Cemetery:  Saint Mary's Abbey, CoI, Diocese of Leighlin, 
Baltinglass County

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To the memory of, Kevin Flynn, Baltinglass, whom God called 
home on  the? 27th 1970, aged 18 years, also his father, 
Albert J. Flynn, whom God called home May 17th 1986, also 
his mother, Eileen (nee Hendy, whom God called home, March 
23rd 1996..

In loving memory of, John B. Maganerony, late of 
Baltinglass, died, 18th July 1987, and of his wife, Annie, 
called home, 29th May 1959, aged, 83 yrs. late Principal of 
Stratford Lodge. N.S. also their grand child, Lilian Mavis 
Parker, called home, 29th March 1937, aged ? years, three 

Erected in loving memory of, James Thornton, Clough, 
Baltinglass, who departed this life, December 12th 1902, 
aged, 32 years, beloved husband of Jane, their infant son, 
William Joseph, who died young.

In loving memory of, Anthony  Overton, Woodfield, who died, 
10th May 1946, aged, 90 years, also his wife, Eleanor, who 
died, 26th August 1946, aged, 91 years, also their son, 
Richard Samuel, who died, 25th Sept.  1977, and his wife, 
Ethel Mary, who died, 28th May 1989. At rest.

In loving memory of, Ann Thornton who died, 1890, aged, 89 

Erected by, Hannah Thornton, Glaurn. In loving memory of her 
beloved husband, James Thornton, died, 24th Sept.  1832, 
aged, 68 years, also his mother, Mary Thornton, died, 18th 
March 1927, aged, 94 years, and his sister, Sara Ann. 
Thornton, died, 27th Dec. 1943, aged, 85 years, also her 
brother, William, died, 11th Jan. 1953, aged, 86 yrs.

In loving memory of, William Fredrick Neill, Rempare, 
Baltinglass, whom God called home, died, December 11th 1971, 
aged, 76 years, also his wife, Louisa Ruby May, called home, 
May 22nd 1984, aged, 74 yrs.

In loving memory of, William Fredrick Neill, called home, 
Sept. 24th 2003.

In loving memory of, Sarah Thorpe, of Clough, whom God 
called home, 29th August 1941, aged, 86 years, also her 
daughter, Elizabeth, wife of William Barker, who died at 
Montreal, November 26th 1959. Interred at Sutton, Quebec, 
Canada, and her daughter, Deborah Thorph, called home, 
August 24th 1967.

In loving memory of, Mary Turtelle, Baltinglass, who died, 
5th Dec. 1990, aged, 59 years, and of her husband, Joseph F. 
Turtlle, died, 23rd March 1944, aged, 83 years.

In loving memory of, Daisy Lyttleton, Baltinglass, called 
home, July 1885, aged, 29 years, wife of William, also his 
brother, Michael, called home, April 28? 1885, aged, 35 
years, his father, Michael, called home, December 10th 1887, 
aged,, 73 years,

In loving memory of, John Bailey, Dunlavin. Died, 28th May 
1943, his dearly loved wife, Alice Bailey, died, 14th Sept. 
1944, their daughter, Olga Isabell Bailey, died, 20th Jan.  
1936, Lilian Elizabeth Parspms. died, 14th Oct. 1988.

In loving memory of, John Clarke, called home, May 8th 1913, 
aged, 75 years, also his daughter, Elizabeth , died, July 
13th 1891, aged, 9 years, and his sons, George Clarke, who 
died, Oct. 13th 1895, aged, 4 years, and Joseph Clarke, 
died, July 29th 1888, aged, 3 weeks, John Clarke, East 
London, died, May 7th 1954, Henry  Clarke, Christchurch, New 
Zealand, died, Nov. 18th 1961, and his daughter, Margaret 
Clarke, died, Dec. 29th 1961, David Clarke, Star City , 
Canada, died, August 1st 1965, William C.Clareke, 3 
Saskatoon, Canada, died, Aug. 1st 1969.

In loving memory of. The Jones Family, Newtown Saunders, 
Anna  Martha Jones, died, 14th Dec. 1971, aged,, 76 years, 
her husband, John Cooke Jones, died, 21st Oct. 1977, aged, 
43 years,  Eva Jones, died, Oct. 29th 1943, died, Maria 
Jones, died, 16th Nov. 1945, aged, 60 years, Mother of the 
above, John and Eva, John William Jones, died, 2nd Jan. 
1949, aged 24 years, son of, Hanna E.V. Jones and Anna 
M.Jones, Hanna E.V. Jones, died, 26th May 1979, aged, 59 
years, wife of John W. Jones. Father of thy gracious keeping 
leave we now. Our love she sleepth.

In loving memory of, The Rev. John Usher. For over 30 years 
Rector of this Parish, who departed this life Feb. 2nd 1907, 
aged, 69 years, also , Elizabeth Love Usher, daughter of the 
above, departed, Feb. 19th 1887, aged, 28 years.

In loving memory of, Susan Jackson, Boleyn, died, 15th Feb. 
1979, aged, 78 years, also her husband, John Jackson. died, 
3rd May 1952, aged, 81 years, also their son, Samuel 
Jackson, died, 15th Sept. 1991, aged, 50 years. In loving 
memory of, Robert M.Anderson, of Slaney Lodge, called home, 
May 13th 1838, aged, 72 years, also his son, Thomas, 
departed this life, June 16th 1858, and also, Mary Anderson, 
departed, Feb. 5th 1900.

In loving memory of, William James Moore, 1879- 1946, also 
his beloved wife, Marie (nee Lambelet) 1878- 1946.

In loving memory of, Catherine Abbott, Rialto, Dublin, died, 
12th Aug. 1970.

In loving memory of, Hanna Jackson, Boley, died, 7th July 
1924, aged, 50 yrs, also her brother, Joseph, died, 25th 
Jan. 1945, aged, 69 yrs. And their sister, Elizabeth, died, 
20th fFeb. 1953, aged, 85 yrs.

In loving memory of, Margaret Jackson Woodsfield, called 
home, Dec. 21st 1942, aged, 63 years, and her husband, John 
Jackson, called home, Nov. 22nd 1948, aged, 75 years.

In loving memory of, John James, Carrigeen. Formerly of , 
Williamstown, Rathvilley,  died, 12th March 1937, aged, 75 
years, and his wife, Elizabeth James, died, 13th January 
1945, aged , 75 years, and their son, Ralph, died, 3rd June 
1965, aged, 67 years, also his wife, Margaret, died, 28th 
April 1997, aged, 92 years.

In loving memory of, William Carpenter, Holdfnstown, 
Baltinglass, called home, 14th Sept. 1953, aged, 64 years, 
also his brother, Abraham, departed, Dec. 10th 1971, aged, 
71 years, also, Emily Frances, wife of Abraham, called home, 
Feb. 22nd 1976, aged, 79 years.

In loving memory of, William O'Neill, Boley, died, Jan. 13th 
1980, aged, 70 years.

In loving memory of, Thomas Moorehouse, Coolnaggig, 
Baltinglass, died, 26th Feb. 1933, aged, 46 years, also his 
wife, Mary, died, 22nd Sep. 1965, aged, 74 years.

In loving memory of, William Grogan, J.P. late Major Wicklow 
Rifles, Slaney Park, in this  Parish, departed this life, 
March 20th 1887, aged, 74 years, also, Elizabeth Mary, only 
daughter of  the above, departed this life, May 27th 1889, 
aged, 19 years, also Elizabeth Mary , widow of the above, 
departed this life, August 14th 1922, aged, 85 years.

In loving memory of, Lily Hill, Boley, who departed this 
life, Oct. 13th 1918, aged, 33 years, her husband, William, 
died, in the U.S.A. in the  year 1922, also her parents, 
Thomas Hill, departed, 10th  Feb. 1942, aged, 88 years, also 
her mother, Elizabeth Hill, departed this life, 12th Feb. 
1942, aged, 80 years, also her brothers, Thomas James Hill, 
called home, 16th Nov. 1961, aged, 65 years, William Robert 
Hill, called home, 25th June 1988, aged, 82 years.

In loving memory of, James Murphy, caller home, April 20th ? 
aged, 29 years.

In loving memory of, William Johnston, called home, 15th 
Sept.? aged, 60 years. (old headstone and hard to read).

In loving memory of, our dear father, Griffith Jones, 
Baltinglass, who died, 30th Aug. 1923, aged, 79 years, also 
our dear mother, Alice Jones, who died, 15th Sept. 1923, 
aged 75 years, also our dear brother, Richard Jones, killed 
in action in Hesopthon? 8th March 1916, aged, 29 years, also 
Seagt, Richard Jones R.A.F., grand son of the above, killed 
in France, 25th June 1944, and their son, William John 
Jones, Maplestown, who died, 19th Nove. 1972, aged, 83 
years, Elizabeth Lucinda Jones, who died, 6th Ovt. 1992, 
aged, 89 years.

In loving memory of, Deborah Christina Lucas, Baltinglass, 
died, 18th Dec. 1967, aged, 43 years.

In loving memory of, our dear brother, James Albert 
Thornton, Clough, Baltinglass, died, 21st Nov. 1944, also 
our brother, John William, died, 6th Jan 1995, aged, 87 yrs.

In loving memory of, Thomas Henry , Allendale, son of, 
Thomas and Elizabeth Henry, Deerpark, Blessington, who died, 
6th May 1974, also his wife, Eli\zabeth Anne, who died, 15th 
Nov. 1988.

In loving memory of, Thomas Hendy, who entered into rest, 
7th May 1912, aged, 67 years, of our dear mother, Elizabeth 
Hendy, who died, 29th Nov. 1972, and their son, John Hendy, 
who died, 11th March 1972, also his wife, Emma Hendy,  who 
died, 3rd Sept. 1985, aged, 92 years, Wille.