Death:  A Return of Inquests - 1841

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A Return Of Inquests Held By Several Coroners Of The 
Counties And Cities Of Ireland For Each Month During The 
Year 1841. Giving Name, Date Of Inquest, Where Held, And 
Finding Of Each Inquiry.

Note: "VISITATION FROM GOD" was a death where the cause was unknown.

*sorted by Last Name

BANNON, James, on the 18th Dec, at Coolcul, accidentally 

BOLTON, Joseph, on the 6th Nov, at Onlart?, murdered by a 
person or person's unknown.

BROWNE, John, on the 21st Dec, at Wellingtonbridge, 
accidentally killed.

BRYAN, Robert B., on the 28th May, at Saint Edan's, was 
murdered by person or person's unknown.

BYRNE, Mary, on the 2nd Jan, at Killeguey, died by 
visitation of God.

CAHILL, James, on the 12th August, at Moneymough, visitation 
of God.

COBBETT, David, on the 14th Dec, at the County Gaol, died of 
typhus fever.

DUGGAN, James, on the 12th Dec, at Faith, Wexford, 
accidentally drowned.

DUGGAN, John, on the 14th June, at Duncannon, accidentally 

EBBS, Martha, on the 24th Dec, at Gorey, died from the 
effects of a burning.

FENLONG, Mary, on the 1st Oct, at St. Leonard's, 
accidentally killed.

FITZSIMON, William, on the 31st August, at Banogue, death 
from injuries received from some person of person's unknown.

FLEMING, Michael, on the 23rd Oct., at Gorey, died by 
visitation of God.

GODKIN, Samuel, on the 25th Feb, at Kilnahue, accidentally 

KAVANAGH, Michael, on the 10th Dec, at Cromogue, drowned 

KELLY, Mary, on the 24th March, at Ballygarrett, 
accidentally killed.

KINCHELLA, Daniel, on the 10th March, at Inch, died by the 
visitation of God.

LACEY, Thomas, on the 16th June, in Wexford, died of 

LACEY, William, on the 1st March, at Ballyregan, 
accidentally smothered.

LAWLER, Elizabeth, on the 26th April, at Ballingans, died by 
visitation of God.

LEARY, Michael, on the 15th June, at Forrestalstown, 
accidentally killed.

LEE, Anthony, on the 27th Dec, at Loggan, died by visitation 
of God.

LONG, ?, on the 12th May, at Coolgannons, died by visitation 
of God.

LOTTO, John, on the 28th Sept, at Courtown Harbour, 
accidentally drowned.

MAGUIRE, Thomas, on the 9th July, at Enniscorthy, deceased 
was killed by Patrick Byrne.

MEYLER, Catherine, on the 8th Dec, at Wexford, visitation of 

MOORE, Daniel, on the 23rd April, at Ferrybank, death from 

NACEY, James, on the 14th Oct, at Danescastle, died by 
visitation of God.

NEILL, Margaret, on the 25th Jan, at Slippery Green, died 
from being accidentally burnt.

NEVILLE, Patrick, on the 2nd June, at Clonmines, murdered by 
a person or person's unknown.

PONDER, John, on the 20th Dec, at Clonmore, accidentally 

POWER, Bridget, on the 3rd Nov., at Fethard, accidentally 

POWER, James, on the 26th Jan, at Gibbinpatrick, died by 
visitation of God.

REDMOND, Elizabeth, on the 19th June, at Ballymore, died of 
spasmodic asthma.

RODNEY, Mary Anne, on the 18th March, at Wexford, 
accidentally burnt.

SINNOTT, Mary, on the 16th June, at the County Gaol, died of 

SINNOTT, William, on the 31st Oct., at Tomganmon, died by 
visitation of God.

STAFFORD, James, on the 16th August, at Castlebridge, 
accidentally killed.

TOPHAM, Catherine, on the 17th May, at Kiltealy, found 

WADE, Nancy, on the 23rd June, at Boderin, died by 
visitation of God.

WHITE, Mary, on the 30th July, at Ballyconger, died by 
visitation of God.

WHITE, Mary, on the 3rd Sept, at Ardamine, death was caused 
by self-destruction.

WICKAM, Mathew, on the 15th March, at Bishop's Water, died 
of apoplexy.

Source: The British Parliamentary Papers on Ireland.

(Spellings as per book)