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Take the Dublin to Baltinglass road and turn left at the 
signpost for Dwyer, McAllister cottage. Keep to this road 
through Davistown and Knockanarrigan and passed the pub on 
the right-hand side of the road.

The Leitrim Cemetery is on Military grounds and is on the 
left hand side of this road. It is not signposted but is 
surrounded by a circle of tree which can be seen from the 

Erected by. In loving, memory of, Ellen Byrne, who died , 
March 5th 1952, aged, 57 years, beloved wife of John, also 
James Byrne, who died, 1st Feb. 1915, aged, 42 years, son of 
Annie and Stephan,  also, John Byrne, died, 9th March 1924, 
aged, 53 yrs, husband of Ellen, Castleruddery, also, 
Laurence Byrne, died, 14th September 1915, aged, 40 years, 
son of Annie and Stephen, Stephen Byrne, died, 24th August 
1889, aged, 67 years, husband of, Annie, Ballynohan, Thomas 
Byrne, died, 30th August 1934, son of John and Ellen, 
William Byrne, died, 14th Dec. 1905, aged, 25 years, son of 
Annie and  Stephen, also Ann Connell, died, 12th February 
1896, aged, 76 years, beloved wife of, Laurence, Charles,  
died, 28th Oct. 1894, aged, 66 years, Ann Connell, died, 
12th Feb. 1876, aged, 76 yrs. wife of Laurence, Charles, 
died, 28th Oct. 1894, aged, 66 yrs, son of Laurence and 
Anne, Denis Connell, died, 10th May 1860, aged, 21 years, 
son of Thomas and Rose, Edward died, 11th March 1897, aged, 
21 years, son of Charles, Laurence, died, 14th May 1875, 
aged, 75 years, husband of Anne, Kinnow,Rose Connell1, 18th 
August 1862, aged, 62 years, wife of Thomas, Rustyduff.

In loving memory of, Mary A. Cullen, Ballenfoyll. died, 5th 
April 1888, aged, 75 years, and her husband, Peter Cullen, 
died, 24th May 1901, aged, 87 years, also their son, 
Patrick, died, 25th March 1931, aged, 79 years, and his 
wife, Bridget, died, 3rd |June 1919, aged, 58 years, and 
their sons, Hugh, killed in France, 29th Nov. 1917, aged, 27 
years, and his wife, Helen Mary, died, 29th Nov. 1959, aged, 
76 years, their child, Mary, died, 6th Nov. 1918, aged, 4 
years, also, Peter Cullen, died, 12th June  1926, aged, 37 
years, also their niece, Brieid Fox, died, 2nd Aug. 1986, 
aged, 73 yrs.

In loving memory of our dear parents, Kevin O'Connell, 
Brittas,died, 3rd March 1930, aged, 77 yr. and Kate 
O'Connell, died, 19th Sept. 1954, aged, 91 yrs. Erected by, 
their son, Paddy, also my brothers, Thomas, died, 15th Aug. 
1914,, Laurence, died, 10th Feb. 1915, Charles, died, 20th 
Sept. 1924, Kevin, died, 6th Feb. 1929.

In loving memory of, John Byrne, Castleruddery, died, 9th  
March 1924, aged, 72, their son, Thomas, died, 30th Aug. 
1924, and son in law, Patrick Malone, died, 14th March 1990, 
aged, 81 years, daughter, and his wife, Esther Malone, died, 
11th Feb. 2000, daughter of,  John and Ellen Byrne. R.I.P.

In loving memory of, John Whyte, Ballytoole, died, 23rd May 
1935, aged, 73 yrs. and his wife, Jane, died, 27th June 
1943, aged, 72 yrs. also their children, Bridget and John, 
who  died infancy, also their daughter, Mary, died, 9th Feb. 
1976, aged, 84 yrs. Owen Whyte, died, 14th May 1993, aged, 
88 yrs. R.I.P. Erected by, their family.

In loving memory of, Joseph Murphy, Seskin, died, 23rd June 
1952, and his wife, Annie, died, 12th March 1950, also their 
son, Patrick, died, 31st Jan. 1992, aged, 75 yrs.

In memory of, Rosanna Germaine, Baltinglass, died, 31st 
March 1945, her daughter, Margaret O'Connell, died, 13th 
March 1931, James O'Connell, died, 14th Nov. 1929, both of, 
Roseyduff, Knockenarrigan, parents of the above, Roseanna.

Erected by, Thomas Fleming. Castleruddery. In loving memory 
of his parents, Martin and Mary Fleming., also his brother, 
John, and relatives who are interred here, the above John 
Fleming, died, 4th March 1975.

In loving memory of, Michael O'Connell, Knockkenarrigan, 
died, May 20th 1963, also his loving wife, Mary, died, Jan. 
27th 1969.

In loving memory of, John Lynch, Knockroerry, died, 15th May 
1917, and his wife, Mary, died, 4th June 1948, aged, 80 
years, their son, John, died, 29th Sept 1986, aged, 80 
years, their son, Patrick, died, 4th Sept. 1992, aged, 83 

In loving memory of, Peter Cullen, Colliga, died, 4th March 
1940, aged, 87 yrs. and his wife, Bridget, died, 15th July 
1964, aged, 91 yrs.  and their son, Peter, died, 8th June 
1977, aged 81 yrs. their son, John, died, 28th Nov. 1984, 
aged, 83 yrs. their son, Frank, died, 17th Nov. 1985, aged, 
77 yrs.

In loving memory of our dear  parents, Margaret Murray, 
Raheen, Dunlavin, died, 15th May 1929, George Murray, died, 
17th April 1940, also our aunt, Bridget Doyle, died, 8th 
April 1941, also daughter in law, Annie Murray, died, 3rd 
Oct. 1972, aged, 58 yrs.

In loving memory of, Mary Butler, Collica, Knocknanarinagah, 
Donard, died, 4th Feb. 1937, aged 58 yrs. her husband, 
Philip, died, 12th Feb. 1948, aged, 71 yrs. their son, 
Philip, died, 27th June 1957, aged, 43 yrs. William Butler, 
died, 31st Dec. 1972, aged, 21 yrs. John Butler, died, 19th 
Jan. 1979, aged, 67 yrs. Thomas Butler, died, 29th May 1989, 
aged, 27th June 1957, 71 yrs. his brother, died, 30th May 
1989,  aged, 79 yrs. Bridget Butler, died, 30th Jan. 1998, 
aged, 76 yrs.

In loving memory of, Patrick O'Connell, Brittas, died, 18th 
March 1988, aged, 86 years.

Pray for the repose of the Soul of, Michael Nolan, 
Davistown, died, 1949, also his wife, Mary, died 1968, and 
their children, John, died, 1944, Thomas, died, 1950, 
Brigid, died, 1961, William, died, in infancy.

In loving memory of, William Kenny, Rustyduff, Glen Immal, 
who died, 10th Dec. 1934, his wife, Catherine, who died, 9th 
Nov. 1954, their son, William Kenny, who died, 31st Jan. 
968, by, their daughter, Elizabeth and son in law, Patrick 

In loving memory of a dear husband and father, Richard 
(Dick) Sceale, Colliga, late of Ballinasloe, Co., Galway, 
who died, 6th Jan 1990, aged, 71 yrs.

In loving memory of, my dear parents, Kathleen Condron, 
died, October 25th 1960, Patrick Condron, died, August 1965. 
R.I.P. Erected by, their son, Peter.

In loving memory of my dear mother, Mary Jane Connell, 
Brittas, Glen of Immal, Co., Wicklow, died, 2nd March 1976, 
aged, 86 yrs. her husband, John Connell, died, 12th March 
1979, aged 86 years, her daughter, Margaret Long, died 25th 
Feb. 1949, aged 36 yrs. my dear father, killed in France, 
30th March 1918, aged, 31 yrs. Erected by, Patrick Conron.

In loving memory of, John Keogh, Leitrim, died, 11th May 
1946, aged, 75 yrs. his mother, Catherine Keogh, died, 28th 
Dec. 1946. aged, 79 yrs. his father, Patrick Keogh, died, 
8th Feb. 1946, aged, 82 yrs. his brother, Michael Keogh 
died, 25th Feb. 1960, aged, 57 yrs. his wife Bride Keogh, 
died, 13th July 1999, aged, 90 yrs. his son, Bill Keogh, 
died, 20th Oct. 1999, aged, 63 yrs. Erected by, his loving 
wife and family.

In loving memory of our dear parents, Thomas O'Brien, 
Gibstown, Knockenarrigan, died, February 18th 1950, Mary 
O'Brien, died, November 27th 1966.

Erected by, James Kavanagh. In memory of his uncle, James 
Kavanagh, died, 16th March 1900, aged, 89 years, of 
Clonshannon, also his son, John, died, 14th Jan. 1922, aged, 
31 yrs. the said, James Kavangagh, died, 28th Sep. 1922, 
aged, 83 yrs. his wife, Mary, died, 14th July 1929, aged, 63 
yrs. his daughter, Catherine, died, 1st April 1953, aged, 63 
yrs, his son, James, died, 26th Dec. 1974, aged, 82 yrs. and 
daughter, Julia, died, 5th July 1988, aged, 93 yrs.

In loving memory of, Bernadette Fenton, Seskin, died, 20th 
March 1979, aged, 48 yrs. her husband, George Fenton, died, 
17th Feb. 1998, aged, 74 yrs. Erected by, her husband and 
family. Thy will be done.

Erected by, Peter Keogh.  In loving memory of, his mother, 
Annie Keogh, also his aunt, Bridget Keogh. Sweet Jesus have 
mercy on them.

In loving memory of, Julia Walsh, Bushfield, died, 26th 
April 1979, aged, 66 yrs. her husband, John Walsh, died, 
21st April 1995, aged, 84 yrs. always remembered. By her 
loving husband, John.