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Erected by, Thomas and Elizabeth Geoghegan, Waters Bridge. 
In memory of their daughter, Anne Geoghegan, who died, 17th 
June 1884, aged, 15 yrs. and of their uncle, James O'Toole, 
died, 11th Feb. 1897, aged, 83 yrs. also the above, 
Elizabeth, died, 23rd Oct. 1902, aged, 62 years, Thomas 
Grghegan, who died, 1st Sept.  1911, aged, 67 years.

Of your charity, pray for the Souls of the Croney, Byrne 
Family who lie beneath, Andrew Byrne, died, 29th May 1829 
aged, 82 years, Laurence Byrne, died, 1826, aged 7 years, 
Mary Byrne, died, 23rd March 1911, aged, 93 years, James 
Byrne, died, 26th August 1923, aged, 52 years, Laurence 
Byrne, died, 1940, aged, 67 years, Jane Byrne, died, 28th 
August? aged 67 years, Frances Eliza Byrne, died, 1st Sept. 
1957, aged, 7 months, Andrew William Byrne, died, March 
1979, aged, 65 years, Rose Mary Byrne, died, Frances Byrne, 
Laurence William Byrne, died,, 5th July 1898, aged, 50 
years, Andrew William Byrne, born,  27th March 1849, died, 
26th Jan.? Beatrice Mary Byrne, July 1926, aged, 33 years. 
(old head stone and hard to read)

Erected in loving memory of, Patrick Maher, Knocafrompa, who 
departed this life, 19th March 1899, aged, 83 years, and 
also his beloved son, Patrick Maher, Camden Row, Dublin, who 
departed this life, 10th June 1899, aged, 35 years.

Erected in memory of his brother, Denis Maher, Knockafrompa, 
who departed this life, 2nd July 1903, aged, 40 years, also 
his mother, Mary, who departed this life, 11th April 1913, 
aged, 86 years.

Erected by, Hugh Keane. In memory of his beloved wife, 
Elizabeth Keane, who dept. this life, 3rd June 1849, aged, 
55 years, also his son, Patrick Keane, who depart. 27th 
Sept. 1870, aged, 31 years, also the above, Hugh, who depat. 
6th June 1875, aged, 73 years, also, Elizabeth, daughter of, 
John and Margaret Keane, who depat. 4th August 1888, aged, 6 

Of your charity, pray for the repose of the Souls of, John 
Keane, of Roundwood, who died, 22nd Oct. 1849, aged, 68 
years, and of his beloved wife, Elizabeth, who departed this 
life, 3rd Feb. 1807, aged 22? Years, also their son, Thomas 
Keane, who departed this life, 20th May 1884, aged, 56 
years, also their loving son, John Kean, who died, 2nd June 
1877, aged, 77 years.

Here Leith the body of, Luke Toolle, of Annamoe, who 
departed this s life, August 1793, aged 63 yr. This stone 
was erected by his widow, Mary O'Toole.

Erected by, John Kinsella. In loving memory of his father, 
Edward Kinsella, who departed this fife, Sept. 18th 1894, 
aged, 72 yr. also his mother, Margaret, who died, 17th June 
1815, aged, 40 yr. also two of his children, Philip and 

Erected by, Frances Byrne, Togrogney. In memory of Anne 
Byre, who died, 13th Dec. 1875, aged, 74 years, Thomas 
Byrne, died, in America, 15th  Nove. 1956. aged, 24 years, 
and Judith Lin?s , died, 1st June 1855, aged, 71 years, 
also, Catherine Kavanagh, who died, 7th September 1900, 
aged, 71 years, Julia Anne Kilbride, who died in U.S.A. , 
10th Oct.  1898, aged, 61 years.

Erected by, Michael Healy. In memory of his beloved wife, 
Mary Healy, who departed this life, 14th July 1822, aged, 48 
years, also three of their children.

Erected by, John Salley, Knockraheen. In loving memory of 
his father, Thomas who died, 23rd Nov. 1886, aged, 76 years, 
also his mother, Ellen, who died, 9th June 1892, aged, 78 
yrs. and his brother, Sylvester, who died, 28th Aug. 1906, 
aged, 66 yrs. also his brother, Edward, who died, 4th June 
1884, aged, 35 yrs. and his sister, Margaret, who died, 6th 
April 1890, aged, 37 yrs. and his sister, Anne Brady, who 
died, 9th June 1867, aged, 30 yrs. also his daughter, Ellen, 
who died, 7th May 1901, aged, 8 yrs.

Erected by, Mary Higgins and? Healy. In memory of their 
father, Michael Brady, who depat. This life, Sept. 12th 
1896, also their mother, Elizabeth Brady, who departed this 
life, Dec.27th 1857?, and their grand mother, Ellen?, who 
dept. this life, March 2nd 1806, aged, 96 years, also 
interred here, Patrick Nolan, died, 4th July 1905, aged, 49 
yrs. his wife, Catherine, died, 21st May 1922,aged, 23yrs. 
Joseph, died, 15th Feb. 1979, aged, 82 yrs.

Erected y, Eliza Byrne, Luggalaw, In memory of her husband, 
James Byrne, who departed, May 19th 1881, aged, 43 years, 
her daughter, Eliza, died, in April 1924, also her grand 
daughter, Elizabet McCabe, (nee Higgins). Died, October 12tg 
1996, aged, 86 yrs.

Here lieth the body of, Michael Kavanagh, who departed this 
life, August 21st 1804, aged, 34 yrs. also his wife, Bridget 
Kavanagh, who departed this life, Jan. the 30th 1809, aged, 
35 yrs. Here lies the body of, Daniel Brady, departed, March 
the 12th 1773, aged, 79 years.

Erected by, Hanoria Waldon. To the memory of her beloved 
husband, John Waldron, who departed this life, 13th April 
1851, aged, 653 years, also her daughter, Mary, who died, 
11th Feb. 1900, aged, 68 years.

Erected by, John Waldron. In memory of his mother, Bridget 
Waldron, who died, Feb. 1900? Aged, 57 years, also his 
father, James Waldron, who died, 29th Dec. 1908, aged, 57 
years, and his sister, Honoram, who died young.

Erected by, Laurence Keegan, Knockfudda, in loving memory of 
his son, Laurence Keegan, who died, 7th Sept. 1878, aged, 21 
years. also in loving memory of his beloved wife, Kate 
Keegan, who died, 18th March 1891, aged 72 years, Michael 
Keegan, who died, 24th Oct. 1899, aged, 49 years, James 
Keegan, died, 12th Feb. 1900, aged, 38 years, also the 
above, Laurence, died, 13th Nov. 1907, aged, 84 yrs.

Mary Rafferty, Lough Dan, died, 6th March 1893, and John 
Rafferty, died, 24th May 1914.

Erected by, Nicolas Ward, Ballinabarney. In loving memory of 
his father, Denis Ward, who died, 20th March 1881, aged, 74 
yrs. also his mother, died,19th April 1878, aged, 71 years, 
also his wife, died, April 1891, aged, 54 years, also his 
sister, Eliza Ward, died, 7th Sept. 1879, aged, 34 years, 
and his son, john Ward, died, 10th |Oct. 1901, aged, 29 

Jesus have mercy on the Soul of, Michael McCausland, 110 
Rathmines RD., Dublin. Died, 19th Dec. 1936, aged, 61 yrs. 
also Elizabeth McCausland, died, 12th Feb. 1960, aged, 84 

In loving memory of, Thomas Jenkinson, Derrybawn, died, 29th 
March 1939, also Mary Noble, Derrybawn, died, 26th Feb. 

In loving memory of, Matthew Hatton  Troopers town, who 
died, 23rd April 1943, aged, 83 years, also his wife, Mary, 
died 14th Oct. 1946, aged, 78 years, their son, Robert, 
died, 15th July 1973, aged, 67 years. Erected by, their 
loving family.

In loving memory of, Mary Lawlor, died, 12th Jan. 1942, John 
Lawlor, died, 26th July 1955, Margaret Lawlor, died, 22nd 
May 1957, also Anne Doran, died, 11th May 1955. Erected by, 
Joseph Lawlor, late of Ballyteigoe. In loving memory of, 
Joseph Lawlor, died, 29th April 1966, aged, 78 years, Maura 
Byrne Lawlor, beloved wife and mother, died, 14th July 1975, 
aged, 48 yrs, Laurence (Larry) Byrne, devoted husband and 
father, died, 20th November 1984, aged, 74 years.

In loving memory of, Ellen McCabe, Roundwood, died, 1st May 
1951, aged, 36 yrs. beloved wife of Edward McCabe, also 
Margaret McCabe, died, 25th August 1941, aged, 61 yrs. also 
the above, William, died, 11th Oct. 1977, and his wife, 
Christina McCabe, died, 8thJan. 1998, aged, 80 yrs.

In loving memory of, John Manley, died, 28th April 1937, 
aged, 56 yrs, his daughter, Martha, died, 2nd July 1942, 
aged, 27 yrs. his wife, Catherine, died, 25th Dec. 1943, 
aged, 85 years, his son, john, died, 8th June 1978. Erected 
by, their loving family.

In loving memory of, Mary Jane Malone, Baltkahima, died, 
13th April 1934, aged, 72 yrss. Her daughter, Mary Jane 
Malone, died, 11th Dec. 1944, aged, 61 yrs. her sons, James 
Malone, died, 2nd Nov. 1957, aged, 64 yrs. Bernard Malone, 
died, 15th July 1937, aged, 75 yrs. Erected by, her 

In loving memory of, Michael Bennett, Bolinass, Ashford, who 
died, 26th June 1942, aged, 74 years, also his daughter, 
Mary Bennett, who died, 20th Sept. 1944, aged, 36 years, 
also his wife, Elizabeth Bennett, who died, 13th Feb. 1955, 
aged, 80 years, and his son, John Bennett, who died, 25th 
Jan. 1969, aged, 66 years, also his daughter, Teresa 
Bennett, who died, 1st Jan. 1972, aged, 66 years, and his 
daughter, Jane Gillespie, died, 31st Jan. 1984, aged, 55 
years. Interred in Glasnevin.

Erected by, Ellen Waldron. In loving memory of, her husband, 
Edward Waldron, who died, 1st Sept. 1948, aged, 75 years, 
also her daughter, Mary, who died, 16th April 1949, aged  35 
years, also her son James, who died, 9th August 1936, aged, 
24, also her son, William, who died, 21st July 1921, aged, 
13, Ellen Waldron, died, 30th Sept. 1950, Denis Waldron, 
died, 24? 1963, aged 61 yrs.

Erected by the public, to the memory of, Thomas Waldron, 
Ballysallagh, in recognition for his services to the course 
of suffering humanity, who departed this life, 15th Jan. 
1902, aged, 63 years, his son, Thomas, died, 3rd July 1912, 
aged, 28 years. Erected by, Jas. Collins. In memory of, 
Margaret Collins, who departed this life, 9th July 1817, 
aged, 38 yrs. also John Collins, who departed this life, 
Jan. 8th 1819, aged, 72.

Erected by, Patrick McCarthy (Carty), Bahanaclash. In memory 
of his father, Andrew, died, 17th May 1864, aged, 78 years, 
his, mother, Bridget, died, 15th Dec. 1879, aged, 94 years, 
his daughter, Katie, died, 13th November 1898, aged, 
fourteen and a half years, the above, Patrick McCarthy, 
died, 30th September 1866, aged, 84 years, and his daughter 
in law, Ellen, died, 1st March 1923, aged, 56 years, and his 
wife, Catherine, died, 29th April 1928, aged, 91 years.

In loving memory of our dear mother. Eliza Merrigan, 
Ballinabarney, Creebabe, who died, 14th March 1918, aged, 
54, our dear father, James Merrigan, who died, 11th July 
1925, aged, 73, also their son, John Merrigan, who died, 2nd 
Dec. 1981, aged, 85 years. Erected by, their sorrowing 

Erected by, Honoria Byrne. In loving memory of her husband, 
Laurence Byrne, who dept. the 7th Jan. 1821, aged, 50 years.

Erected by, Thomas Hayde. In loving memory of his wife, 
Mary, who died, 9th April 1890, aged, 46 years, also his 
son, Thomas, who died, March 1880, aged, 12 years, also his 
daughter, Sarah, died, 6th April 1907, aged, 28 years, the 
above Thomas, died, 1st  March 1911, aged, 79 years.

Erected by, John Power, Ghasnamullen. In loving memory of 
his father, John Power, died, 11th Feb. 1875, aged, 65 
years, also his mother, Mary Power, died, 11th Nov. 1876, 
aged, 55 years, also his dearly loved daughter, Emily Power, 
died, 8th April 1914, aged, 18 years, and Hannah, died, 30th 
Nov. 1926, aged, 26 years, also the above, John, died, 29th 
June 1929, aged, 78 years, his wife, Cecilia Power, died, 
16th Oct. 1938, aged, 77 years.

In loving memory of, George Power, Glassnamullen, died, 20th 
August 1923, aged, 71 years, and his wife, Julia Power, who 
died, 18th November 1933, aged, 70 years, and their 
daughter, Elizabeth, who died, 3rd Nov. 1909, aged, 17 
years, also their son, Robert Power, Carrigower, who died, 
29th May 1927, aged, 79 years, and his loving wife, Annie 
(Nancy ), who o died, 24th April 1991, aged, 90 years.

Erected by, John Power. In loving memory of his sister, 
Julia Power, Glassnamullen, who died, 20th Feb. 1968. aged, 
66 years, and his niece, Kate Taggart, who died, May 1942, 
aged, 22 years, and the above John Power, who died, 8th July 
1975,aged, 93 years, and his sister, Cecilia Power, 34 North 
Circular Rd., Dublin, who died, 13th Sept. 1977, aged, 91 

Erected by, George Power. In loving memory of his wife, Eva, 
who died, 1st Nov. 1937, aged, 41 years, and the above, 
George Power, died, 22nd March 1976, aged, 86 years, and his 
grand son, Michael Power, died, 11th Sept. 1975, aged, 16 

Erected by, Margaret Farrell. In loving memory of her 
husband, George Farrell, who depat. This life, 4th July 
1827, aged, 63 yrs, also her grand son, George, who depat, 
December? (old head stone and hard to read)

In loving memory of my dear wife, Elizabeth Doyle, Lickeen, 
died, 20th Oct. 1940, aged, 51 years. Sweet Jesus have mercy 
on her Soul. In loving memory of, Andrew Doyle, who died, 
14th Feb 1949, aged, 61 years, their son, Andrew Doyle, 
died, 3rd Dec. 1964, aged, 36 yrs. also their daughter, 
Queenie, died, 12th Oct. 1980, their daughter, Margaret 
(Emma), died, 28th Sept. 1986, their son, John, died, 6th 
Oct. 1990, aged, 66 years. Erected by her loving husband, 
Andrew Doyle.

Erected by, Andrew Doyle, In loving memory of his beloved 
wife,  Elizabeth Doyle, Lickeen, who died, 10th Oct. 1940, 
aged, 51 years, also, Andrew Doyle, who died, 22nd Oct. 
1940, aged, 51 years, also their son, Andrew Doyle, who 
died, 3rd Feb. 1964, aged, 36 years, and their daughter, 
Queenie, died, 12th Oct. 1980, their daughter, Margaret 
(Gemma_ died, 29th Sept. 1986, also their son, John, died, 
6th Oct. 1990, aged, 66 years.

Erected by, William Rochford, Annamoe,  In loving memory of 
his wife, Christina, who departed this life, 16th Jan. 1961, 
aged, 73 years, also his sister, Ellen, who departed, 5th 
May 1956, and the above, William, departed this life, 3rd 
July 1965, aged, 74 years.