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File contributed by:  C.Hunt and Celia Ewald

    [From Lord Walter FitzGerald.]

'On a table-tomb, within the Abbey walls':--

This Stone has been erected to the Memory of the Revd Robt 
Carter by the Parishioners of Baltinglass in token of 
Gratitude for the Kindness they Experienced from him as 
their Rector for the Period of 18 years.  He departed this 
life the 6th day of October 1806 Aged 49 years.

'Before this date, as far as I could ascertain, a building at
Morginstown served as a chapel.

'The ladies mentioned on this slab are Hannah, daughter of 
Morley Pendred Saunders, of Saunders Grove, County Wicklow, 
who married, first, Sir James Stratford Tynte, Baronet, of 
Tynte Park, County Wicklow, who died in 1785; and, secondly, 
FitzMaurice Caldwell second son of Sir James Caldwell, Bart, 
of Castle Caldwell, in the County Fermanagh. 'The Miss 
Elizabeth Tynte, named on the stone, was one of her 
daughters who died unmarried on the 3rd of August 1816; the 
Christian name, "Eliza. H.," appears to be the sculptor's 
error for "Elizabeth."'

Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland Vol. IX  (FHL# 1279285)