Military: Irish Constabulary with native county of Wexford  Jan 1853-Nov 1853

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File contributed by: Richard Leonard


Key s=single; m=married. E.R.= East Riding etc.	Lab = Laborer  C=Catholic P=Protestant
*Note men are often listed as single when they joined, but married later.

SERVICE NAME              AGE  APPT.   NATIVE CO.         RELG.  MARITAL STATUS     NATIVE CO.              TRADE           STATIONED
NO.                            DATE                              & MARRIAGE DATE    OF WIFE
16694   CROSBIE, Richd    20   14-Jan  Wexford            C      S                                          Labr            Limerick City
16695   McCOY, James      20   14-Jan  Wexford            C      S                                          Labr            Cork; Limerick 1/5/70
16696   CREAN, Martin     20   14/41   Wexford            C      S                                          Labr            -
16697   THORPE, Wm        20   14-Jan  Wexford            P      S                                          Servent         Wicklow
16869   DELANY, Wm        22   14-Mar  Wexford            C      S                                          Labr            Galway W; Leitrim
16870   REDMOND, Mathew   20   14-Mar  Wexford            C      S                                          Labr            Leitrim
16871   BOWE, John        20   14-Mar  Wexford            C      S                                          Labr            -
16965   M'DANOLD, John    21   12-Apr  Wexford            C      S                                          Labr            Cork E
16966   BOLGER, Moses     21   12-Apr  Wexford            C      S                                          Letter carrier  Clare
16967   M'DANOLD, James   23   12-Apr  Wexford            C      S M                                        Shoemaker       Cork Co; Clare
17043   ALLEN, George     20   26-Apr  Wexford            P      -                                          Labr            WEXFORD
17050   DOYLE, Michael    22   13-May  Wexford            C      S                                          Labr            Leitrim
17084   DUNCAN,  Robt     20   16-May  Antrim/Wexford     P      S                                          Labr            Kildare
17091   DOYLE, Edward     20   17-May  Wexford/Kilkenny   C      S                                          Labr            Reserve; Clare
17124   BOYD Jno          19   1-Jun   Wexford/Tipperary  P      S                                          Labr            Cork W
17162   WAFER, Jno        20   14-Jun  Queens/Wexford     P      S 9/7/60            Limerick               Labr            Louth; Reserve 10/6/57; 
                                                                                                                            Antrim  11/9/57
17298   BRIEN, Danl       20   13-Jul  Wexford            C      S 19/6/60           -                      Butcher         Clare; Galway W 1/4/69
17299   WICKENS, Patt     20   13-Jul  Wexford            C      S                                          -               Clare; Limerick 1/8/60
17411   LEWIS, John       19   15-Aug  Wexford            P      S                                          Mason           -
17412   LUCEY, Patt       19   15-Aug  Wexford            C      S                                          Labr            Tyrone; Reserve 1/6/58
17566   FURLONG, Martin   18   15-Sep  Wexford            C      S                                          Labr            Reserve
17660   FAHY, Patk        20   14-Oct  Wexford            C      S 3/2/62; 11/2/78   Wicklow/Tipperary NR   Labr            Meath; Wicklow; Queens 
17661   McDERMOTT, Pat    20   14-Oct  Wexford            C      S                                          Labr            Reserve; Curragh 1/6/55;  
17662   MURPHY, Michl     19   14-Oct  Wexford            C      S                                          Labr            Westmeath
17663   TOMKINS, John     21   14-Oct  Wexford            P      S                                          Labr            Antrim

Sorted: First names spelled out to aid in searching
ALLEN, George    
BOLGER, Moses    
BOWE, John       
BOYD John         
BRIEN, Daniel      
CREAN, Martin    
CROSBIE, Richard   
DELANY, William       
DOYLE, Edward    
DOYLE, Michael   
DUNCAN,  Robert    
FAHY, Patrick       
FURLONG, Martin  
LEWIS, John      
LUCEY, Patrick      
M'DANOLD, James  
M'DANOLD, John   
McCOY, James     
McDERMOTT, Patrick   
MURPHY, Michl    
REDMOND, Mathew  
THORPE, Williamm       
TOMKINS, John    
WAFER, John       
WICKENS, Patrick