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In memory of, Thomas Doyle, Winetavern, who died, 5th July 
1888m aged 76 years, also his son, Michael, who died, 27th 
October 1877, aged, 20 years, also his wife, Mary Doyle, who 
died, 25th Nov. 1889, aged, 74 years, and Thomas Doyle, son 
of the above, died, 4th Dec. 1911, aged, 67 years, his 
daughter, Elizabeth, died, 18th Feb. 189?, aged, 12 years.

In loving memory of, Thomas Moran, Ballinacrow, died, 7th 
Aug. 1934, also his wife, Margaret, died, 3rd Oct. 1933, and 
his grand daughter, who died young, Christopher Moran, died, 
2nd July 1971, aged 72 yrs. and his wife, Elizabeth, died, 
30th Jan. 1990,aged, 85 yrs..

Here Lyeth the body of, William Coogan, who departed this 
life, June 5th 1779, aged, 27. His Soul rests in peace.

In loving memory of, Elizabeth Boothman, late of Blessing 
ton, died, December, 184??, aged, 16 years. (old headstone 
and hard to read).

In loving memory of, John Loughlin, Stratford on Slaney, 
died, 24th Sept. 960, aged 76 yrs. also his wife, Bridget, 
died, 28th Nov. 1974, aged, 86 yrs.

Erected by, Patrick Byrne. In memory of his father, Edward, 
who died, 17th March 1934, aged, 95 yrs. also his mother, 
Bridget Byrne, died, 30th May 1930, aged, 58 yrs., also his 
children, Dominic Byrne, died, 15th Sept. 1924, aged, “? 
Bridget Byrne, died, 4th April 1925, aged 2? Yrs. (old 
headstone and hard to read)

In loving memory of, James Coleman, Stratford on Slaney, 
died, 16th Jan. 1984, aged, 71 years, also his son, Peter, 
died in infancy, his wife, Elizabeth, died, 23rd Sept. 1990, 
aged, 79 years. Erected by, their loving sons and daughters.

In remembrance of, Martin Coleman, Rathbran, died, 19th 
April 1977, aged 90 yrs. and his wife Catherine (Kitty), 
died, 25th Feb. 1980, aged, 80 yrs. Erected by, Hazel and 
Tommy Bourne.

In loving memory of, Peter Kyle, died, 18th Jan. 1999, aged, 
83 yrs.

Erected by, Hester Moran, Tuckmill. In memory of her beloved 
husband, John Moran, who departed this life, 27th June 1872, 
aged, 67 years.

Erected by, James Kelly. In memory of his father, Michael, 
who died, 3rd Feb. 1849, aged, 74 yrs. and his mother, Mary 
Kelly, died, 2nd July 1879, aged 77 years, his sister in 
law, Bridget Kelly, died, 3rd Aug. 1883, aged, 26 years, her 
husband, John Kelly, died, 24th April 1902, aged, 71 years.

In loving memory of, Thomas Dwyer, Gibraltar, who died, 15th 
Jan. 1942, also his brothers, John, who died, 15th Dec. 
1940, William, who died, 17th Jan. 1947, also his wife, Anne 
Dwyer, who died, 24th March 1979, also his daughter, Anne, 
who died, 23rd Nov. 1983.

Erected by, Anne Dwyer, of Gibraltar. In memory of her 
father, Edward Dwyer, who died, 9th Dec. 1861, aged, 72 
years, also her sister, Eliza, died, 25th Oct. 1875, aged, 
30 years, and her mother, Anne Dwyer, died, 7th Feb. 1900, 
aged, 80, her brother, Thomas Dwyer, died, 2nd Dec. 1911, 
aged, 60, and her  brother, James, died, 6th Nov. 1913, 
aged, 72.

In loving memory of, John Manger, died, 4th Feb. 1940, aged 
74 years, his wife, Annie, died, 25th Feb. 1925, aged, 60 
years, their daughter, Molly, died, 13th July 1996, their 
son, Jim, died, 15th Feb. 1995. Interred in Limerick.

In loving memory of, Patrick Byrne, Golden Fort, died in, 
1889, aged , 67 yrs. also, Peter Byrne, died, 23rd Oct. 
1918, aged, 78 yrs., also his wife,  Mary, died, 2nd March 
1990, aged, 92 yrs..

Here lieth the body of, Mailon? Fitzgerald, who departed 
this life, May 24th 1798, aged, 23 years, also, Edward 
Fitzgerald, who departed this life, 1798.

In loving memory of, Hugh O'Keeffe, Stratford on Slaney, 
died, 13th Nov. 1992, aged, 89 yrs. Erected by, his loving 
wife, Maureen and family.

Erected by, Mr.Stephen Nolan of Fryanstown. In memory of his 
beloved wife Anne Nolan, who departed this life, 4th Feb, 
1880, also the above, Stephen Nolan, died, 12th April 1913, 
aged, 95 years.

Erected by, Julia Nolan. In memory of her beloved husband, 
Philip Nolan, Freynestown, Dunlavin, died, 2nd October 1899, 
aged, 55 years, also his parents, James and Mary Nolan, 
also, William Nolan, Anne Nolan, his wife, also his son, 
Joseph Nolan, died, 20th April 1970, aged, 79 years.

Erected by, Thomas Doyle, Winetavern, died, 5th July 1888, 
aged, 76 years, also his son, Philip, died, 27th Oct. 1877, 
age, 20 years, Thomas Doyle, son of the above, died, 4th 
Dec. 1911, aged 67 yrs. his daughter, Elizabeth, died, 13th 
Feb. 1893, aged, 12 years.

In loving memory of, Hanoria Wade, of Stradford on Slaney, 
died, Nov. 29th 1910, aged, 71 years, her son, Ed. Wade, 
died, Nov. 27th 1947, his wife, Isobelle, died, Feb. 9th 
1972, her son, Thomas Wade, died, Nov. 7th 1953, his wife, 
Sarah, died, March 12th 1945.

Erected by, Patrick Doyle, Stratford. In memory of his 
beloved wife, Mary Doyle, died, 6th May 1912, aged, 59 
years, his son, John, died, 8th May 1912, aged 36 years, his 
son, Edward, died, 22nd June 1909, aged, 30 years, Sarah 
Doyle, died, 12th Sep. 1953, aged 61 yrs. her husband, 
Joseph, died, 7th Dec. 1959, aged, 75 yrs. their four sons 
and daughter, who died young.

In loving memory of, Daniel Kelly, his wife, Catherine, 
also, Pat Birmingham, his wife, Anne Birmingham, died, 4th 
Sept. 1933, aged, 77 years.

This stone was erected in memory of, John Connelly, his 
daughter, Ann, died, 1782.

Erected by, John Connell. In loving memory of his mother, 
Elizabeth Connell, died? March 1888, his wife, Elizabeth 
Connell, died, 23rd April 1932, aged, 67 yrs. the above, 
John Connell died, May 1945, aged 86 yrs. his sons, Patrick, 
died, 27th Feb. 1942, John, died, 23rd Feb. 1964, aged 66 
yrs. his son, Daniel, died, 26th Oct. 1984, aged, 82 years.

Erected by, Peter Connell, Rathbran. Who departed this life, 
25th June 1879, also his two sons, John and Patrick, who 
died young, also his son, Joseph, who died, 31st Aug. 1916, 
also his beloved wife, Mary Connell, who died, 8th Dec. 
1917, and their daughter, Mary Connell, who died, 18th 
Sept.1937, also their son, Denis Connell, died, 8th Dec. 

In loving memory of, Patrick Keogh, Rathbran. 1833-1897, his 
wife, Catherine, 1843-1877, three daughter, Catherine Keogh, 
Margaret Foley, Annie Mooney, their sons, Myles, James, 
Michael, Patrick, John, and Frank Keogh, Grangecon, died, 
26th Dec. 1943, aged,,73 yrs, his wife, Julia, died, 21st 
Feb. 1971, aged , 88 yrs, and their sons, Peter died, 2nd 
May 1958, aged 44 yrs. Patrick H Keogh, died, 17th Nov. 
1971, aged 63 yrs, Kathleen (Kitty) Keogh, died, 21st July 
2001, aged, 90 years, Frank Keogh, died, 22nd March 2003, 
aged, 87 years.

In loving memory of, Patrick Nolan, Rathbran. died 21st Nov. 
1938, his wife, Winifred, died, 15th May 1943, their 
daughter, Julia Browne, died, 15th Oct. 1936, their grand 
daughter, Maureen Brown, died, 1st Feb. 1941.