 and Rector of Killiskey; 
married Eliza, daughter of Phineas Riall,JP, Old Conna Hill. 
Son of Ralph and Eliza, Lewis Meredith, created the rock 
garden at Old Conna House.

MILLER, Melville 1917-1972 ( k a Sandy) Managing Director of 
Rowntree Mackintosh, Ireland. Killed in the Staines Air 
disaster. He was the only one taken alive from the debris, 
but died soon after.

MILLER, Bishop Robert 1866-1931 	Bishop Cashel,1919-1931

MOSES,Emily (nee Wilkinson)  wife of Marcus Tertius Moses, 
died 1931. He was a tea merchant, politician and magistrate 
in Dublin, and is mentioned in James Joyce's ‘Ullyses'. 
Their son, Marcus Alwynne Moses died of fever in 1914 ages 
27, while serving with the 2nd Rhodesian Regiment in WW1 He 
is honoured on the war memorial in Kilbride Church

MOORE, Cecil Robert, MD, 1902-1960, Phydician in Bray; 
Surgeon Lt. RN in WW2 May Louisa Frances Moore( nee 
Darlington), his wife.

MULLER, Clarissa Johanna( Stein)  1920-1983, daughter of 
Walter Johannes Stein, an Austrian philosopher and 
educationist; pupil and friend of Rudolph Steiner. Her 
mother, Nora, was a eurythmist, a proponent of enlightenment 
through music and movement.

MUSTARD, Thomas James 1826-1902. 	RIC Constable in 
Enniskerry .His eldest son was born in Enniskerry barracks. 
On his retirement, he became the gatekeeper at Dargle and 
reared his large family of 11children there. The headstone 
records the death of the mother and two of the children, 
Cecil and Lucy who died in 1877 and 1878 aged 7 and 10, but 
Thomas himself and 4 other adult members of the family are 
buried here also. He and his wife (d.1886) served teas to 
the visitors to the Dargle Glen. Mr Mustard's son Thomas 
married the daughter of his successor, Kate Gallagher (see 
Gallagher above) and their daughter, Kathleen Mustard, Bray, 
celebrated her 100th birthday in 2012.

MUSTARD, Kathleen, 1912-2016. Granddaughter of Thomas James 
(above) and of Anthony Gallagher (above), both RIC officers 
in Enniskerry. Kathleen lived all her long life in Bray. At 
school in St Pauls, now no longer there, and at 18 went to 
the Technical School in Brighton Terrace to study 
book-keeping, commercial arithmetic, shorthand and Irish. 
She was then employed in a number of Businesses. She was 
with Murdoch's department store for 13 years, and also with 
Paddy Dempsey, the butcher, and with Hans Hautz, who 
manufactured Beverley Bags. At one time she had a job with 
the Hospital's Trust, which included working the famous 
"Hollerith" machine which chose the winners for the Lottery. 
She retired in 1981.

NICHOLLS, Henry, d.1975  City Engineer, Dublin, responsible 
for the sanitation and water mains. 1916 patriot, took an 
active part in the Rising on Easter Monday, in and around 
the Royal College of Surgeons. He was the only TCD graduate 
who took action in the Easter Rising, 1916. Spent time in 
Frongoch, the prison camp in Wales. Later was a founding 
member of ILGOU, the trade union of Local Government 
officials. His wife, Kathleen HOLMES (Emerson), was a well 
known Suffragette, arrested several times for smashing 
windows, and during one of her demonstrations on the streets 
of Dublin, she narrowly escaped being thrown into the Liffey 
by an enraged crowd of men.

ORMSBY, Sisters Edith, Isabel d.1946 ,and Kate, d. 1948, 
daughters of John Yeadon Ormsby of Ballinamore, Co. Mayo.. 
They lived in the Rectory at Cookstown, and their house was 
one of the first in Enniskerry to have electric light 
installed. Donated the electric engine for Powerscourt 
Church organ.

OSTERBERG, Harald, died 1968.  Danish Consul General in 
Dublin . Civil Engineer. Introduced the Dragon Sailing Boats 
to Irish waters.  KDM stands for Kommander of the Company of 
the Danish Flag. His son, Paul Harald, was a distinguished 
orthopaedic surgeon in Belfast.

PALMER, Rev. Abraham Smythe, 1844-1917,  Curate of 
Powerscourt from 1868-74. Served during the period of the 
Disestablishment, and was disillusioned about his pay. He 
then became a Vicar in England and wrote many academic 
books.  Two of his daughters, Phyllis and Gladys Palmer ran 
Hillcourt School.  His son Geoffrey Palmer was a musician 
who composed settings for poems by James Joyce.  His wife, 
Sarah Frances Palmer ( nee Echlin) wrote and published 
Children's books. His youngest daughter, Eileen Palmer, was 
the carer of Geoffrey who became an invalid  All except Rev. 
Palmer are buried here. Another daughter, Sylvia, settled in 

PATRICKSON, Annie Martha d. 1934, daughter of Mr F. Du 
Bedat, wife of Captain J.H. Patrickson, 21st Royal Scots 
Fusiliers. Their daughter Meriel Frances, married Rev Joseph 
Samuel Wylie, Rector of Newtownmountkennedy, also buried in 
this graveyard. PATRICKSON, Eric Colquhoun Esq, Colonial 
Engineer, appointed the legislative Council of the 
Presidency of Dominica. Lost at sea 1936 PATRICKSON, Lt. 
Col. Denis James , Worcestershire Regiment, son of Eric and 
his wife, Oonagh. He was a career soldier, serving in WW2 in 
the 2nd Battalion in India and Burma. Post war served in 
various Staff and Regimental appointments until retirement 
in 1972. He then worked at MOD Chessington and died in 2001, 
aged 84. "Universally known as a true gentleman."

PENNEFATHER,  Phyllis Marion Alice (Phyl) d.2008,aged 96. 
Her mother was Alice Lewin from Co.Galway and her father 
Cyril Browne, son of Lord Richard Howe Browne from Sligo. 
The family moved to Bray in the 1930s. Phyl was one of the 
first wave of women students to enter TCD from which she 
graduated with a First in Modern Languages. She taught in 
England and then joined the Air Ministry at the start of the 
war in 1939. In 1941 she married Harold Ind of the brewing 
concern, Ind Coope, and returned to Ireland to her parents 
home, Rosslyn in Bray. There she became an active member of 
the community for 70 years. She was Chief Commissioner of 
the Wicklow Girl Guides -they paraded in front of Rosslyn at 
their annual gathering- and she worked tirelessly for the 
RNLI, SSAFA etc. When her family had grown up she returned 
to her painting. She set up the Wicklow artists group; 
organised exhibitions for the Adelaide hospital; taught 
painting at Summer schools in the Burren in her 70s and 80s. 
Her pictures decorate the walls of the Dargle Nursing Home 
where she spent her final years. She played bridge and 
helped raise funds to build the Bridge Centre in Greystones. 
Her husband Harold Ind died in 1977 and in 1982 she married 
Kingsmill Pennefather, a Veterinary  Surgeon.

PHAYRE, Lieut. General Sir Arthur Purves, G.C.M.G., 
K.C.S.I., C.B.  d. 1885, First Commissioner of British Burma 
1863-1867.  Governor of Mauritius 1874-1878.  Renowned 
scholar, linguist, naturalist and "universally beloved".

PINKERTON,	Samuel, d.1967 and Harriet and Robert BUCKLEY. 
d,1952 Descendants of the rebel Billy Byrne, who joined the 
United Irishmen, fought at Vinegar Hill, was arrested in 
1799 and executed. Byrne was buried in Wicklow Abbey. Robert 
and Harriet lived at the Upper Lodge at the Deerpark and 
died within a fortnight of each other. Samuel was Harriet's 

PITTAR, Ada Mary  d.1882	 One of the Sunday School 
teachers in Powerscourt parish in the 1870s. She died very 
young, at 25.

PRICE, Canon Charles Herbert Pownall.  Canon of St. 
Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin;  Rector of Kilbride 1911-1925. 
Served in WW1 in the Chinese Labour Corps. A memorial window 
in Kilbride church was erected "in affectionate remembrance" 
by his parishioners and friends. A great tea drinker, 
according to the memoir of a colleague.

PRICE, Francis William Blackwood, 1947- 1924 ( unmarked 
grave). His family descended from Nicholas Price, Esq, 
Saintfield, Co Armagh. Said to have travelled to Australia 
in 1867.

PRINGLE, Donald Seton. Became the 2nd Headmaster of 
CastlePark School in 1935. d.1961  . He was the son of 
Professor Seton Sydney Pringle FRCSI, very eminent surgeon.. 
His sister ,Elizabeth (Betty) who died in 1976, married 
Arthur Hamilton Butler, Bishop of Connor 1969-1981. His name 
is also recorded on the headstone.

QUIGLEY, Irene,(d 1990) Noreen (d.1994) and Sheila( d.1996) 
(Sisters) They lived together in the village of Enniskerry.  
Noreen was a primary school Principal in Killiney.   On 
retirement, was substitute teacher when required, in 
Powerscourt National School, where she herself had been a 
pupil.  She was a volunteer organist in Powerscourt Church 
and Kilbride Church.

QUIN, Captain Richard (Dick)	Pilot, late of Clonroe, 
Enniskerry ; held the transatlantic record from New York to 
Shannon, flying a 707 passenger aircraft.

REID, Margaret Hamilton. 1902-2010, aged 98 years. Active in 
many national and international organisations; Christian  
feminist, philanthropist; 14 years as International 
Commissioner with the Irish Girl Guides; sportswoman and 
business leader. Chairman of the board of Switzers, in the 
1950s, the first woman to hold the office of a chairman of a 
publicly quoted Irish company. For 46 years an elder of 
Abbey Road Presbyterian Church. Enjoyed driving sports cars 
and motorcycles until quite late in her life.

REYNOLDS, Ralph. W. Headmaster of the High School, Dublin 

RIALL, Major Patrick Dudley Erskine RA. d 1996	 Served in 
WW2. Faithful supporter of Powerscourt Church. Served on the 
Select Vestry as Secretary and Treasurer etc, as did his 
father before him. His father was Lt Col. Claude Phineas 
RIALL. (1876-1952) Served in East Yorkshire Regiment in WW1

RISHWORTH, Frank Sharman BA, BE, MAI, 
MICEI.1876-1960.Railway engineer. 1902 lecturer in School of 
Engineering in Egypt, where he took a leading part in the 
design of the Aswan Dam.. 1910 –1947, professor of Civil 
Engineering at UCG. From 1925-1930 was chief engineer for 
the Shannon Hydroelectric Scheme, and was subsequently 
consulting engineer to the ESB.

ROBERTSON, Eleanor Frances, d.1903, daughter of Joseph 
Sheridan LeFanu, the writer of ghost stories. Joseph was the 
brother of William Robert LeFanu of Summerhill. ROBERTSON, 
Eleanor Frances Grant Robertson, daughter of the 
above,d.1963. Well known in the village as Miss Grant 
Robertson from Enniskerry Lodge.

ROBERTSON, James Scott.  d. 1895. Purveyor General in the 
Crimea. Initially Florence Nightingale approved of his 
appointment, but later criticised  him for defending the 
Irish Sisters of Mercy whom she accused of eating too much 
meat.  The nuns seem to have been incorrigibly cheerful in 
spite of the dire conditions. Scott Robertson's son, Ivan 
Robertson, died of wounds at Gallipoli, 1915, aged 34. ( 
10th Batt Australian Imperial Forces)

ROBINSON, George Hanbury, d. 1975.  Factor of the 
Powerscourt Estate. Lived at Scalp House, and was the last 
Town Clerk of Rathmines.

ROGERS, Henry Ivers, BA MD, Surgeon RN, 1875-1917. Gazetted 
to be surgeon on "Her Majesty's Fleet" in 1900

ROWAN-HAMILTON, Lt. Col. George, 1845-    JP in Co. Wicklow, 
3rd Batt. Royal Irish Rifles. Lived in Wilford, Bray. His 
great grandfather Archibald Rowan Hamilton was a United 
Irishman, fighting in the 1798 rebellion. He was sentenced 
to death but escaped to the US.

ROWLAND, Michael Ryan	the interesting memorial stone on 
the field boundary with a water feature, was erected to his 
memory by his friends and colleagues in the film industry

ROWLETTE, Robert James, FRCP, 1873-1944.  President of RCP 
and RIAM. Professor of Materia Medica and Pharmacy in Dublin 
University. Was a Lt. Colonel in the RAMC during WW1. 
Involved in long distance athletics, and later in the Irish 
Amateur Athletics Association, and the National Athletic and 
Cycling Assoc. of Ireland. He was Honorary Physician to the 
British Olympic Team in 1920 and to the Irish teams at the 
1924 and 1928 Olympics. Elected to the Dail in 1933 and to 
the Senate in 1938.

RUDMOSE-BROWN, Thomas, d. 1942  Professor of French at 
T.C.D. Tutor and mentor to Samuel Becket. Buried here with 
his wife, but no headstone or dedication on the granite 

SANDFORD, Adelaide Elizabeth (nee Jephson) d. 1880	2nd 
daughter of HPG Jephson of Glenbrook. Her husband, William 
Robert Wills Sandford was an officer in the Royal Scots 
Dragoons – the "Greys" Their daughter, Charlotte, was a 
singer and pianist, studying at the RCM, and married the 
famous composer of church music, Charles Wood. Ina Boyle 
studied composition with him. ( see Boyle, Ina, above)

SANDYS Family.   Descendants of MICHAELSandys, Prebendary of 
Stagonil from 1775-1814 . HENRY Sandys and his wife Emily 
Darley were the first couple to be married in Powerscourt 
Church in 1861, and their son HENRY JERVIS was the first 
child to be baptised in Powerscourt Church in 1863. Lived at 
Dargle Hill. Henry Snr was Agent to Lord Monck of 
Charleville. Henry Snr's father, Robert Sandys, was agent to 
two Lord Powerscourts from 1819 to 1849.

SANDYS, HILDA, daughter of Henry (Jervis) and Maud. Hilda 
and her sister Dorothea served as VADs in WW1 . Hilda was 
awarded the prestigious medal, the RRC ( Royal Red Cross) 
which she received from the king at Buckingham Palace, for 
her exceptional work. Took part in the Peace Commission in 
Paris in 1919. She was a WAAF officer until the 1960s when 
she retired to Kilmacanogue. She died in 1983. Her family 
had been in the parish for more than 200 years.

SARRATT, Walter, d. 1950.   Dublin Commissiioner for Cubs, 
Scout Association of Ireland.  Treasurer of Dublin SAI.  He 
worked all his life for Guinness.

SAUL, Captain J. Patrick.d.1968  Free State Army Air Corps. 
navigator on the second east-west trans-Atlantic flight.  
The "Southern Cross" took off from Portmarnock sands in June 
1930.  After 31 hours in the air, the crew landed their 
craft in Newfoundland and flew on directly to New York, the 
first to make this trip. He became a navigational instructor 
with the RAF in 1937, and, at Shannon Airport, worked to 
establish the Irish Air Traffic Control system. His first 
wife drowned in a boating accident in 1922, when Saul 
managed to swim ashore with his infant daughter, Patricia. 
She lived until 2012, and her ashes are buried here with her 

SAUL, Air Vice Marshal Richard Ernest, C.B., D.F.C., R.A.F 
1891-1983, whose ashes are buried here.  He was one of the 
five most senior R.A.F. Officers in WW2.  He was responsible 
for the aircraft and stations defending the North of England 
during the Battle of Britain.

SAUL, William Hogan.,d.1960.  Naval Commander 1939-1943, HMS 
Queen of Bermuda, armed merchant cruiser, South Atlantic 

SCOTT, Percy, B.L. d.1955.  Life-long Scout Leader.  The 
symbol on the headstone is a tracking sign, usually made 
with a circle of pebbles, which means "Gone Home".

SCOTT, Trevor, MRCVS 1911-1991	     Well loved Bray Vet, 
who often gave his services for nothing if it would benefit 
the animal. Brother of Percy Scott (see above)

SEALY, James,1876-1949,  Barrister, KC, Circuit Court Judge. 
He had a long career as a Judge. Was a keen sportsman in 
youth and retained a presence in Rugby and Cricket most of 
his life. Won 9 caps  for Ireland and 4 for the British 
Isles in Rugby. Married the daughter of Douglas Hyde.

SEALY, May Una. Daughter of Douglas Hyde, First President of 
Ireland. Wife of James Sealy

SHAW, William, d. 1895.  Banker; liberal MP and a leader of 
the Home Rule Movement.  Chairman of the Munster Bank, which 
collapsed in 1885 and he was disgraced and ruined. Became a 

SHANNON, Samuel J., d.1924	From 1899-1916 was Chief Civil 
Engineer with the Dublin South Eastern Railway.

SIMPSON, Rev.Chancellor Walter Cadden, d.1958	  Rector of 
St Bartholemews 1918-1951 SIMPSON, Captain Alan P. 
1920-1980. TCD Engineering. Served in the Irish Army in WW2. 
Captain 1950 Corps of Engineers. He and his first wife, 
Carolyn Swift founded the Pike Theatre (1953) in Dublin 
which staged the first production of Samuel Beckett's 
"Waiting for Godot' and Behan's ‘The Quare Fellow'. Artistic 
 advisor with the Abbey Theatre, 1968-69, and writer.

SLOAN. Mabel Fitzgerald. 1888-1974. Wife of Harold Alexander 
Sloan.. He was a noted footballer, who scored the first goal 
at the new Dalymount Park in 1901, playing for the home team 
, Bohemians. He played for Ireland 8 times. A Presbyterian 
FP of the High School, he became a civil servant and 
enlisted in the army in 1916. He was posted with the 198th 
Royal Garrison Artillary and was killed in Jan 1817 at 
Combles on the Somme, aged 37. Mabel and he had one son, 
also Harold Fitzgerald Sloan, b.1913, Surgeon Lt RNVR (HMS 
Javelin) who was killed in 1940 WW2

SMITH, Annie, d. 1918	 Powerscourt  Gate Lodge keeper

SMITH, John.  1918-2006.  Farmed at Berryfield.  John served 
on the Select Vestry of Powerscourt Church for 60 years, and 
was churchwarden many times.

SMITH, Sarah Anne,d.1974. ( Headstone of Alexander Smith, 
Berryfield). Jubilee Nurse in Enniskerry. So called because 
the organisation was founded in the year of Queen Victoria's 
Jubilee, to provide medical care and advice to people in 
their own homes – a revolutionary notion for the time. 
Sarah's maiden name was Mossman

SMITH, Susan, d. 1955.	 Caretaker of the Parochial Hall, 
Enniskerry. Her name does not appear on the headstone 
erected on her grave to Elsie GORDON.d 1976

SMYTH, Devaynes, JP, Bray Head. 1849-1912. His son, Algernon 
Beresford Smyth, Captain 2nd Kings Own Yorkshire Light 
Infantry was killed in 1914, aged 30. His grandfather was 
Charles Putland, of Sans Souci, Bray Head. Charles died in 
1874, and is buried in St Pauls Bray.

SMYTH, Louis Bouvier, 1883-1952.  Professor of Geology at 
T.C.D. Assistant to the famous Professor Joly.  He succeeded 
him in 1933. (Frank Mitchell then became the Assistant).  
The problem of the day was to discover the age of the earth.

SMYTHE, Amelia H. Stewart, d 1924, daughter of John Franklin 
Mc Mullen (see above); her husband, James Stewart Smythe an 
Australian surgeon. Amelia was a writer, also known as 
Millie. The headstone is decorated with bronze cameo 
portraits of the pair. (These have been recently stolen)

SMYTHE,Edward and Esther Hamilton, d 1831 and 1938, of 
Knockbawn, Enniskerry. Five sons fought in the Great War. 
Albert Edward Smythe, Private, 1st Batt Irish Guards was 
killed at Ypres in 1914, aged 18

SOMERS, Edward (Ned), d. 1981.  Sexton to Powerscourt Church 
for 20 years (1956-1976). Well-known figure in the village 
and at the ploughing matches and horse shows; sought-after 
anchor man in the Tug-of-War teams.

STEEDE, Percival Forbes (Percy), d.1957.  He was a 
schoolmaster at Powerscourt School for almost 40 years 
(1907-1942), and organist for almost 50 years (1907-1952).  
The headstone was erected by public subscription, the 
residue of £40 being invested for the benefit of the school 
in 5½% Bonds.

STEEN, Robert Elsworth, FRCPI. 1902-1981 Physician, 
Professor, Musician. The first Irishman to be elected 
President of the British Paediatric Association. Married 
Elizabeth Margaret Cochrane, daughter  of Sir Ernest Cecil 
Cochrane, 2nd Baronet, Woodbrook., and Elsa. ( see Cochrane)

STEPHENS, Edward Millington, 1888-1955. Had a distinguished 
career in the legal profession; assistant registrar to the 
Supreme Court; registrar to the Court of Criminal Appeal; 
nephew of John Millington Synge. He wrote a book  called "My 
Uncle John" about the life and family of his famous uncle.

STEPHENS, Edward Brandon. 1919- 2015 . Surgeon at the Meath 

STEWART,Charlotte, d.1905, daughter of Sir Robert Proscott 
Stewart. ( see D'Arcy)

SUTTON, James and Louise, Bray, parents of Pte James 
George(Albert) SUTTON, killed in action Mareth Line 1943, 
aged 27. Interred in Sfax cemetery, Tunisia.

SWITZER, John, 1935-2008.  Civil Engineer in Canada and 
Ireland.  The family were originally Palantines, refugees 
from religious persecution in Germany in the 18th century.  
The iconic store was set up in Dublin about 1780, and became 
one of the top fashion outlets in Europe, employing a staff 
of 250, including "resident French lady models".

SYMMONDS, Eileen.  d. 2002. Organist of St.Andrew's 
Presbyterian Church, Bray for a record 60 years from 1932 to 

TINKLER, Teresa, died 1998.  Much loved principal teacher at 
Powerscourt National School until 1997.

TOWNSHEND, George. 1876-1957.  A leading exponent of the 
Baha'i faith in Ireland. He was an ordained member of the 
Church of Ireland, Rector of Anascragh and Archdeacon of 
Clonfert and Kilmacduagh until 1947, when he retired – some 
say resigned. By 1920 he had become convinced of the truth 
of the Baha'i  faith. On retirement, aged 70, he 
relinquished his orders and devoted his life to writing 
about this religion. He is regarded with special reverence 
in Ireland as the last of those who had met Shogi Effendi, 
Abdul Baha,(d. 1921) son of the first great missionary of 
Baha'iism, Baha'ullah.(d.1892) The Rev. Townshend's family 
were all Baha'is. His daughter Una was especially active and 
honoured as the founder of the Baha'i faith in Malta. His 
wife Anna, and son, Brian Uniacke Townshend are buried with 

TUDOR, Admiral Oswald Peploe, 1844-1908.  Latterly Harbour 
Master at Kingstown. Lived at Harbour House, and died there. 
 Was a descendent of the royal house of Tudor.  He served 
(from 1870) with HMS Rattlesnake and (from 1879) HMS 
Swinger, R.N. ships, which worked the Australian Station at 
the time, exploring and "keeping the peace". His youngest 
son, Alan Roper Tudor, died in action in 1917 at the age of 
16 years

TURNER, Robert.  d. 1873.  Forester at Powerscourt for 40 

VALENTINE, William. d. 1967.  Sexton to Kilbride Church for 
60 years. His wife was a fine seamstress and embroiderer

VERNEY, Major General Lloyd, D.S.O.., M.V.O., 1900-1957.  
Career soldier.  Personally invited by "Monty" to command 
the Desert Rats in Normandy, 1944.  His family was connected 
to Florence Nightingale, who wrote letters to him as a boy.  
Emblems on the stone are the Grenadier Guards (left) and 
Irish Guards (right)

WALKER, Robin, 1924-1991, noted architect, partner with 
Michael Scott in the firm Scott, Tallon & Walker. Graduated 
UCD in 1948; worked in Rhodesia and the US; returned to 
Ireland in 1958. Elected President RIAI in 1968. Retired in 
1982, and took up painting.

WALLIS, Hilda	Olympic tennis player. Played for Ireland in 
1924 Olympics

WARDLE, Jo.  d. 1900. Devoted servant of the Earl of Meath 
at Kilruddery for 53 years.

WEIR, David Joseph , d.1981      Powerscourt  Estate Head 
Forester .

WEIR, William Ritchy RFA.  d. 1917. Gunner, 22nd Reserve 
Battery. He died of wounds in a Military Hospital in London. 
 His name appears on the War Memorial in the church.   
Beneath this his bronze medallion is set in the wall.  These 
were awarded to the families of all who gave their lives in 
WW1, and were known as the Widows' Pennies

WEST , Alfred Edward ,gentleman, of Kilcroney. 1851-1919 
Late Lt. The Wicklow Rifles. Was High Sheriff of Wicklow in 
1915. On the day of the Easter Rising,1916, he was in 
Dublin, and was caught in the fighting, unable to make his 
way home. He took refuge in the Kildare Street Club, and 
wrote an account of the events as they occurred . His car 
was requisitioned to rescue wounded men. These documents are 
in the Club Archive. His wife, Florence was a Canadian from 

WEST, Cyril Charles, 1878-1953, son of the above Alfred, was 
a Lt. Col. in the Black Watch. Fought in the Boer War and in 
WW1. His wife, Ursula May Sealy  West (nee Gilman) died in 

WEST,(WEST-ERSKINE) the Hon William Alexander 
ErskineWest-Erskine,MLC, 1839-1892, elder brother of Alfred 
West , see above. William and Alfred were sons of the Rev 
William James West 1809-1859, Rector of Delgany from 1847 
until his death, and also rector of Deralossery, 1840-47, 
who married Elmina Erskine.(d.1886) William took his 
mother's name when he inherited her property . He emigrated 
to Australia in 1861, and took up farming, breeding Hereford 
cattle. He is best known as a politician, becoming a Member 
of the Legislative Council of South Australia, and 
Commissioner of Public Works for a short time. He resigned 
his seat in 1891, intending to travel to America and 
Ireland. He was expected to return to Australia, but died 
while in Ireland in 1892. He was 53.

WHELAN, Rev. Ernest. B Mus. d. 1910.  Curate of Powerscourt 
1876-1883, where he lived at Weston.  Rector of Kilbride 
1883-1910.  Noted musician. Wrote and composed hymns and 
conducted choirs.  Kilbride's fine Arts & Crafts furnishings 
were donated by friends and parishioners in his memory.  
Headstone decorated with broken lily for little Jack (died 
of gastro enteritis at six months) and a lyre for Rev. 
Ernest's musical talents. His wife, Deborah Carnegie. Only 
child of John D Carnegie (see above)

WHITE, Mary.  d. 1872.  Housekeeper of Powerscourt House.

WHITTY, Sophia Angel St.John, d. 1924. She worked as a 
teacher in the Bray Art Furniture Industry, an enterprise 
which flourished in the period before the first War. Some of 
the beautiful carving in Christ Church, Bray, was designed 
and fashioned by her, and the organ case was dedicated to 
her memory..  She wrote a book on the flora and fauna of 
Co.Wicklow.  She and her mother cycled the length and 
breadth of the county for this project.

WILBRAHAM, Lady Marion,d.1916, was the widow of Hugh 
Wilbraham Esq, Old Head Co Mayo and Fairy Hill, Bray. She 
was the daughter of Howe Peter Browne,2nd Marquess of Sligo. 
Her nephew, Cyril Browne , who died 1960 at Rosslyn, Bray is 
also buried here. (see Browne)

WILSON, Maria (see Langrell). Jubilee Nurse in Enniskerry.

WINCHESTER, Robin.  Banker. Set up the first Western Bank in 
Eastern Europe, Citibank  in Budapest, in the 1980s

WIX, Sylvia May, daughter of Edmund D'Olier,( see above) 
died 1988, aged 96. She was a friend of Ina Boyle, the 
composer ( see above), and an anthem was dedicated to her by 
Ina in 1913. Her husband, Randolph Stonehewer Wix 
(k.a.Stoney) at one time played Rugby for Oxford 1904-08. 
They lived in Crinken Lodge, Shankill