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File contributed by:  C. Hunt & Jude Wynne

    Hollywood is dedicated to St. Kevin (3rd June), and, in 
a rocky glen close to the church., his Cave, Chair, and Bed 
are pointed out; his Blessed Well is not marked down on the 
old, six-inch Ordnance Survey Map, but it is situated in a 
field near, and to the north of the church. 

On p. 511, vol. v, of the JOURNAL, the inscription on a 
small granite cross at the west side of the burial-ground 
has been given; the date on it, which is very difficult to 
decipher, is incorrectly given, and should read 1835, thus : 

       There are many similar little crosses in the 
burial-ground at Hollywood Chapel, also bearing initials and 
dates, but they all belong to the early nineteenth century.
       On a headstone standing to the south of the church is 
inscribed : —
	This Stone was Erected  |    By John Walsh in memory  |   
of his Father Richard Walsh   |  who departed this Life  |
the 21st day of June in the      year of our Lord God 1769  |  
Aged 74 years, with 2 of his  |  Brothers, 2 of his Sisters
and 3  |  of his children.
		     May the Lord Be Gud [sic] &
		           [Remainder buried.]

     Sir James S. Tynte was created a Baronet, but the 
honour died with him on his death without surviving male 
		Under a holly-bush, to the south-east of the church, 
are a couple of flat slabs, whose inscriptions are not easy 
to read;  they run thus : —

			This stone was Erected by Mr  Anthony
			Allen in Memory of his wife Mrs  Elizabeth
			Allen alias Ubank who departed this life
			June the (?) 13th 1803 Aged (?) 36 years
			Also the Body of Mifs Eliza Allen daughter
			of the Above named who departed this life
			the 29th day of Septr 1803 Aged three months
			and twenty days.
			Also the Body of the Above named
			ANTHONY ALLEN who departed this life
			the 20th July 1810 Aged 67 years.
			He lived beloved and died regretted.
				Here Lieth the Body of Thomas
				Allen who Departed this Life
				November the 26th 1809 Aged 70 years.
Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland Vol IX. (FHL # 1279285)